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  1. I just thought he might be reading a note that the dead woman left as a clue. Not that he actually said the line. I'm not that stupid.
  2. > To summarize so far: > > Here's the quote: > > "Robert will be away for the night. I absolutely MUST > see you. I shall expect you at eleven. I am > desperate." > > We've had some incorrect guesses, but I don't think > any of them were said with any certainty... so, let's > try to narrow this down. > > The film in question is in black and white. > It was made before 1950. > The speaker is male. > > > Who said that, and in what movie? > > Dan N. > > Could it be "Laura" with Dana Andrews saying the
  3. I think it's "Manhattan Murder Mystery" with Woody Allen saying the line to Diane Keaton.
  4. Actually, I think it should be Gene Wilder who said the line, funnier that way.
  5. > > "That dummy doesn't look anything like me. Maybe it's > supposed to be one of you." > > Who said that, and in what film? > > Just a guess, Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein? Leda
  6. Is the movie "The Birdcage" with Robin Williams saying the line to Tom McCowan,1996?
  7. CUT! I would like to say something off topic. HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone! I know someone must have said that line in some classic movie at one time or another. If anyone comes up with a film and who said the line please let us know but for now...back to the question at hand.
  8. OK this is just a guess. Fred Astaire to Judy Garland in Easter Parade?
  9. Ok, how about Suspicion with Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine?
  10. This is one year off the decade. How about Only Angels Have Wings? Jean Arthur talking to Cary Grant.
  11. Very swift! Yes your right. Thelma Ritta said it to Jimmy Stewart at the beginning of the film. Another classic Alfred Hitchcock movie. Did you catch where Alfred was in this one? You get to go now.
  12. Thank's inglis. This may be an easy one. In what movie and who said "When General Motor's has to go to the bathroom ten times a day the whole country's ready to let go.
  13. John Payne in Miracle on 34th Street. One of my very favorite films.
  14. Oh, I know, I know! You don't think of it as a western. The River Of No Return with Marilyn Monroe?
  15. This is a little more than 15 years but how about The Harvey Girls?
  16. What about Only Angels Have Wings with Cary Grant and Jean Arthur?
  17. Is it Kathryn Hepbern and Spencer Tracy in Adam's Rib?
  18. I think # 6 is from "Ball Of Fire" with Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck.
  19. Sorry I read it again and I see where I made my mistake. Take it away Brad!
  20. I don't want to be picky but it seems to me that I got the answer first. If I didn't please explain why.
  21. > My two cents for a moment, I do not enjoy watching > movies like "What ever happened....." I realize they > have a "cult" following and that to get Bette and > Joan together was exciting....I think I just place > these women on a pedestal. I want them always > beautiful and young, Joan romancing Clark Gable, > Bette so beautiful in "Dark Victory." > The same goes for my idol, Dana Andrews. I do not > watch his later horror films which has also given him > a kind of "cult" following as well. > SusannO The thing about "Baby Jane" was that it broug
  22. > Brad > Back to the rights to All About Eve. TCM sent me an > email stating that 20th Century has the rights. > By the way I think your right about Joan Crawford, > Bette was IN the wheelchair. Sorry I read it again and it WAS Joan who was in the wheelchair. Bette was the one who served her the rat for dinner.
  23. Brad Back to the rights to All About Eve. TCM sent me an email stating that 20th Century has the rights. By the way I think your right about Joan Crawford, Bette was IN the wheelchair.
  24. Brad, I just looked up All About Eve in the TCM data base and it is listed so I asume they have the rights but to make sure I sent them an email asking so I am waiting for a reply. Will let you know further. Lue. By the way my name is Leda, LueBMone is my screen name LOL. Do you think Louis B would like it? LOL
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