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  1. >> MovieGal53 -

    Give a look at the March Schedule and let us know if

    we need to stock up on the smelling salts.<<


    I checked the schedule and there is no need to contact UPS in order to send the smelling salts. Besides,the shipping and handling costs for "over the rainbow" would be a little out of reach. 8^D

  2. This may be a moot subject now but can someone please tell me where I might obtain text of the dialog said December's Holiday Promo. The one in which a little boy is sitting in a tree gazing up at a line of photographs strung from one lit tree to the next. I think the lines are from a poem but can't remember which one. Thanks in advance.



  3. >> This has been discussed many times on here. TCM is

    > not turning into AMC.<<


    One of the very first topics I responded to after joining the boards last September was this very subject. At that time, I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of TCM to my channel lineup. From the end of September through December there have only been two, maybe three nights a week that haven't been devoted to TCM programming.


    My concern started to grow after viewing January's schedule and seeing the smattering of films from the 80's and 90's. Come on, Mars Attacks on TCM?! Didn't that have you shaking your head?


    On to February where the sight of all those 90's flicks in prime time almost made me fall over in a dead faint!


    >>February is a special month where they only show Oscar winners.<<


    TCM has done this before then? Okay, but there are Oscar winning films from the 30's, 40's, and 50's that would fit in with the whole basis for the channel in the first place.


    >>Everybody stop panicing, everything should be back to business as

    usual in March.<<


    Uh...if not, will you supply the smelling salts? 8^0

  4. American Beauty? Men in Black? Backdraft?! If I wanted to watch this movies I would tune into HBO. I'm distressed that so many films from the 70's, 80's, and 90's are slowly creeping into the schedule. It seems more and more each month.


    Just my luck, I wanted eight years for TCM only to see it turn into AMC. How sad.

  5. I'm surprised to see that no one has mentioned the staircase scene in Leave Her to Heaven. Watching Gene Tierney methodically plan the death of her unborn child was very disturbing. She chose the robe and slippers she would wear and even made sure that her foot was jammed under the top stair runner before she hurled herself to the bottom of the staircase.


    I get the chills just thinking about that scene.




  6. >

    >I end up listening

    > to Christmas music 'til the time oldies puts it on

    > the air to the very last minute... I'm a first class

    > sap, you see?


    There are two radio stations in my neck of the woods that suspend regular programming and play nothing but Christmas music from Thanksgiving night until December 26th. I early await this every year because it is all that I listen to.


    Also, since I'm among friends, I have quite a fondness for the annual Yule Log. I even went so far as to tape it one year. Yep, twelve hours of a burning log with uninterrupted Christmas music in the background. My children have yet to let me live this down! LOL What I can I say... I LOVE Christmas. 8^)



    > This I will do... I have my dvd recorder all plugged

    > in and ready to go! I am looking forward to Christmas

    > this year so very much. The first thing that always

    > let's me know Christmas has come is when my family

    > pulls all the old decorations from the attic. They

    > used to live in a very "proper" neighborhood, where

    > white lights were a very common thing. My family has

    > never been one to easily "box in" so they would come

    > up with the most extravagant decorating! You know,

    > like those big colorful bulbs? They'd put those

    > everywhere! And my father would tie stones to strings

    > of lights and toss them into the trees...

    > My mother has always had a tradition of putting up

    > the little scenes, witht the little houses? She loves

    > that and I enjoy painting the little homes for her

    > each year.

    > > >


    Aren't Christmas traditions wonderful? Decorating starts Thanksgiving weekend at our house. Only because everybody is home and willing to participate in the festivities



  7. >

    > Can we add honorary mention?


    > Why most certainly! ;)>>


    Thank you kindly, sir! In that case I would have to name My Man Godfrey, The Awful Truth, Holiday, and all the other screwball comedies of the 30's. I am particularly fond of this genre and would consider these films a "must" in order to sustain a sense of humor while waiting to be rescued. ;^)



  8. > Ok, your bi-plane sputters to a slow stop mid way

    > over the Pacific Ocean, making an abrupt nose dive

    > into the sea. Somehow you survive, crawling amazingly

    > out of the seaweed ridden water...


