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  1. I think this dude rocks, man!!! He appears in tons of 30's films, lots of pre-codes, total "wolf", loved him, and he plays "The Lone Wolf" in that Columbia series, and also appears in THE WOLF MAN, I think those are NOT coincidences!!! This dude was all over the place and he always entertains! Any other fans of this wonderful actor?
  2. I love all these Barrymore films mentioned. I also thought his silent version of DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE was outstanding. I saw him in one of his later films, THE GREAT PROFILE, not long ago and it rocked, very funny! He was clearly reading from cue cards and wasted, but hey, he was still great---how wild is that? I also loved him in the 1933 COUNSELLOR AT LAW, very cool flick!
  3. This is not quite the same thing, but I read somewhere that Coppola went to Cagney's home to personally beg him to accept a role in THE GODFATHER (I'm not sure if it was I or II or both). Those movies are great as they are, but with Cagney in there?? OMG! Wow! And would have made a perfect link to the gangster flicks of the 30's. Too bad Jimmy didn't go for it. Also, Eddie G Robinson was supposed to be Dr. Zaius in the original PLANET OF THE APES film, but his failing health wouldn't permit him to endure the long hours in that heavy makeup. Another "too bad".
  4. TripleHHH, great questions! I don't know if Raft would have made those roles as legendary as Bogie did, but we'll never know. Same is true of Bela as the Frankenstein Monster. How things can turn on a single decision. Pretty wild!
  5. I'll agree that there is no contest in terms of their general public legacy. Nearly everyone has heard of Bogie. Only movie buffs have heard of Raft, for the most part. But I don't know if I'd totally agree that Bogie's range was that much better than Raft's. Perhaps a bit. But since I've now seen so many of Bogie's 30's output...well, I'm not so sure that he was *that* much better. For me, both of them are somewhat limited actors, perhaps Raft a bit moreso, who both had tremendous screen presence, which seemed to improve as they aged. I loved Raft in the 30's, but I tended to like him
  6. I love the Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce Sherlock Holmes films, but I have to give the nod to William Powell, who I do like better as an actor, and "The Thin Man" films, they simply totally rocked, especially the first 3, where Powell was drinking all the time! LOL Loved it! And some great mysteries, that he always seemed to wrap up at the end, I just generally liked the style of those mysteries a bit better overall. Tough call though!
  7. LOL, you gotta love it when a lech and a drunk is one of the greatest actor of all times!!! I dug the dude, man, he rocked the house! Saw THE MAD GENIUS a few weeks ago, and the dude had a presence that was undeniable. Pretty much loved anything I've seen him in, silent or talkie. John had it going on man!
  8. I've been getting back into some of the mystery series films that TCM aired in November---"The Crime Doctor" from the 40's with Warner Baxter, and now I'm watching the "Perry Mason" series from the 30's. I'd love to hear what 1930's mystery films folks enjoy! We know a lot of the series films like the Chan's, and some of the early "The Saint" films, as well as "Sherlock Holmes" and "Bulldog Drummond" and "Philo Vance"...any other series mysteries from the 30's? Perhaps the "Nurse Keaton" series? How about non-series mystery films, films that just stand alone for you? I really did those fro
  9. TCM has shown quite a few of the Abbott and Costello flicks from time to time!!! I hope they will show more of them! I would also love to second the motion to see The Blondie series, as well as Jungle Jim flicks!!! Jungle Jim was on the schedule for a while (November) and then pulled due to some issue with the quality of the prints, I think...I hope they can get that cleared up and re-schedule them, would love to see those!!! Oh yeah, and it would totally rock if they would show the Charlie Chan series, woohoo! Hopefully both Warner Oland and Sydney Toler (they show a few films of the
  10. Those are all great choices, I tend to like prison films. Another great one is the 1930 THE BIG HOUSE! I like alot of the B flicks too, made by WB for the most part. EACH DAWN I DIE totally rocks the house! I did happen to like BRUTE FORCE too, very dark film. I also dug LADIES THEY TALK ABOUT, Stanwyck rocks! Even though it was like a women's club med! LOL I'll try to think of some others! Good topic!
  11. Wow, good one! Both actors made about the same # of films, over 70 each. Bogie probably made films that more folks remember today, such as CASABLANCA and THE MALTESE FALCON (1941 version), and even HIGH SIERRA is pretty well known, as is THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE, along with his collaborations with Lauren Bacall. I think he changed as an actor in the 40's when he finally hit his stride with the right scripts and directors; prior to that, his work was uneven, with some glimpses here and there such as in DEAD END, of what was to come. Raft is far less known today, but I personally li
  12. I agree with the comments here about the films being all over the place in terms of what they were about. It was a very eclectic year for films, and it seems that genres weren't really set in stone yet for the sound era, pretty cool to see such a mixed bag of stuff!!! Here's to hoping that TCM will show more films from this very cool year!
