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  1. I love the Quantum Boxes and they will be wireless in 2016 wtg FIOS. Well seems like some can record from the dvr and some can't..so I guess it's not TCM which makes me happy. I will try recording something on the DVD player off TCM and see if that works. The VCR portion of the DVD/VCR recorder no longer works. Thanks for the replies =)
  2. Hi everyone, life took me away from the boards but still tune into TCM. I'm in NY and have FIOS Quantum boxes since last Fall 2014. I recorded many movies around Halloween Frankenstein, etc..and just went to burn them on DVD to get them off the DVR which is 90% full and it said I cannot record a copyrighted movie! =( is this new? I thought TCM promised to never do that...is it my box? It's an old DVD/VCR recorder so do not think it's that. Are we not able to record movies off TCm any longer or am I not able to record them off the DVR? If it is the latter am I able to record them if they are ac
  3. Hello all, thanks for the replies. I will post tomorrow, just popped in to say thank you =)
  4. Such a lovely movie. I am glad they show it often!
  5. It's in the envelope with the Paramount Pictures address and postmark etc..it was sent right before he passed away. If not I am going to toss it. lol Cleaning Mom's house out and it was a letter to Dad. He wrote and told Mr.Zukor how much he enjoyed the studio tour in WWII..just wondering. I am sorting through so much it's crazy. Just thought I'd ask. Hope this is ok to post here? thanks! Tricia
  6. It was, and we kind of thought so at that time too. lol
  7. Loved Errol. And didn't know it was on and caught it from the beginning. Saw the whole film, slap and all. ♥
  8. Normally I'm not a fan of anything past 1970 being shown here..but this classic was an exception for me. I requested this movie here quite a few times. ♥
  9. Not a fan. Never was, but I did watch My Bill and enjoyed it and the rest of the cast. Dickie Moore! So good in that one! But I remember thinking..this lady (Kay) is such a bad actress! LOL Sorry but just my lowly opinion, I know.
  10. Hmm but which did TCM air? Anyone know? The Eclipse and a Trip to the Moon I remember..but anyone know which TCM showed during their airing?
  11. Thank You! I missed the September airing as well! I hope they do re-air it soon..thanks for all the information! ♥
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