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  1. and they're mostly directed at you it seems... curious. cause and effect?
  2. "It's only a commercial,so who cares about the girl? It's all about the movies and the Janus films on TCM. They could of had a dog eating the telescope. it doesn't matter. it is ONLY about the up-coming films on TCM. Take it at face value. If we start dissecting each promo that comes on the "Tube" we'd be going crazy. Like is it only a Good party if you drink Dr. Pepper?? Who Cares.... By next month this will be forgotten and we can argue about something else. Can not wait!!!!" Well put, Vallo.
  3. sweetbabykmd "...What does a butt ugly tattooed woman have to do with the classic movies from the golden era? If they think they are getting a bunch of younger folks to watch TCM just because of this type of commercial they are all wrong. They may sit and watch it, but as soon as a classic movie starts they will change the channel anyways." I think your comment above was seen as a rather emotional response evoked from being offended. "Butt ugly tattooed woman" doesn't come across as being an objective comment on the commercial but more of a personal indication of being bothered or offended by the female depicted in the spot. If there was no offense, then why respond in such a derrogetory and somewhat emotional way? I think we need to remember that these message boards are place for tactful conversation. I dont mean everyone has to agree (of course not, what would be the fun in that?) but let's remember where we are. I liked the spot quite a bit, and I actually think it's a perfect metaphor for the way people treat boards like this. We all "interact" in a very cut-off and distanced way (just like the woman in the TCM spot) when we're in online forums, and it can become easy to forget that people are involved in these things. Androids with no human emotion don't create these spots...people with ideas for what they think TCM can represent (to all people, not just one age group) are the ones creating these commercials. If you didn't like the spot, it doesn't mean TCM is falling down and will only be catering to MTV addicts, it means you didn't like this one. You'll probably like the next one. Why do they all have to be the same, or focused on the same group? It was most likely someone's vision of an artful way to represent what this month's films embody. And if, by some chance, it does make someone in the "younger crowd" sit down and watch a classic film, then I think it was doubly successful.
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