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  1. > {quote:title=Dothery wrote:}{quote}Ben's good, but SO young! Did anyone notice him talking about Oscar Levant and calling him "Levahnt?" Good grief. He did it several times. Apparently he's too young to have heard him referred to, ever. That's strange, given his family history. Levant hung out with the Marx Brothers and other wits, and was the smartest man I ever heard on radio. He knew everything. He played like an angel and I love hearing him play Gershwin, since he and Gershwin used to play G's stuff together. Oscar said if they arrived together at a party it was a mad race to see who would get to the piano first. He was a weird character and sat holding his chest a lot so his heart wouldn't fall out, he said. But his name was "Levaaaant." It was jarring to hear him called "Levahnt." Osbourne never would have been guilty of such a faux pas. Grumble, grumble.





    Ben M. is 46 years old which is not too young to appreciate classic films. He's also been with TCM for 10 years. People have their own way of pronouncing words or names. You say potato, I say paTOTo...




    Oh, let's call the whole thing off. :D

  2. > {quote:title=VP19 wrote:}{quote}Good news -- Bob is returning, but cutting back his workload a bit:


    > http://www.nypost.com/p/blogs/movies/exclusive_tcm_robert_osborne_back_pBkR5qkEj9oNZW57KCZJ0O


    > Bob will be back Oct. 1, but he won't introduce Friday night films; that honor will go to Ben Mankiewicz. (Choosing Fridays makes sense, as TCM fare on that night tends to be more youth-oriented.)


    Great news! Thanks for sharing and posting the link VP19. I understand and respect Robert's need to cut back. Thankfully we still have him as primtime host for six our of seven nights.




    It's also good to know that TCM is turning to Ben M. for Friday night hosting duties. He is as much a part of TCM as Robert is and, with a decade of hosting duties behind him, he deserves the slot.



  3. > {quote:title=LonesomePolecat wrote:}{quote}I just realized this was SUTS and not SOTM, which is what I suggested. But in any case I think we all want more attention paid to great character actors!












    My apologies Lonesome. I got carried away. lol How about a SUTS devoted to or including character actors? One day for each name that has been mentioned.






    Edited by: MovieGal53 on Sep 19, 2012 3:13 PM


    Edited by: MovieGal53 on Sep 19, 2012 3:16 PM

  4. > {quote:title=AddisonDeWitless wrote:}{quote}Namely Gladys George, Maria Ouspenskaya, C. Aubrey Smith , Marjorie Rambeau and William Demarest.


    > ..and for some supporting players who may not have enough films to fill out a whole 24 hours (Ernest Thesiger? Phyllis Povah? Patricia Collinge? Laird Cregar? Mary Boland?) may I suggest a Star of the Month dedicated to Scene Stealers ?



    Yes I did Addison! Thank you for adding such excellent choices. Here are a few more:





    Charles Coburn

    Gladys Cooper

    May Robson

    Sara Haden

    James Gleason

    Reginald Gardner

    Barry Fitzgerald

  5. clavinnme,



    Thanks for the updated schedule. No disrespect for fans of this film but I wish TCM would stop airing ALL MINE TO GIVE during the holiday season. Yes, it takes place at Christmas time but it is one of the most depressing films I have ever seen.




    Also, CHRISTMAS STORY is not part of the holiday lineup this year maybe because it airs on TCM's sister station TBS. It's just nice to see it uncut and unedited.





    A big YIPPEEEE for RADIO DAYS! My husband and I love this film so a BIG thank you to TCM for making it part of the New Year's Eve lineup.




    All in all another great December schedule!






    Beulah Bondi was one of THE most underrated actress's in the history of film. Yes, that sounds dramatic but her range was incredible. My most favorite role of her's was Lucy in MAKE WAY FOR TOMORROW. Ms. Bondi never fails to bring me to tears each time I see that film.




    Agnes Moorehead is another exceptional example along with Mae Robson, Lucille Watson, Charlie Ruggles, James Mitchell, and the list goes on.




    It would be wonderful if TCM shines the spotlight on all of them for a change.



  7. > {quote:title=hlywdkjk wrote:}{quote}*"Sorry, my mistake. I thought you were discussing People Will Talk starring Grant and Jeanne Crain."* - MovieGal53


    > No mistake. You're right. That film is the one 'jamesjazzguitar' and I were discussing. (I can "confuse" *Talk Of The Town* and *People Will Talk*.)


    > The film is marked as a "premiere" in the September Now Playing guide - but that isn't always correct. It usually is but sometimes a previously seen film gets tagged as a "premiere".


    > Either way, everyone who hasn't seen the film should make time for it this week.






    Thank you. :)

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