  13. ALIBI was on in the wee hours last night and I happened to wake up and watch most of it! Riveting performance by Chester Morris! Great to see it on here! I agree with another poster that we need to see more films from 1929---c'mon TCM how about it, dudes??!
  14. DINNER AT EIGHT and GRAND HOTEL are two of the most famous ones I know of, but there are soo many others! There are tons of great WB films for example that have tons of not only stars, but character actors, who are such fun to watch! I'm sure folks can think of tons more!
  15. Kyle, my man!!! KENTUCKY KERNELS is a hoot, but you HAVE to catch HIPS, HIPS HOORAY and CRACKED NUTS, if you have a chance!!! I totally dug that April month a couple years ago, I was totally grooving!!! Not only W+W, but they had the full array of Marx Bros, had tons of Laurel and Hardy, lots of early shorts, Abbott and Costello, just tons and tons of cool stuff!!! I think it was featured 3 nights per week in prime-time and man, I wish they'd do that again, it was a total hoot!!
  16. Hey Kyle, Yes, the 1929 SHOW BOAT is the hybrid, with Helen Morgan, and starring the lovely Laura LaPlante! If you haven't seen many 1929 films, then I say it's time for TCM to bring them out of the vault (the ones they can anyway)!!! Let's see more from this year!!! Glad to hear that you dug the W+W team in RIO RITA!! I totally love those two dudes!!!
  17. Wow, that's a great list of early musicals from 1929!!! I've had TCM since 02, and never seen any of them? I may have missed them, but they didn't even air that month a few years ago when they featured musicals all month. Man, let's ask if TCM will pull all of them out of mothballs!!! Personally, I'd love to see TCM feature a year each month, and either during the day or evening a couple times each week (maybe even 3 times), just show a marathon of films from that year! I think that would be GREAT and I'd love to see them start off with 1929!!! Thanks to everyone for the great posts h
  18. Oh yeah, RIO RITA rocks!!! I love Wheeler and Woolsey!!! Great choices everyone! How about Eddie G in THE HOLE IN THE WALL, that kind of rocked! I also really dug Hitch's early talkie/silent blend, BLACKMAIL! Any others out there?
  19. Awesome choices from this vintage year you guys!!! How about: THE HOLLYWOOD REVUE OF 1929 GLORIFYING THE AMERICAN GIRL Man, I love early talkies, they rock!!! More faves from this seminal year???
  20. Ok, THE BROADWAY MELODY was on this week and ALIBI is coming up!!! Those are two to start off with but I love lots more, but wanna see what you all think!!! Go for it!
  21. Without getting too far into the debate on this, I fully expect one day for there to be no source on cable (which is weird when you think of it and all those silly goofy channels on there) for classic films (or if you want to call them older films--pre-1970--that's fine too), or black and white films. So yeah, I record and archive mainly for that eventuality. I used to think, foolishly, that stations like TCM and AMC would always be around, after all, isn't that what cable is supposed to be for, to provide that diversity, I mean there is a "food" channel, for heaven's sakes! But after seein
  22. While I also think PATHS OF GLORY ranks up as one of the better anti-war films, I also love APOCALYPSE NOW, a very cool flick!
  23. Hey, thanks for coming in to tell us about some of the upcoming stuff on the TCM Underground!!! Appreciate that the staff do that, it's cool!!! And I'm soooo stoked that you are going to do some of that cool exploitation stuff from the 30's in May, can't wait!!! Yowza!!!
  24. I thought KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE, while not even close to as good as WHITE HEAT, was such a good flick though, and for me kind of a hidden treasure, I was really happy to discover this one and check it out! And Barton MacLane, wow! One of my all-time faves! Yes, he often played the heavy or a cop, and as mentioned, he was General Petersen on I DREAM OF JEANNE, which I loved, and thought he was the BEST General on that series, the funniest by far! One of my favorite roles of his was the recurring one in the series "Torchy Blane". I thought he and Glenda Farrell had great chemistry!
  25. This film is GREAT!!!! I love it, and yes, it's also one of my favorite of Edward G. Robinson's great work, he rocks though, and is probably my favorite actor . Yep, this film is very intense! I also love THE LITTLE GIANT and many others of his early to mid 30's work.
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