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  1. Another possibility is 1959's "The World, The Flesh and The Devil" with Inger Stevens? It was set in Manhattan, but there is no mention of skeletons.
  2. I completely forgot about the Magnificent Ambersons, but I still think "The Treasure of The Sierra Madre" was a better role for him. He was the perfect compliment to Bogart in that.
  3. His most famous role would be along side Humphrey Bogart in "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" I really liked him in that.
  4. > What a rude jerk you are! Somebody needs to teach > you, Stoneyburke and Sweetbaby some manners. Some of > us enjoy his posts because he's not obsessed with > being negative about everything. I didn't really get > the impression he was patting himself on the back. > > And here's a news flash for the three of you. You > don't have to be rude to somebody just because you > don't agree. Maybe someday this will sink in, but I > don't hold out much hope. Very nice! I never called you a name but you call me a rude jerk? Oh well, I can take it. You
  5. I wouldn't pat myself too much on the back for that "Happy Birthday" thread that you obviously just copy and paste from some other website if I were you. Most of the people you list on that thread aren't even classic actors. And who cares who some 20 year old sitcom actor/actress once dated or is estranged from or how many times they have been in drug/alcohol rehab? Not me anyway.
  6. Ringo Starr, "The Magic Christian" Sorry, this one's a little old. Message was edited by: NortBanba
  7. Steve Guttenberg > "Three Men and a Little Lady"
  8. Excellent post, Dolores. Thank you. Message was edited by: NortBanba
  9. *Sigh* Glad to see that I'm not the only one whose pod hasn't hatched yet.
  10. I think the number one qualification to be a TCM guest host these days is that they be gay. I don't mean the Rock Hudson or Montgomery Clift sort, but the flaming, lisping "hey look at me, can you tell I'm gay?" kind. Isaak Misrahi (sp?) Tom Ford Augusten Burroughs see a pattern of reverse discrimation here? Now bring on the flames!
  11. >"Blow me" ? No, I don't think I will. You shouldn't assume, that just because you and your Nancy-Boy friends enjoy each other in that way, that all males are like that. Speaking of idiots, your last two posts may be the most ignorant things that I have ever read on this board. Sadly, I think you may represent the new target audience that TCM is trying to attract.
  12. >"Wow, my lightbulb is off right now....what was she 'doing' with the soldiers?" Unspeakable things!
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