    To find George Clooney building a fire on the beach...uh, sorry...back to the subject matter. (clears throat)


    with nothing but your

    > dvd player and a stack of ten dvds. What are they?


    Kudos' on another thought provoking thread. Okay after much deliberation my choices would be as follows...


    1. Since You Went Away

    2. Hands Across the Table

    3. Bringing Up Baby

    4. The Bishop's Wife

    5. It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World

    6. A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

    7. The Long, Long, Trailer

    8. Remember the Night

    9. The Enchanted Cottage

    10. The Man Who Came to Dinner


    Can we add honorary mention?



  9. MovieMan, I was blown away when I read your post. This is my favorite cartoon PERIOD. Went many years without seeing it until about eight years ago when the Cartoon Network aired a block of Christmas cartoons. I'll never forget my son and husband calling for me to "COME LOOK...YOUR CARTOON IS ON...YOUR CARTOON IS ON!" Sad to say, I only saw the tale end of it. Was so disappointed and figured it would be eons until I saw it again. On Christmas Day, my son handed me a present that simply said "From Santa." It was a copy of Bedtime for Sniffles.








    > I've been meaning to add an "Honorable Mention" to my

    > list for days so my nominee for Favorite Christmas

    > Cartoon is.......


    > Bedtime For Sniffles -


    > It is such a charming little story about Sniffles

    > trying to stay up to see Santa Claus. One year my

    > wife had a friend draw a picture of the part where

    > Sniffles trying to wake himself up gives a great big

    > smile. It is framed and hanging on my wall all year

    > round. Makes me smile every time I see it.

  10. #1. Favorite Holiday Film -


    The Bishop’s Wife. My number one favorite Christmas film. Loretta Young, Cary Grant, and David Niven at their very best! It is a joy to watch. To be honest with you, I have been know to get out my VHS copy and watch this film whenever I need a little Christmas in my life. It holds a special place in my heart.


    Remember the Night starting from the part when Fred MacMurray arrives home for the holidays with Barbara Stanwyck in tow. From that point it evokes the warmth of the season.


    It’s A Wonderful Life because of the message of the film. That no man’s life is insignificant.


    White Christmas because of Rosemary Clooney. Her rendition of Count Your Blessings always makes me think of my mother because it was her favorite song. I always love it when, at the end, those huge barn doors are open to reveal that snow has finally fallen for Christmas.


    Miracle On 34th Street. It encompasses the entire season along with the message that “faith is believing when common sense tells you not too.”


    #2. Favorite Holiday Television Special -


    The House Without A Christmas Tree. I am thankful to have this sentimental tale on tape because it hasn’t been aired in years.


    A Charlie Brown Christmas. The holidays would not be the same to me without the Peanuts Gang.


    The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting. Being a NY’er this annul event has been a part of my life since childhood. To this day, I am still filled with glee when that mammoth tree is shinning in all its glory!


    The Perry Como Christmas Specials. I have fond memories of being gathered around our old Magnavox Television set ushering in the season with Mr. Como.


    #3. Favorite Holiday Tradition -


    Spending Christmas Eve with my family. Being of Italian decent this night was celebrated more then Christmas Day. My parents, brother, and I along with my Aunts, Uncle's and Cousins, would gather at my Grandmother's house and feast on a dinner consisting of 13 fish dishes. The night was full of laughter and most of all love. We would all go to Midnight Mass and then return to Nonie's house to open presents.


    My once large family as dwindled down over the years. Nonie's gone and family members have scattered but my husband and I still keep the Christmas Eve Dinner tradition alive for our children.


    #4.Favorite Holiday Radio Song -


    Nat King Cole’s rendition of The Christmas Song. The entire season is summed up in those beautiful, simple, lyrics.



    #5. Favorite Gift


    Being able to share another holiday season with my family and friends. Being healthy and together is the greatest gift I could ever receive.




