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  1. YEAHHHH! Is this the end of Ricco? No! Duke Mantee! Hey now your the boss! I use to be someone "Little Rico" (Caesar) guess I'll go to Key Largo I hope I missed the Hurricane season! Your turn my .500 Winning percentange Texas Ranger Fan! (Better Luck Next Year!) Well you always got the Dallas Cowboys ( They should win at least 5 games this year)
  2. You are correct my Texas friend Leslie Howard appeared in the play with Bogart and convinced the studio that Bogart was perfect for the role. But you didn't answer the second part of the question. Who did Bogart replace who was already signed to do the part of Duke Mantee?
  3. Do they still have Lenin's tomb in Red Square and is there any mention of Stalin since the 50's purge against him by Nikita Khrushchev who at the time evicted Stalin from his repose at Red Square also. Is he still evicted from that spot and where is Khrushchev buried and the attitude of the Russian people during his reign when he was ousted in October 1964? Thank you in advance for answering my numerous questions.
  4. > I think some of this is a little backwards. > Father of the Bride and Cheaper By the > Dozen weren't remakes; they were just movies > that borrowed titles from earlier films. > Roxanne, however, was a remake; based > on the play (and earlier movie versions of) > Cyrano de Bergerac. The Man With Two > Brains was spoof of earlier films including > Rebecca and The Brain That Wouldn't > Die. And Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid was a > beefed up montage of film noir filmclips. Why did > he decide to start making remakes that aren't so > good? I don
  5. In 1936 The Petrified Forest co-starred Humphrey Bogart as the character Duke Mantee. What actor was responsible for getting Bogart the role and who did Bogart replace who was scheduled to do the Mantee role?
  6. Laurence Olivier- A Nazi in The Marathon Man 1976 and Nazi-Hunter in The Boys From Brazil - 1978
  7. It seems to me that Steve Martin has recently made some pretty bad remakes. Father of the Bride - Cheaper by the Dozen - The Out of Towners and The Pink Panther. When he made pictures like The Jerk - The Man with Two Brains - All of Me - Roxanne - My Blue Heaven and Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid he was original and funny. Does anyone know why he decided to start making remakes that are not so good?
  8. I do not know who Ron Zombie is but does anyone know when his show will start? I am interested to see what type of show it will be.
  9. I recently saw on Hedy Lamarr day Tortilla Flat with John Garfield and thought she was a very good actress. She had everything going for her beauty, acting and a good personality. No wonder Turner devoted a day to her in August it was most enjoyable.
  10. I always enjoyed the comedy team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis
  11. Everyone thought Don Ameche was dead around 1980. Out of nowhere he appeared in Ron Howard's Cocoon in 1985 and to show it was no fluke had a funny movie in 1988 with Things Change. His movies are still popular today and I would say he's a golden age survivor.
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