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  1. I'm convinced TCM has something against Dean Martin lol. I know they showed the Rat Pack movies during Sinatra month, but last year, there were four measly movies on his birthday--but that was better than this year! Today, from looking at the schedule, I don't see that they're playing any of his movies . Sadly, even if they were, it would probably be the same ones they always show. C'mon, TCM, Judy Garland gets, what, ten movies on her birthday (not that I'm complaining, mind you) and Dino gets nothing for turning 91 today? Tsk tsk...
  2. I thought I replied before but I guess I didn't get it through Anyway, I just said that I had to jump in here and say I just loved what you wrote here! Just fabulous, and I couldn't agree more. (And I'm glad to see the Dino love ).
  3. "The song clearly has a melody, Polly. As a matter of fact, I'd say that Muse is far more accessible than any of the points of comparison I listed in my previous post (including Armenian, not American, folk songs). I mean, have you actually heard an Alban Berg opera? My point is that, just because a particular piece of music doesn't make sense to you, doesn't mean that it doesn't make sense to other people. As far as whether or not it belongs on TCM: If TCM is showing movies that feature the rock/popular music of The Yardbirds ("Blowup"), Cat Stevens ("Harold and Maude"), and Nick Cave ("W
  4. I haven't seen it mentioned here, but the funniest movie I have ever seen is Kiss Me, Stupid with Dean Martin and Kim Novak. After it, I'd have to say Young Frankenstein.
  5. Yikes! You've picked my #2, 3, and 4 favorite singers (Dean Martin being #1, Elvis 2, Frankie 3, and Bing 4). Though I do have an order for them, I couldn't chose between them. I think they all gave very unique and wonderful concerts (unfortunately I've never seen any of them), but I'd have to say it'd probably be a bit more entertaining to see Elvis or Frank live (given their live albums I have) over Der Bingle. I've noticed that, while wonderful, Frank isn't nearly as entertaining without Dean or Dean and Sammy with him, so with that in mind, I'd say Elvis, HOWEVER, I prefer the nightclub se
  6. I'm a young fan , and for as long as I can remember, I've watched and listened to all the "old" stuff. I was brought up on John Wayne and Dean Martin and Lucille Ball and Doris Day and all of that, thanks to my mom (The Quiet Man and El Dorado were especially big at my house). I remember being so shocked when I went out when I was very small sometimes because I was always watching things from the 30's-early 60's (walking though a store: "Mommy, all these men forgot their hats..." LOL). There is practically no one that I can talk to that watches classic movies, let alone anyone that is as in lo
  7. The spot should be about the movies, but when I saw this I couldn't see how in the world what they were showing had anything to do with classic movies. Yes, the tatoo and the woman (and especially the music) bother me because they don't go with the sort of people I want to see when I watch TCM. I do consider it pure junk because to me it was the equvalent of throwing mud on the Mona Lisa (the mud being EVERYTHING about the commercial except the shots of the movies, and the movies being the artwork).
  8. Well, music does have to have a meldoy, not just a rythm, and I hear no meldody in this whining and psuedo-screaming. It sounds like train wreck in slow motion to me. As far as saying it's as deserving to be called music as American folk songs, hymns, and operas etc....yikes, no I'd have to disagree . And I think it was obvious I was only insulting the junk and didn't actually mean it wasn't music, just to clarify At any rate, my point was simply the music doesn't go with TCM. If I was watching MTV or something like that, I'd expect it, but not on TCM. Does MTV ever play Bing Crosby? No?
  9. You're taking me too literally . I was using Sinatra to simply make a point and to use an identifiable symbol for all music that one would associate with classic movies rather than MTV (ie, music from the same time period)
  10. I just had to get on here to say that I agree with the original thought here. This commercial is pure junk. If I wanted to watch disgusting punks with tatoos (yes, punks are disgusting), listen to noise that sounds like it's demons rising out of hell (what some have deemed "music" here), and see the rest of the "intellectual artistry" (aka: garbage) in this commercial, I'd watch modern movies and MTV etc.. Play some Sinatra, for crying out loud.
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