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  1. I don't get on here very often but I watch TCM almost every day. My only complaint is that Saturday and sometimes Sunday movie line ups seem to be geared more towards men...Bowery Boys, Buck Rogers, Tarzan, war movies, westerns....what about movies geared towards women? Men aren't the only ones who like to sometimes sit in front of the tv all day watching one good movie after another...
  2. Thanks, I would love to keep discussing this but I have a class to attend. Be back soon. Sindey
  3. I haven't looked at the message board in ages (watching too many great old movies I guess) so I didn't realize that this is a subject that has been discussed previously. I just started to notice that some of the movies being shown are relatively "recent". I'm resorting to my own personal library more than usual. TCM is one of the last pieces of the past that I have been able to depend on and I don't want to lose that.
  4. I just don't want TCM to do what AMC did, that's all.
  5. Is it me or am I starting to see more movies from the 80s and... gasp.. even the 90s?1 Please tell me I'm wrong.
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