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  1. Just an addendum to my previous post: I just read the rather detailed bio of Drake that was linked by Ayres earlier. It reminds me of many sanitized bios put out over the years in which many details were omitted when the person happened to be gay. This bio mentions Drake briefly was married, but doesn't really explain why the marriage failed or why Drake never married again. The answer, of course, was that he was gay. The book I mentioned in my last post, "Get Happy," is unflinching in discussing the bisexuality of Tyrone Power and the homosexuality of Vincente Minelli, Judy Garland's husb
  2. I had never heard of Tom Drake until recently when I read the brilliant book, "Get Happy" about the life of Judy Garland. She met Drake on the set of "Meet Me in St. Louis." Here's what the book says about their relationship: "Friendship led to romance, which led to bed - where the affair ended. To Drake's embarassment and to her own dismay, Judy could not arouse him - he could not perform. Drake was an all-American boy, all right, but an all-American boy who liked other all-American boys." I really don't understand why Susu says she was heartbroken to learn that Drake was gay. It is s
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