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  1. I pre-ordered this set back in November and cannot wait to get it. Happy PreCode night, everyone. Even though I ordered the set, I'll still be watching. "The Divorcee" is one of my favorite movies.
  2. "Cranky"? "Snorky"? What's with this place?? 1. Good taste in film 2. Wonderful taste in stills/photography 3. A generous side of wit/snark
  3. <> I was able to capture that on my DVR about 2-3 months back. Every time I watch it, I'm amazed at the blatant drug references that were elements of the story. I love Blondell and Dvorak in that movie; Davis is good, but a bit weak.
  4. My December has been made! "Frisco Jenny" is finally airing!
  5. Awesome! "The Divorcee" is my favorite Shearer film and my VHS is just about worn out from overplaying.
  6. I'm still studying the TCM schedules avidly, hoping to find and record more pre-code films. Turner seems to be showing more of them now. You've just described my monthly ritual. I usually wind up filling up my DVR after 1-3 months, burning the ones I like and erasing the others.
  7. If I had to pick six for a well rounded set: Night Nurse The Story of Temple Drake Mary Stevens MD Men in White A Free Soul Frisco Jenny
  8. My favorite has got to be Jerry /Ted in "The Divorcee" where she announces that from now on the only man her bedroom was going to be closed for was Ted. Excellent acting all around from a rightly rewarded (with an Oscar) Norma in that flick.
  9. > USA Today reported the same thing about the > set on Tuesday, so maybe it's widespread. > > Still waiting for mine from Columbia House. Hmm...I wonder if that will make the sets currently released collector's items?
  10. > So, how many people have received their Baby Face DVD > and found that the discs are mis-labeled. Baby Face > has the label for Red-Headed Woman/Waterloo Bridge > and vice-versa. I know of two so far, including me. > :-( > > MM The same thing happened with my set. Must be a manufacturers mistake, but the discs themselves work fine.
  11. One of my favorite onscreen couples has to be Myrna Loy and William Powell. The Thin Man series is priceless and a wonderful example of a smart, sexy married couple who solve crime, party up, raise a child, visit often disapproving familys but ultimately are completely infatuated with each other. Plus it doesn't hurt that both Loy and Powell each had individual charm and moxie.
  12. Just a little reminder for my fellow PreCode fans that we have two airing this evening: 1:00am - Today We Live (Crawford/Cooper/Young) 3:00am - A Farewell to Arms (Hayes, Cooper) Since they're running several Cooper films, wouldn't it make sense to air the wonderful Design for Living?
  13. Of course we all know Robert Montgomery was the father of Elizabeth Montgomery ("Bewitched" fame), but a bit of trivia for those who don't. True, and there's a resemblance between the two, particularly in the yes. Plus, as far as acting, they had the distinction of being able to act effortessly in both comedy and suspense/drama. It's not a PreCode, but I recently saw Night Must Fall and thought Mr. Montgomery was outstanding and chillingly masterful.
  14. > I meant to ask yesterday -- was it my imagination, or > did the TCM announcer, in the spot right before "Baby > Face," say "The drapes don't match the carpet." > Naughty, naughty. You're right! I totally forgot about Osbourne's ribald opening commentary.
  15. But Harlow, at least, did give us one fantastic moment of female flesh. When she is still tormenting the Chester Morris character, she pauses, lifts her skirt, and gives him (and us) a nice, long, uncompromising look at her bare legs. And I've got a lovely TCM provided background of it.
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