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  1. Hehe -- it's funny how, after all these years, I actually remember some details correctly and how many details I messed up. Like it's a boy and not a girl. But I guess I got the Christmas thing right. And the department store thing was close, even though I remembered it sort of backwards. But I'm sure it was the "Bundle of Joy" version I saw and not the original. That being said, I'd love to see the original some time. Thanks again for your help. I'll have to tell Mom about this board -- she loves old classic films and especially musicals.
  2. Yes! Bundle of Joy was it. You are truly awesome. Thank you! I was telling my mother-in-law about it today at lunch and told her I was going to do an internet search because it would drive me crazy until I found it. Thank you again! :-)
  3. I think I actually watched this movie on TBS when I was in Jr or Sr High schoo, so about 25 years ago. Back then, TBS played a ton of classic/old films, some well-known and some pretty obscure ones too. I can only remember the general premise. I cannot remember the actors or the title. I thought it was something like "Bringing up Baby" but that's not it. A young female actress (sort of like Sandra Dee-ish), I think blonde, was the main character. I think the movie was made in the late 40's or 50's but maybe as late as early 60's -- so that covers a pretty big era. I believe it was
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