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  1. Hang in there, B Girl. Don't lose hope, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  2. Lafitte, check your private messages because I just shared the link with you.
  3. I'd love to come aboard, mon Capitain! Maybe we can watch I, Jane Doe next! And thank you for the piped Max Steiner music, it goes so well with my flounces.
  4. Has anyone here seen I, Jane Doe? I think it would be a good watch for many here at TCM. Scott said it was on Martin Scorsese's favorite films list but I had never heard of it. A little Republic gem starring Vera "Hruba" Ralston and everybody's "other man", John Carroll. Ruth Hussey, reunited with John from The Philadelphia Story, has a strong role.
  5. I'm always happy to be here. I just need to be less sporadic, which should be no problem since I'm furloughed in Reality-land.
  6. I think we damsels need rescuing from pirates! But it would be fun to be captured by a classic movie loving pirate.
  7. Hee hee! A wolverine! Pat would love that, I think. He'd save you then chuck you under the chin and say, "It's alright, kid."
  8. I'd say Hathaway's softer side was indeed dormant for most of his career but he occasionally showed he was indeed a brilliant craftsman beyond shoot-em-ups and scaring John Wayne almost as much as Ford did. I love Dr Bull! It's my favorite Rogers film. And he gets to have a love affair! A somewhat clandestine one, at that. Not your usual Rogers vehicle. He shows quite a bit asperity at small town narrow mindedness.
  9. Pat O'Brien holds a strange attraction for me. He's such a big, barking teddy bear. I feel like if I were ever getting pushed around by someone Pat would be there in an instant to rescue me.
  10. Hi Lafitte, so you liked Peter Ibbetson? I'm happy. I read the book, too, I was so taken with the story. I love plots that involve lovers communicating in, er, unorthodox ways when the world won't let them be together. It constitutes a whole sub-genre for me. Telepathic, time traveling love stories. We know so little still about how the mind works and how it connects with other minds. I think artists understand it intuitively and hence make these beautiful works to express their ideas about it. What's most astonishing is one-eyed, roaring action director Henry Hathaway was at the helm. He defi
  11. Mon cher Lafitte, so glad you discovered St. Remy-de-Provence! It's a splendid spot to make home base while you explore it and the surrounding countryside (and it's close enough to the coast to enjoy Rivieran pleasures. I hope I can get there again someday. I once stayed in the Hotel Gounod (sp?), which was the home of the composer of the 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' theme music (Funeral March of the Marionettes--how apropos!) Hope all is well here in BronxieLand.
  12. Hi Dougie! I saw Martin Scorsese's voyage to Italy and most of the French one. Always, always informative and entrancing. Could talk film with him for hours, right? Gabin is like the French Spencer Tracy to me.
  13. By the way Bronxie, I found another "urchin". Well, clad in breeches and broadcloth, lol. The thing is, he is only about 6 years old yet he looks just like...OLIVER REED.
  14. Thank you all for the warm welcome back! I'm sticking to this thread for now but it feels good to see familiar monikers and read kind words. I'm moving down to Bronxie's part of the world which is what prompted me to reach out. Lafitte, merci beaucoup for the SWEEPING welcome. Sigh. I shall ever remain a "Gone Girl". And ha ha! In a Lonely Place. That was an EPIC discussion. Ah, brings back memories... And I'm all up for a discussion as I have time on my hands when I'm not packing. Bronxie, Purple Noon is probably Delon at his prime and the story is a good one. Personally,
  15. Hello all! Such a long time! Have any of you seen Purple Noon (Plein Soleil)? That's a gorgeous Riviera movie. Bronxie, you might like it because it's classy-sexy and kind of dark too (Delon's character). It was remade as The Talented Mr. Ripley. Miss G
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