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  1. I am currently trying to watch "Mabuse the Gambler" which is appearing on TCM for the first time. This movie has been on my list of movies I've wanted to see for years. However, it has been made very difficult to watch. It is a silent movie with subtitles. However, the subtitles are superimposed over the ornate German title cards. The English subtitles are therefore almost impossible to make out. I have to pause the film and then try to separate one language from another. There is no border or background to make them stand out. I can't believe this is good for any watchers, including anyone who can read German. Why has this not been taken into consideration? This is also similar to a showing of Hayao Miyazaki's "Howl's Moving Castle" which was in Japanese with English subtitles which were in white lettering, even when there was a white background. Another complaint involves the movies "Metropolis" and "Lost Horizon". Both are constantly being altered with "found footage" and even "found audio". In one case, "Lost Horizon" is shown with audio playing over STILL PHOTOS of the actor speaking. Metropolis has been altered with new title cards from found notes so we can read what is not being shown. In no case did I feel they made a significant difference. They only ruined the viewing experience. I'm sorry, but unless they are being shown to a college class or a special meeting of film buffs, they are ruined. These are supposed to be films, not cobbled together bits and pieces. Try to imagine some commercial films with these alterations. Why should movies on TCM be less entertaining than new mainstream films?
  2. No one seems to have mentioned "It's a Wonderful Life". I found myself facing a room full of stunned looking friends when I said how much I hated this film. George Bailey never gets out of that bloodsucking town. Furthermore, the town seemed a lot better without George - burlesque houses, bars, prostitutes. What the hell did people do in that town for fun when George was around. Also, any and all of the Lord of the Rings films. I could stand the books in the 60's and films dragged on and on and on. The last one had five endings!
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