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  1. Hi. TCM exec here. Well, not quite exec, but senior-level. Happy to bring some light to the speculation. There seems to be two different issues being discussed here. 1. the change in programming to pay tribute to a star. 2. the memorial montage (that's about 90 seconds long) that we produce for the dearly departed. When a star passes away, especially a big star, it is not easy or quick to change the programming in order to properly eulogize them. It's akin to turning around an aircraft carrier. The changes have to be communicated to affiliates. Licenses need to be buttoned up.
  2. "They almost missed Elizabeth Taylor. Fortunately, they must have had something already made up for her that could be tacked on to the end of her Remembers segment." No, they did not almost miss Elizabeth Taylor. That was an artistic choice, to add her at the very, very end of the piece, thereby granting her an exceptional place in the tribute. Plus, someone in another thread noted that she was always late, so it only made sense to have her come at the very end. These pieces are not easy to create, so they can't just tack something on.
  3. I love that Smokey and the Bandit is playing on TCM. Afterall, it's basically a screwball comedy at 80mph. And it's director, Hal Needham, has been given an Honorary Oscar this year. Good for him. The movie isn't everyone's cup of tea, but vive le difference.
  4. How about they just run last year's In Memoriam this coming December? It was a perfectly good one.
  5. Ok. I will ask it right here, and let's see what type of reaction I get, if I get any reaction at all. What, pray tell, should they say instead? What is it about Bacall (or any other SOM who gets such short shrift, apparently) that you haven't heard yet that needs to be said for the first time within the context of a simple tribute? These aren't dissertations or biographies, you know...
  6. It's been fixed. Edited by: araner1973 on Jul 16, 2012 6:11 PM
  7. Her name is Robin Bittman. http://robinbittman.com/ Her longest gig, aside from TCM, was as the voice of Delta Airline's on-board safety video, before they started running the current one. And yeah, she was indeed at the TCM Classic Film Festival this year.
  8. http://www.atlantamagazine.com/eldredgeatl/blogentry.aspx?BlogEntryID=10330456 Some insider insight into the making of this year's extraordinary Remembers spot.
  9. Corrected one with John Barry's name is now posted on TCM's Facebook page
  10. Could be that an uncorrected one was posted, but the correct one is on the air. We'll see what TCM.com posts...
  11. Song is Before You Go by OK Sweetheart
  12. Song is Before You Go by OK Sweetheart
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