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  1. What pallies you all are. I thank you with all my heart. Reading all your well wishes put a smile on my face. Bless you all.
  2. circa - there is a book entitled "Hollywood Cocktails" or a facsimile thereof. I'll get the correct name and publisher later and let you know, its amongst some of the rubble I collect.
  3. Hey Spencer and Classics - Here's one ya'll will have a good laff with, I didn't even know he passed until it was posted on Turner. I happen to be a Victor Young lover though. One other thing, make-up artists are always popping up with the name "Westmore"(?) - is this a follow in the footsteps of the family thing?
  4. gm - R U sure it was in the movies, cause the guy under the floor boards flick sounds like Hitchcock. Just a suggestion. Anyway, I'm sure someone will eventually answer this, these guys are so knowledgeable, but I'll keep my over 40 brain thinking. Good luck.
  5. Don't remember "seeing" any movie at the drive-in, but Oh! Those Summer Nights.
  6. Very sorry, its www.finderskeepersvideos.com Forget the s in videos.
  7. I'll be sure to lay a white rose in Westwood where Natalie rests and let her know its from you Spencer.
  8. I don't know if you'll find what you are looking for, but this is a wonderful site. www.finderskeepersvideo.com Good Luck.
  9. try reelclassics.com I'm usually lucky on that site and the links are good. Good luck
  10. Hey Palley - Expect t shirt from "Village" like I told you. You should have it tomorrow or Friday. Anyway, don't think I ever mentioned owning Ginger Rogers' publicity shots "vanity" and complete bedroom set. The vanity is pure deco. Besides that, JC's blanket. And of course Dr. Seuss' new stamp.
  11. I'd rather watch AMC than Bollywood
  12. Davis - bitchy and witchy and one hellavanactress.
  13. Best Not a quote, but as close as I can get: You know how to whistle, don't you Steve, put your lips together and blow.
  14. My all time favorite Susan Hayward as a drunk in "I'll Cry Tomorrow". Jack Lemmon's alcoholism scared me in "Days of Wine and Roses" - wonderful drunk.
  15. Same Ol' Story My Pal - My vote goes to Yankee Doodle Dandy.
  16. Castaway with Tom Hanks because I still don't know how to start a fire without a match.
  17. Slipping. Whenever the good guy is running from the bad guy, the good guy always slips. Keys. Even with a key ring which would make any janitor proud, they always manage to pick the right key, (whether its to an apartment, a car or a locker) and just in time.
  18. A review of favorites from classicsfan is so welcome. I too would love to see the "straigt from the heart and soul" directing of Sennett, Chaplin and Griffith.
  19. 2 Large Popcorns with xtra butter cause it was only $.50 and sit in loge (upstairs) so we could throw one and eat one. And definitely Milk Duds.
  20. I would settle for one week of each of James Cagney, Susan Hayward, Cary Grant, Bette Davis, Jack Lemmon and one day of Jackie Gleason.
  21. Hey JSST - Although groggy - I logged on. Whatrpals4.
  22. James Cagney Montgomery Clift Clifton Webb George Sanders Spencer Tracy Humphrey Bogart Burt Lancaster Kirk Douglas Jack Lemmon Charlie Chaplin Paul Newman Orson Wells Bette Davis Shelley Winters Susan Hayward Joan Crawford Just a simple list of those that can't be beat.
  23. Sentimental for 1939s "The Roaring Twenties" as you know and reason why JSST. Realistic tragedy about those boys -like Eddie Bartlett - fighting for us and coming home to face the Manteleone's (N.O.), Claudio's (N.Y.) and Kennedys (MA)to name a few (all of who ran booze through our mighty shores) getting fat and sitting smug in their own little San Simeons,while the little guy can't get a job. Like Eddie, many of our guys met with the same fate. Typical Cagney to protect and save those that meant the most even at his own expense. So typical too to see a twinkle in that great man's eyes.
  24. His best performance was President of the U.S. but of course his acting coach (Nancy) made him what he was. Maybe its best that HE FORGOT.
  25. A welcome site to a boring business trip. Feeling cynical. These should self-destruct: Elvis Presley movies Frankie Avalon movies Sandra Dee movies Jennifer Lopez movies Adrian Barbeau movies
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