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  1. James,



    I'm so glad that you mentioned Monty Woolly. My appreciation for him has grown over the last few years. He was wonderful and very under rated IMO.



    Playing the curmudgeon was his forte but he took it to the next level. By that I mean there were layers of his performance that were peeled back so that by the end of the film one almost saw into the soul of the character and thus had a better understanding of the persona on film.


    For this day just apent with family and friends, for the haven that is Turner Classic Movies. for this board and the wonderful people who post here...you have enlighted me on the films I love so much and gave a laugh or two along the way. We are all tender comrades.









    casablanalover your words were very touching...thank you.












  3. Eugina,



    It's a testiment to the actress's ability in order to pull off genuine friendship. I'm always wondering what each was thinking in certain scenes where they had to hug or console or laugh. I picture those comic strip bubble's over their heads with captions such as, "I'd like to sock you in the kisser!" Or, "You'd look good wearing that champagne!" lol








    How wonderful to know that you and Miss Davis are relatives! Your excitment comes through your post! I'm sure you are doing her proud with your loving thread devoted to her. I am very happy for you. 8^)











    You're right, Fanny married Skeffingtion primarily because of Trippy. ( I chuckle typing the name ) This movie has always been a prime example of "beauty isn't everything." It may open doors but it's a person's character that will endure long after the external beauty fades.









    You sum up the film best with what the film quote should have been. I applaud you. 8^)




    Skeffington couldn't see Fanny's stupidity and shallowness because of her beauty. Although it's true that Fanny could have married any one of her wealthy stuitors none of them had the prestige or sophistocation that Skeffington had.









    By becoming Skeffingtion's wife Fanny believed that she would have an elevated status within the community not to mention being able to bail out her family financially.









    Both Skeffingtion and Fanny married each other for the wrong reasons. In the end none of the trivialities mattered.




    Lovely photograph! Do you have a favorite film of Miss Arthur's? Mine would be THE MORE THE MERRIER followed very closely by THE DEVIL AND MISS JONES and MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTION.






    Jean Arthur had such a uniqueness about her. Eventhough I did not mention SHANE I do believe it was her finest performance.










    Hope you had a nice weekend! Thanks for the information about the new releases. I purchased THE SISTER which I haven't seen in ages.









    Last night I watched OLD ACQUAINTANCE starring Miss Davis and Miriam Hopkins. Everytime I view this film I find it interesting that both actresses hated each other. I always chuckle at the scene when Davis wrings Hopkins neck! The delight she must have taken in that. lol













    I can picture all us in our finery walking into a club like Rick's Place or El Morroco. We'd all be seated at a long table made of smaller tables pushed together.









    As you say there would have to be a big band that we would all listen to in between our lively conversations. Heck, maybe I would throw caution to the wind and order a Creme de Mint! And before the evening was over a girl would come over to the table to ask if we wanted a photo.









    You're right, it would be like stepping back in time which is exactly how I feel when posting here.




























    Misswonderly, thank you for your kind words. They are appreciated. Your post got me to thinking that I also left some posters out like pturman! How could I leave out the very person who started this delightful thread?









    Also lavenderblue, rainingviolets, clore and kimpunkrock who hasent posted here in a long while. Her posts where always so insightful. Can't leave out mrroberts.












  10. pturman,
















    I'm sorry for your loss. My life long friend passed away two weeks ago so I share your pain my friend.










    The question you pose is an interesting one. EugeniaH and bettedavis19 immediately come to mind along with misswonderly. VP19, ClassicFilmMan, mongo, and Izcutter would round out the mix.










    Last but not least Fred because I have always thought of him as our unoffical leader. ;^)

  11. Eugenia,



    I echo your sentiments in regard to MR. BLANDINGS BUILDS HIS DREAM HOUSE and add...




    Singing In The Rain



    Since You Went Away



    Remember The Night



    The Awful Truth



    The Man Who Came To Dinner



    Hands Across The Table



    Bringing Up Baby



    Made For Each Other



    Now, Voyager



    The Bride Came C. O. D.



