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    Travel and of course, movies, especially the oldies.
  1. When TCM went all digital that means all their movies have to be in a digital format to be shown. They cannot be VHS tape or Laserdisc or 35 or 16 mm film or any analog form(the old format). So a good reason some movies are not shown anymore on TCM is they have not been digitized to be shown in that newer format yet. I know my Comcast cable system is now all digital for every channel. Blu-ray is a high definition DVD player that Sony is pushing. HD-DVD is a different high definition format that other companies are favoring. They are not compatible. They are both backward compatible with re
  2. Here in Seattle there is a station on Comcast called INHDCOM(channel 664) that shows old fox films in HD. They are all in color and widescreen and the resolution and digital sound is fantastic and up to 1080i quality. This is not a movie channel. They play IMAX films, nature documentaries and concert films(Isle of Wight), too, but this shows that TCM could upgrade to HD with a fantastic boost in picture resolution. DVDs of older black and white films such as are in the Gary Cooper and Ronald Reagan signature collections when shown on an upconverting DVD player look great also when viewed o
  3. The news from Warner Brothers about the 200 DVD releases in 2007 is fantastic. That means that most of their films on TCM's list of top 200 movies not on DVD will be out next year. Strange Cargo, The Mask of Dimitrios and Edge of Darkness should make the cut. My personal favorite It All Came True could also squeeze in a Bogey box set because it is an Ann Sheridan-Humphrey Bogart musical-comedy that deserves to be more widely seen. Making a list of potential releases would be an interesting exercise in wish fulfillment.
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