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  1. Thanks for the responses so far! I'm ashamed to say that I have never seen TENTH AVENUE ANGEL. It's airing in December so I will set my DVR.



    BACHELOR MOTHER is another sweet holiday film along with HOLIDAY AFFAIR and REMEMBER THE NIGHT.



    I'm trying to figure out which one of these films would make a good Secret Santa gift.



    Any suggestions?

  2. Without hesitation my choice would be SINCE YOU WENT AWAY. Even though it deals with the homefront during the height of WWII it's depiction of a close knit family formed by blood and circumstances draws me in every time I view the film. They were making sacrifices yet they had everything.



    Would love to sit at the table with Anne, Jane, Brig, the Col, Tony, and Phedelia. Maybe play a game of charades after dinner or take Soda for a walk.



    Yes, just plop be down in that film and I would be happy!

  3. Calamity,










    In the four years that I have been subscribing to The Now Playing Guide there have only been three missed issues. It doesn't happen very often at least not for me.










    The issue I had was the amount of time it takes for a replacement copy to be sent out. It seems to take forever but again three times in four years isn't that bad.










    The Guide it self is wonderful. Which is why I wanted a replacement copy instead of an extension of my subscribtion. I generally receive Now Playing around the first week of the month and that issue is for the following month. ( October in September, November in October, etc.)






    When it arrives in the mail I brew some tea, sit in my comfy chair, and read through the magazine highlighting films that I want to see for that month. For me it's a treat.










    Your overall experience with The Now Playing Guide should be fine. 8^)


    Edited by: MovieGal53 on Oct 19, 2011 2:31 PM

  4. BingFan,


    Thank you for posting the link to Robert's promo! I keep missing it on TCM and, as another poster said, you've saved me time sitting in front of the TV trying to catch it.



    Robert looks great,,,so glad he'll be home for the holidays! 8^D





    PS clore...you are a hoot! lol


    In 2012 I would love to see TCM re-air WHITE BANNERS. It was released in 1938 and starred Claude Rains and Faye Bainter.


































    In this modern world that we live in with all it's technological wonders I'm amazed at the antiquated system used for the Now Playing Guide. I love the magazine, don't get me wrong. It's the hassle that drives me crazy.









    I'm happy to say November's issue arrived today. However, I've lost all hope of ever receiving the replacement copy for this month.



  7. MontyC,





    Sorry you're going through this but relieved that it's not just me. I was also told waaay back at the end of September that an issue is not considered late until the 25th of the month. They mailed me a replacement copy for October on the 27th of September. I stlll haven't gotten it.






    Talked to a customer service rep yesterday and her response was, " Well, you can access the guide online." Okay but I don't pay $12.95 a year to read the program info online. She said my subscription would be extended one month.






    Now it looks like I won't be receiving November's either because the guide is usually delivered by the 5th of every month. And, again, another issue hasn't arrived.






    I have been a subscriber of the Now Playing Guide for four years and never had a problem now it seems that I will be missing two issues. WHAT HAPPENED?










    Your updates on our beloved Robert are most appreciated. It is a relief to know that he is doing so well and that he will be back to his full duties very soon.






    Congratulations on your suggestion of a Barrymore SOTM. I will look forward to that.




    Sounds like it could be WHERE LOVE HAS GONE starring Miss Hayward from 1964. Here is the synopsis from the TCMdb.






    "Contractor Luke Miller returns to the San Francisco home of his ex-wife, sculptress Valerie Hayden, after learning that their 15-year-old daughter, Dani, has been arrested for the murder of Valerie's lover. His plane is met by lawyer Gordon Harris, who callously engineered Luke's divorce and deprived him of the right to visit his daughter. Now, however, Harris asks Luke's help in providing a favorable family setting for the juvenile court hearing but discourages any hopes of gaining Dani's custody once the case is resolved. Luke's return revives memories of his former life with Valerie and her domineering mother, Mrs. Gerald Hayden. When Luke and Valerie are married, he aspires to become an independent architect, but Mrs. Hayden forces him into a business partnership with her. Valerie, ignorant of her mother's underhanded ways, blames Luke for being weak; his subsequent drinking problem and her adultery combine to destroy the marriage . Terrified that her mother might be awarded custody of the child, Valerie takes moral responsibility for the murder at the hearing; in addition, she blames her failure as a mother on her own sorry upbringing, a disclosure that both discredits and humiliates Mrs. Hayden. Freed at last from her mother's domination, Valerie commits suicide, making possible a reunion between Dani and Luke."




    No disrespect to Ms. Douglas but TCM should have stuck with Ben as primetime host. I understand the poor guy is stretched thin at the moment but at least he is a natural in his hosting duties.






    All of us die hard TCM fans know that no one can fill Robert Osborne's shoe's but, in my opinion, Ben Mankiewicz came pretty close.






    And, just for the record, upon learning of Robert Osborne's leave not once did I think it was because of plastic surgery. The statement TCM issued was informative without invading Mr. Osborne's privacy which needs to be respected.




    Lombard was the "Queen" of screwball comedies and helped define the genre. But i respect your right to disagree. 8^D






    Speaking of THE AWFUL TRUTH isn't it delightful? I watched last night's showing and laughed just as if seeing it for the first time. Cary Grant and Irene Dunne were at their best.






    A big thank you to TCM programming for airing this gem.




    Wasn't it Bette Davis who requested the same camera man for most of her films because she thought he did an excellent job in highlighing her best features while filming a scene?






    Also, Carole Lombard had a scar on her face from an automobile accident that was hidden by camera angles and lighting.






    Loretta Young is another actress who preferred the left side of her face,




    What a great question! I'm a fan of "screwball comedies " so, after much thought here goes:






    1. Merrily We Live



    2.. The Awful Truth



    3. Bringing Up Baby



    4. The Feminie Touch



    5. The Fuller Brush Girl



    6. The Man Who Came To Dinner



    7. My Man Godfrey



    8. George Washington Slept Here






    I'm sure this line up exceeds the 12 hour mark but they are sure to bring belly laughs!









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