    Meet John Doe



    The Bishop's Wife



    The Thin Man



    Strike Up The Band



    Summer Stock






    A Tree Grows In Brooklyn



    An American In Paris



    Miracle In The Rain



    On The Town



    My Man Godfrey



    Nothing Sacred



    The More The Merrier



    The Music Box



    Mildred Pierce



    The Women



    Our Vines Have Tender Grapes



    Bachelor Mother



    The More The Merrier



    Kitty Foyle



    The Band Wagon



    The Egg And I



    A Christmas Story



    The Pajama Game



    On Moonlight Bay



    Double Indemnity



    Stella Dallas



    My Foolish Heart



    Swing Time



    And I will stop now otherwise my list will take up the entire website. lol








    I am a fan of A CHRISTMAS STORY too and eventhough it airs for 24 hours on Christmas Day I say "so what." Christmastime wouldn't be the same without it.









    Have no fear for you did not break any rules. Since I couldn't name just one holiday film it's nice to know that I'm not alone.









    If you find any info on THE HOLLY AND iVY please post it. I searched in my Leonard Maltin Movie Guide for the film and it wasn't listed. misswonderly, can you shed some light on this film?



  13. MISSWONDERLY- I have never seen The Holly & The Ivy. Has it ever been shown on TCM?



    One Magic Christmas IS an unusual film but sweet nonetheless. Given the plot it easily resonates today.




    MRROBERTS - When I was a child (early 60's) All Mine To Give was broadcast every Christmas Day. Tear jerker sums it up best. I echo Amber's sentiments...it is one of the saddest films I have ever seen.




    TERRENCE1 - Remember The Night along with The Bishops Wife are the two holiday films I cannot do without.




    A note to anyone who is thinking of purchasing Remember The Night from Amazon. Don't. They manufacture the order On Demand meaning it's a copy. You will not get any of the features that go along with TCM's version or Robert Osborne's intro to the film.


    <<My all-time favorite for the holidays is "Remember the Night" with the extraordinary Stanwyck. This is the ultimate in movies about going home for the holidays.











    I agree with you 100%. REMEMBER THE NIGHT is my favorite holiday film as well. It always seemed a shame to me that this gem never got the recognition it deserved. When TCM started airing it a couple of years ago I was delighted. Sadly, it's not on the schedule this holiday season but that's why we have DVD's! 8^D







    You are very welcome! Bette Davis is one of my favorite actress's and this thread along with EugeniaH's Barbara Stanwyck thread are two of my "go to" threads in the forum. Keep up the good work because it's appreciated!









    Thank you for your review of the TCM Bette Davis Film Collection. On your recommendation I purchased it and can't wait until it arrives!









    <<And, MovieGal, thank you so much for saying that you love this thread. It made me feel so good, I love to hear that threads I make really enjoy people! :) And, as you probably have guessed, I own the Bette Davis TCM Greatest Classics Legend Collection. I am glad you want to buy it! I have also watched Dark Victory a myriad of times and have not listened to the commentary once. I didn't even know that it had commentary! So, it's your choice if you want to turn it on or off. In my next post, you will see all the posters of The Great Lie (which just happened to be shown this year on my birthday)...>>


    Bette D. 19




    My gosh, the memories this thread is bringing back to me! EugeniaH, I am a New Yorker too...do you remember The Million Dollar Movie? It aired on WOR channel 9 and opened with the theme song to Gone With The Wind. They aired Mighty Joe Young and King Kong all the time. This is when my appreciation for classic films began.









    The Late Show (before David Letterman's version) aired every night at 11:30pm. I remember being allowed to stay up and watch the old films on the weekends. It's opening graphics showed an apartment house and one by one the lights would go on in the building. When the film ended...the lights would go off in each apartment.









    My brother was the offical channel changer in our house or who ever got up during commercials. Ahhh, the good old days! lol












  17. I absolutely LOVE this thread! Thank you BetteDavis19 for starting it.


    Has anyone purchased the TCM Classic Films Collection Bette Davis? I was considering it until I read a review that states the commentary during DARK VICTORY cannot be turned off.



    Please let me know if this is the case. Thanks.

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