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  1. Thanks *lavenderblue*. I'm sorry to hear that *Conflict* is not being scheduled during the remaining months of this year. Your researching is appreciated. Maybe the TCM store has it on DVD. (crossing fingers)






    *Jezebelle* ,My gosh, I had forgotten that AFI bestowed such an honor on Bogart. Thank you for jogging my memory.







  2. lavanderblue,




    It's good to hear other opinions and thoughts in regard to film. A person takes away different perceptions each time they sit down to watch a movie; whether it be an old favorite seen for the upteenth time or something new. By sharing how you or other board members view a plot acts as a learning experience for me. I am always open to having my opinions changed. 8^)





    What amazes me about CONFLICT is that no matter how many times I see the film the suspense is always there. It's as if I am seeing it for the first time. Hopefully TCM will air it in December for Bogart's birthday.


    The responses to my original post have been thought provoking. I want to re-watch Dark Passage keeping in mind the underlying theme of "help thy neighbor." Since this film is classic film noir I truly want to develop some sort of appreciation for it. Being a fan of Bogart and Bacall it always bothered me that I had so little regard for Dark Passage. Hopefully, at some point, I will see what you all see.








    You said it best, CONFLICT is Bogarts most underrated, unappreciated, unknown film. TCM aired it not too long ago and thankfully I still have it on my DVR. It is THE difinition of true film noir. The film keeps its pace with heighted suspense until the end of the film.




    Why Bogie was never recognized for his work in this film I will never know.







    My mistake, I meant to say that he would look younger. My fingers where typing faster then my brain. lol




    I can't say that this is a favorite of mine but the lighting of the film was exceptional. It conveyed the "closed in" feeling of the Parry.




    My Favorite Bogart film will aways be CONFLICT. Suspense at it's best.






  5. It has been awhile since I last saw this film but, as always, it's interesting to say the least. The plot seemed extremely far fetched. How did Bacall know that Parry was in the bushes and WHY did she stop to help?




    Supposedly because her father was unjustly accused of murder but the angle of Irene suddenly coming to Parry's rescue with lodging and support was extremely unbelievable. So was Bogart looking like the invisable man for awhile. Also, after surgery, I did not think he looked younger then his previous self which we saw in the photo. On the contrary, he looked about the same age.





    The one bright spot in this film was Agnes Moorehead. Loved how she became the focus in the confrontation scene between her and Bogart. She has always been underrated as far as I'm concerned and deserves to be SOTM. (please, TCM)

  6. Mr6666,




    Thanks for the heads up. I wish Mr. Osborne a restfull hiatus. He deserves it.




    There is no one better then Ben. M to take over hosting duties until Mr. Osborne's return. I think people forget that Robert AND Ben are the faces of TCM. It wouldn't be the same without either one of them.

  7. Thanks Fred and all who responded to my question. I haven't been on the message board in awhile. My laptop took a tumble and stopped working. Thankfully, it could be repaired so here I am.



    In my neck of the woods TCM wasn't in letterbox last night. Robert's intro's were broadcast as a small little square with black all way round . Once I hit the picture size on the remote he was in glorious 16:9. Not stretched but perfect proportion. Ben's intro's also come in this way as well on my cable system. .



    I wait for the day when TCM is fully HD. Hopefully it will be in our lifetime. :)

  8. bOb39,



    Thank you so much for posting this link. I have always been a fan of Ben's but after reading what he had to say about how we, the fans, feel about TCM I like him even more. He gets us.



    Ben, you're okay. Keep up the good work!

  9. Terrence,




    The woman in yellow is indeed Vera Ellen and the clip is from WHITE CHRISTMAS. I love the video as well and applaud the person who did the editing.




    If you haven't seen it already you might also enjoy another video I posted about a month ago in this thread called "Rita Hayworth Stayin Alive." The editing is equally amazing.

  10. Lori3,



    This site came into existence so that classic film fans could talk about their favorite classic actor or actress. Your post was a sincere tribute to Mr. Garfield on the anniversary of his death. I admire your devotion. Part of him will always remain alive because of his films and TCM.









  11. " Thanks so much for responding, and not to slight Ms. Bittman in the least, but she is not the person I have in mind. I'll try to post a particular announcement by the woman I'm trying to place, so we're all on the same page."




    If you're referring to the female voice over for the Monthly Movie News it's Stephanie March. She played Alexandra Cabot on Law & Order.

  12. > {quote:title=casablancalover wrote:


    > }{quote}My only quibble is the denouement (for the couple) after their marriage, As a writer, I can see the plot-progression, (with the symbol of the Cottage for Newlyweds only) but more could have been made of what Mrs Minite sees and not the wedding night melodrama played out. How do you see the night of enchantment? Given the history of Oliver, it is a problem that Laura cannot see his underlying pain that her affection is alleviating.


    > Someone talk me down..


    At that moment in the film it wasn't about what Mrs. Minite saw but rather what Oliver and Laura where feeling.



    Laura couldn't know the help she was to Oliver because of her own insecurities. How could she see his underlying pain when she was dealing with her own? The pain of knowing, her entire life, that she was unattractive. This pain becomes even more acute on the night when she wants to be most attractive to her new husband and fears she never will be.

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