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  1. OMG, thanks for the heads up!!!! I will def be watching this episode!!! I love Ruth and I love GUNSMOKE, so there!
  2. Miss Kyle so much. The board seems so much emptier without his presence. Thanks to those who put together this forum to honor his memory, one of the greatest TCM fans I've ever had the privilege of knowing. RIP, Kyle.
  3. Thank you very much for posting the link to Kyle's intro and outro for MEET JOHN DOE!!! I remember that so well and remember thinking, wow, that's my man Kyle! His presence is always felt here, though he will be missed, he touched so many folks on this board.
  4. Oh my gosh...I'm SO sorry to hear of the passing of this wonderful person! I didn't notice this thread or hear anything about this earlier! And I haven't read the entire thread even yet, just shocked to hear of this. I always loved Kyle's posts, he will be missed SO much. Rest in peace, Kyle, my main man.
  5. Lavenderblue, thank you so much for sharing that story of you and your Dad watching Cagney flix together! I'm glad you'll have those memories to cherish always, and also glad that we'll have these flix to enjoy which we can on so many different and uniquely personal levels! Tom, I also want to thank you for the lowdown on Cagney that you provided earlier in the thread to parallel that of Eddie G's! I agree with your assessment as well, that Bogie probably, pound for pound, appeared in a greater collection of heavy hitter flix in the 40's and even into the 50's than his tough guy co
  6. Tom, that's an excellent highlight post of Eddie G's film career, and even at that, still doesn't hit all of his wonderful flicks, so many fine performances rendered by this amazing actor!!! Oh and I'd add THE LITTLE GIANT (1933) to the list of Eddie's fine gangster spoofs! That one totally rocked as well!! Thanks again for a magnificent and radically cool thread!
  7. Tom, first, wow, my man, just an incredibly lay down there of three of my favorite actors of all time!!! Wow! I love the WB style of the early to mid-30's and these 3 figured prominently at that time! And into the 40's with Bogie really doing most of the big stuff by that time, but wow, all of these are totally groovy!!! I can't really choose, they all bring strengths to the table. All of them, while similar, are distinctly unique in their style and approach as well as their respective screen presences. Eddie G is not just one of my favorite "tough guy" actors, but he's probably
  8. Welcome to the board, Jymn!!! I'm so with you, it's crazy!!! Totally dig the 30's!!! My favorite film decade of all time! Dig it! Happy viewing!
  9. OMG, Fred, the documentary (though sad was also hopeful!) was awesome!!!! And the feature and shorts were totally amazing!!! I totally grooved hard to the entire evening! I really didn't know a whole lot about Baby Peggy going in so it was mostly news to me! She looks great and seems to be a really noble and amazing woman after all she's been through! TCM rocks!!
  10. SansFin!!! Wow, thank you so much for starting this really cool thread, and for sharing so much about yourself, much of which I did not know!!! Wow, nice to "meet" you yet again! And I wish you and Capuchin the very best! I wanted to thank everyone who has posted some background about themselves, thank you all, it's wonderful to hear about your experiences! I'm just an old movie (and tv show) buff, not much to share really. My idea of an exciting Friday night is to groove to some old flix on TCM! Thank you again, Sans Fin!! You're totally awesome and I wish you the best!
  11. > {quote:title=twinkeee wrote:}{quote}I too watched & recorded THE SAINT STRIKES BACK.....Love George Sanders, he's soo smooth & cool! I agree, Twinkeee!!! And he's up for a few more Saint flix over the next few Saturdays too! I really like the feel of the Saint films, they have a unique quality about them in the annals of the 30's/40's detective mysteries.
  12. I grooved hardest this week to: Constance Bennett and Basil Rathbone in SIN TAKES A HOLIDAY (1930)!! Constance Bennett and Richard Barthelmess in SON OF THE GODS (1931)!! BURN WITCH BURN (1962) a nightmarish horror flick that really rocked!! THE MALTESE FALCON (1931) pre-code version natch with hotcha-cha-cha Bebe Daniels and Ricardo Cortez!! And grooving hard now to George Sanders and Wendy Barrie in THE SAINT STRIKES BACK (1939)!!
  13. > {quote:title=Edgecliff wrote:}{quote} > 10/16 Releases > > HOLD YOUR MAN > > > RED DUST, co-stars Clark Gable > > > SECRET SIX, co-stars Wallace Beery > > > > > > > > > > Bummer that those 3 didn't come out in a pre-code Harlow/Gable set.
  14. That Noir set looks rockin'!! I'll have to get that one for sure!
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