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  1. Oh my god thank you! The first clip is the exact scene i remember exactly the way i just described it. Thank you thank you! If at first you don't succeed try try again. Thank you!
  2. I posted months ago about this movie and i am going to try again as i am sure it exists. I have a clear memory about this scene. A challenged little boy is lured out of his father's car to stay at a convent or hospital. He is lured with a toy pedal car. When he is out of the car his father quickly drives away. It was a very touching scene. One i have remembered for over 40 years. It was most likely 50s. That's all i remember. any help greatly appreciated.
  3. The only good thing about cable is TCM. I am presently watching over the air HD broadcasts on my new digital tuner tv and the picture is MIND BLOWING! Crystal clear! Cable does not compare HD or not! Cable companies can a) choose whether or not to broadcast in digital and choose how much information to send on a digital broadcast, I hope that one day TCM piggy backs on a PBS station or something and becomes an over the air option independent of the thieving cable companies. If anyone knows of this being a remote possibility please let the world know. TV was meant to be freeeeee!
  4. Thanks, I realized later that you actually can watch the whole episode and the other two as well, It is broken up and separated but when you realize that the "hole" is parts 4,5 & 6 it makes more sense and the next part is actually lined up for you when the one you are watching ends. It's more cheesy than i remember and not as well done as the twilight zone but is still good and spooky. Is still could swear i saw this one in black and white and there was an old man walking the dog but my memory is not what it used to be. thanks again!
  5. Thanks Marysara, this must be the one . I was unaware that Rod Serling did any thing other than Night Gallery after the twilight zone. It was years ago but I do however remember it being in crisp black and white with much better acting, I wonder if there is another version of the same story out there. I followed a link from imdb which led me to the episode actually playing on u tube but it cut out half way through. I will search for a tape or dvd of it. If any one knows where i can get rare films like this it would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks much again..
  6. Does anyone remember seeing a movie or tv show about an old man out with his dog in the woods, the dog falls into a deep hole (demonic), someone is lowered into the hole to reach the dog and sees or experiences something so horrific it changes him. I thought it was a twilight zone episode but i have seen them all and no hole. It is not twilightzone's "The Hunt". It was definitely twilightzoneish. real spooky. any help please i have to see this again .. thanks
  7. M1

    lost kids

    Thanks, but i have viewed this one and it is not the film i remember. It was definitely 2 kids brother and sister i believe. and they were in definite peril. They had lost their parents possibly in a plane crash but i am not sure about that part. thanks
  8. This one is a very old and vague memory of two kids, girl and boy, lost in the woods possibly Canadian wilderness, the kids are trapped in a tree as an animal approaches them . I'm remembering a plane flying over head searching. probably fifties or early sixties. B&W but could have been the TV. thanks in advance
  9. M1

    les mis

    Thanks, I have viewed the 1935 version. That was my first try but it definitely does not have the scene in question at the beginning.. it must be a tv version.. thanks all
  10. M1

    les mis

    Thanks, I suppose it is possible, it just didn't seem like a "made for TV" the way i remember it. I am hoping that someone out there remembers the same scene as i or did i dream it up..
  11. M1

    les mis

    I just viewed the 1952 version and that bread scene was not at the beginning of this movie either. If anyone out there remembers a man under a bridge holding a loaf of bread in a ``Les Mis`` movie plese end my torment.. 20 + years.. thanks
  12. M1

    les mis

    Thanks i will check this version out as it is on dvd.. Much appreciated
  13. I once saw a version of Les Miserable where at the beginning of the film they actually show the bread being stolen. The main character breaks a window to steel it, then hides under a bridge before he is caught. The Fredric March version has no such scene. Does anyone remember this?
  14. This has to be it.. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! It is not on dvd unfortunately but this is a giant leap towards viewing it again..Now if anyone remembers the little boy and the toy car I could realy sleep. thanks again!
  15. The movie was black and white and feels like the fifties from what I remember. I remember another scene but it could be an entirely different movie. I remember a man coldly luring his chalenged boy out of the car with a large peddle car. He is attempting to get him to stay at a convent or hospital or something against his will. Very moving. Both scenes have left life long impressions in my mind. That's how well they were done. I doubt this is the same movie but it was around the same time that i wiewed them. If any one has knowledge of either of these two scenes I could sleep again! TCM is a
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