    Thanks bcf1940 for bringing back memories of Christmas Past. 8^)



  11. My All-Time Favorite Actors and Actresses are, in no particular order, as follows:


    Classic Actors: Cary Grant

    James Stewart

    John Garfield

    Spencer Tracy

    William Holden

    Henry Fonda


    Classic Actresses: Barbara Stanwyck

    Susan Hayward

    Carole Lombard

    Claudette Colbert

    Loretta Young

    Olivia de Havilland

    Joan Fontaine

    Dorothy McGuire

    Bette Davis

    Katharine Hepburn

    Joan Crawford

    Jane Wyman


    Present day: Meryl Streep

    Anthony Hopkins

    Sean Penn

    Renee Zellweger

    Susan Sarandon

    Vanessa Redgrave





  12. To JackBurley and moirafinnie6,


    Thank you both for responding. I have been a fan of both Miss de Havilland and Miss Fontaine for many years. All the while wondering if there was a film out there starring the both of them. Yesterday afternoon, as I watched Suspicion, it occurred to me that the answer to my question was just a computer keyboard away.


    The information in regard to the biographies has also been very helpful. Have a good rest of the weekend.



  13. Thank you both for responding. I apologize for not being more specific. Yes, I knew about the novel. I thought that there might be a site online where I could obtain this information.


    Also, thanks for the tidbit about Cooper wanting to cut the speech. I did not know that.8^)



  14. Okay, I know that I'm new to this board but after reading all of your posts on the slow demise of TCM my soapbox came flying out from under my bed for me to stand on. If I may...


    As you all know from my previous posts, I have been a classic film fan for most of my 53 years. I, too, watched AMC's fall...or should I say THUD...from grace. Even though TCM has been a part of my life for only a short time, I do not see any negativity in their programming.


    The underground series that is set to premiere this month is full of horror films mostly from the 40's and 50's. Okay, I'm not a fan of this genre and I may not agree with their choice for host ( I would have prefered the Zacherly of my youth but I think the gentleman died a few years ago) but for true horror aficionados it's not the host that matters, it's the films.


    As for the programming as a whole, after viewing TCM's schedule through Demember I do not see what all the alarm is about. There is a consistant flow of "classic" films 24/7.


    Turner Classic Movies, IMO, is an oasis in the wasteland that television has become today. It's my escape, my tranquilizer, my link to a time in life when respect and love for one's fellow man meant something. I'm happy and grateful for it.


    Thank you for indulging me. My soapbox is returning to it's spot under my bed to be replaced by my asbestos suit. I await any cyber tomato's being thrown my way.



  15. Thank you, FredC, Brad, and Heidi for the welcomes! I look forward to sharing opinions with all of you.


    I echo your sentiments, Heidi, about the music in the promo. It was a bit unnerving to say the least. It's funny, but last night while watching The Third Man, I kept thinking about September's promo everytime I heard that zither music. It didn't seem to fit the film but that was the whole point. During that time in Vienna nothing fit or was in the place it was supposed to be. Genius directing on the part of Reed.


    Can't wait to see if October's promo will ignite such lively discussion! 8^)



  16. Since this is the last day of September, I thought that I should add my two cents to the discussion before it's history.


    My cable company finally added TCM to their lineup eleven days ago. The commercial was one of the first things that I saw when I tuned in on September 20th. My initial reaction was "what the heck?" But after viewing it a few times I don't see it as the "gloom and doom" that some of you speak about. What I do see is a woman who is not very happy with her life and wants to escape. How does she accomplish this? Through classic films which are always a constant. The lyrics to the song playing in the background seem to convey this i.e. "we can't bury it...can't cover it." She's the fish out of water, not the films. TCM should thank their PR people for the 317 posts that this promo garnished over the last month.


    Although I have not been privy to TCM since it's inception, as most of you have, I am still delighted to be able to view it. There have only been three nights out of the last eleven that I haven't devoted to TCM. In fact, to me at least, the programming through November looks to be first rate. For the first time in years I am at peace while watching television. I have faith that this "classic" channel will continue to prevail.



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