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  1. I only reported on two current stars who I have read about more than once being loathe to acknowledge a fan (Miss Keaton) and it was reported in the high school newspaper by a nice young girl who attended the opening of the Clinton Presidential Library that she sat next to Robin Williams during the ceremony. She said Hi and he turned his head, refused to make eye contact, and acted as if she wasn't there for the whole thing. I think a smile or a nod might have not been too much to ask.
  2. I love reading about classic Hollywood and not so much the current actors but was curious as to which stars are the most approachable, and which are th rudest when encountering a fan. I know first hand that Robin Williams can be rude. He came to the opening of the Clinton Library and would not speak or make eye contact with anyone who tried. I have also heard that Diane Keaton hates to be approached by fans. Any more insight?
  3. My Foolish Heart with Dana Andrews and Susan Hayward, Ice Palace with Robby Benson, None but the Lonely Heart with Cary Grant and Ethel Barrymore. I love em all.
  4. I don't understand your enthusiasm for Donna Reed...She has that girl next door look, much like Shirley Jones, who played a prostitute in Elmer Gantry much like Miss Reed in From Here to Eternity...both were pretty miscast in those "casting against type" experiments., in my opinion. I have heard that James Stewart had a ruthless side...Marlene Dietrich's daughter, in her book about her mother, says that when Marlene revealed she was pregnant as a result of their Destry affair, he literally walked away from her..How much of this is true is questionable...What I ove about these boards ishearin
  5. I really enjoyed the shorts shown last week with William Tracy and Joe Sawyer as two sarges in WWII.Do they have a name?How many were there? I would appreciate any information. Thanks.
  6. I loved seeing the recent That Girl marathon on TVLand last weekend, and plan on buying the DVD when it comes out. I remember loving the fashions and the way they worked the title into the credits every week. Being a child of 60's tv , I love theme songs and opening credits, which are seriously lacking in today's shows.
  7. Anyone interested in interior design and classic movie (sets) will want to peruse the Jan.2007 issue of House and Garden. They list a number of movie sets and even recreate 2 of them-one from Leave Her to Heaven and one from A Clockwork Orange. I only glanced at it so my info is scanty.
  8. Jennifer Jason Leigh in that Dorothy Parker bio pic. Flat,monotonous and emotionless.Yuk
  9. Hi back at you.Yes, I love TCM and all the posters, even the hot topics what's your rant ones. I am 51 and knew I was different when I was 8.I made"feather" boas out of crepe paper to look like Ginger Rogers, and when my mom wouldn't let me stay up late to see a Jimmy Stewart-Carole Lombard movie, I cut the description out of the t.v. guide and framed it on my bulletin board. What some posters don't realize is how grateful we should all be to TCM. For years, before TBS Superstation started showing golden age movies in the mornings, you couldn't find them where I live...it's just nice to see t
  10. Discussions like this are why I love the boards and TCM so much. I'm sure if I mentioned "Waterloo Bridge" around the water fountain where I work I would get a lot of blank looks...Knowing what we know about James Whale from the "Gods and Monsters" movie, I wonder if the effeminate looking Douglass Montgomery was a protege of his...he seemed very made up but not unlike Maurice Chevalier or Buddy Rogers in films of the early 30's.
  11. I much prefer the Viv Leigh version. Mae Clarke displayed one emotion the whole movie that of hostility and inner turmoil. The male lead had on so much makeup and played perhaps the stupidest chump in pre code history. Could the lion at the entrance of the bridge say"Your girl is a hooker" instead of "Buy your war bonds"? I found it very talky and stagey. I just don't think you can beat the scene in the 1940 version where Myra is to have tea with Roy's mother and sees his name in the paper listed among the casualties.
  12. I was very let down by the original Waterloo Bridge. Mae Clarke kept the same hostile/ fighting with herself emotion going the whole movie, and the actor playing Roy had more makeup on than I've ever seen on a man. He had the thankless role of playing the stupidest chump ever, though. Other than the brief scene of the chorus girls changing clothes, my hubby was bored. It was pretty tough going. I much prefer the 1940 version.But it's just my opinion
  13. Thanks for responding so quickly but it was a blond who wore lingerie and was cavorting with a famous actor that Danny DeVito's character had tagged as a commie, drug addict, degenerate. Probably an illusion to Robert Mitch's pot bust in the late 40's. Anyway the couple is burst in upon and arrested. I believe it is before Kim Basinger's first scene.
  14. Sorry to ask about such a modern movie, but who is the blonde actress caught at the first of the movie with the famous actor in the scoop for the scandal magazine?I think it is a now famous actresses' film debut. Thanks in advance
  15. My daughter is taking a film class in college and is writing her final paper on Strangers on a Train. One of the hallmarks of film noir, according to the criteria, is a convoluted plot, I told her that as noirs go, I feel the film has a pretty straight forward plot, as contrasted with something like "Ministry of Fear" or "Touch of Evil" I would just love some input from you noir buffs. Thanks so much
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