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  1. I stumbled across TCM UK & see this movie is playing this week. This movie hasn't been shown for years. I seem to recall that Peter O' Toole plays a total stumble-bum that is subjected to a tickling torture by Jeanne Moreau after he accidently shoots her in the rear end. Does anyone recall this? This title does not appear to be on dvd. If it is now being shown will that now lead to it being available?
  2. It's such a shame that the Todd/Pitts type of comedy hasn't been recreated by other actresses. With some of the physical contortions they get into (suggestive & semi undressing) it's almost Benny Hill meets Laurel & Hardy.Although there have been great female comic performances, no one (except Lucille Ball) has constantly allowed themselves to cop the pratfalls & looked the bumbling clown. These days there always seems to be a feelgood ending. Also, is anyone able to give some insight as to why actresses are less prone to have slapstick style scenes which require them to endure so
  3. Is anyone aware of an alternate ending to this movie?Years ago I saw a version where Clark Gable fights Raymond Burr while Loretta Young figts Marilyn Maxwell. During the fight the office catches fire & the seat of Ms Maxwell's dress catches fire & she runs outside to a fountain to put out the flames. In a recently viewed version, the fight still takes place but no office fire except for James Gleason burning a document that incriminates Clark Gable.
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