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  1. My comment was in response to "sweetbabykmd"... obviously. Message was edited by: dancer76
  2. "Bitter ..party of one..Bitter?? " Wow, your personal attacks on the model in that last thread seem to show us all your lack of class, taste and may I mention ...vocabulary. Stunning..truly you are. Maybe you need a hug? yes? Maybe not breast feed long enough as a child. Need someone to pat you on the head and tell you that your special? Angry little thing aren't you. Lets try to keep this thread on an adult level. Voice your opinion, yes..but maybe in a grown up way. Who are you people? I saw the commercial and couldn't take my eyes off the tv. I am a huge fan of T.C.M.. I believe (thank god) I have the ability to appreciate ART in all it's forms. This piece was "ART"fully done. I found nothing "offensive" in this ad. I thought it was highly creative and stunning. You don't have to be young to apprecaite it. What you need is an eye for talent. Good job T.C.M. You find it offensive(?) two words...follow me here....."REMOTE CONTROL" Message was edited by: dancer76
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