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  1. Everyone has made some really awesome suggestions here! I'd also love to see a host again for the double feature, maybe Kim?? I'd love for them to delve more into the Monogram stuff, the really obscure stuff from the 40's and the low-budget studio stuff from the 30's too. Love to see the exploitation flicks from the 30's and 40's get air time, like COCAINE FIENDS, SEX MADNESS, REEFER MADNESS, that type of stuff, and the lesser known of that type as well. Really bad low-budget sci-fi stuff from the 50's/60's (they've done some of that and it's been pretty cool). Mark
  2. Kim, yep, the Oscar's Month is not always all bad. A few years ago, it was the first time I ever saw the great THE GREEN GODDESS, with George Arliss, priceless stuff! And they even showed the Monogram fave, KING OF THE ZOMBIES, cos it was nominated for some best music award (say what???!!! LOL). You never know what gems are gonna be on, and last night was KILLER!!! And yeah, I have found some stuff from the 70's and 80's I either forgot I liked at the time, or discovered for the first time, like the great Burt Lancaster performance the other night in ATLANTIC CITY, I'd never seen that befo
  3. Just goes to show that February ain't all bad!!! Seriously this is a great film and what a CAST, whew!!!
  4. Sorry I don't know the answer to the restoration of the print, but wow, I was just going to post about this film!!! Now *this* is what TCM is all about to me!!! 1929, great film!!! I've seen it before, but it's SO great to see films like this, WINGS and SUNRISE in prime time on TCM!!! Way to go!
  5. I love the film GANDHI, and have admired him and Martin Luther King, Jr., all my life. This film though is amazing. I've seen it a million times and love that TCM is airing it. Kim, like you, I'm a B/W snob and mostly love films from pre-1970,but this one, and a few others, do seem to really draw my interest. Beautiful cinematography, amazing soundtrack by Ravi Shankar, incredible performance by Ben Kingsley (I still have a difficult time seeing him in other roles!), and just an amazing life being portrayed here. Great stuff! And I agree with one of the other posters, TCM is an American
  6. Right now, it seems that TCM has the license to most of the post-1950 Paramount library, which is why we're seeing more later films for a while. This is similar to their getting more access to the Columbia/Sony library last year, which I think they might still have, though not entirely sure. I agree that they have shown bits of the earlier Paramount and Universal films from time to time (they had the Marx Bros films and at times the horror stuff from Universal), but it would SO cool if they could get more full access as they have to those other two libraries. I understand that Universal
  7. TCMProgrammer: Thank you very much for your response!!! That's hopeful to know you are working on it! Please let us know as loyal viewers if there is anything we can do to help support that cause! Thanks! *keeping my fingers crossed!*
  8. Yep, Bendix definitely rocks!!! His body type and voice kind of typecast him, but he could do heavies and loveable oafs equally well, I thought he was cool!
  9. I've seen it several times, but always have to check out this prison film from 1930! It rocks!!!
  10. Those Universal vaults need to be pried open, for not only do they have all those early Universal films, but also most of the better of the Paramount library (it's ok that TCM has post-1950 Paramounts to air this year, but I'd rather have stuff before 1950!). Is there anything we can do to help encourage that? Surely they must see the profit angle to opening those vaults and getting exposure for DVD releases, as Columbia/Sony and Paramount are doing? Man, I'd love to see TCM get rights to those earlier Universals and Paramounts!
  11. Since I work so much when the best movies are on TCM, I rarely watch live. On the rare occasion when I can watch live (when they are doing Cagney in prime time,or the occasional cool Friday night or Saturday lineup in the early AM), I like to, it does bring with it a certain "feel", but I'm always recording, even then, even if I don't keep the film, because it does give me the option to watch in chase play, so that I can pause and stuff when I want to. Still cool though to have that shared experience, whenever possible, even if slightly delayed. I would suggest getting TIVO, or a DVR. Or
  12. What a very dark, pessimistic film, until the end, which seemed tacked on. I enjoyed this one though! Nice to see "The Mick" in darker films!
  13. Is TCM becoming less "Classic"? Posted: Jan 8, 2008 2:54 PM Is it my imagination or is Turner Classic Movies becoming less "Classic"? Yes. Maybe. Sometimes.
  14. Flight Angels rocks! I'm grooving on it right now!!! Looking forward to more of Jane Wyman's birthday films today too!
  15. I always found it interesting about the two men who are most closely associated with the "Man of Steel" on celluloid, having very similar names, and also tragic circumstances occur in their lives. I have them flip-flopped though and to me George Reeves is ALWAYS Superman! Christopher did a nice job in the film series, though, and gets an honorable mention. I actually also liked Kirk Alyn from the two serials in the late 40's. Talk about a physique, he definitely had that going on!
  16. I just wanted to thank everyone who responded with great info in this thread, for this was a question I've often had as well! Thank ya!!!
  17. Actually TCM airs quite a few PD flicks...though not as many as I'd like to see....but they do. They tend to like to air films that are in good shape, most of the time, and many PD films are not.
  18. That's cool. For those who dig that sort of thing. Doesn't mean we have to like it, but I can accept it as long as TCM continues to air cool stuff that is waaaaaay earlier than that. If I had my preference, they would show films from the 30's and 40's mostly...but I can dig the co-existence thing, though I'm NOT pleased with the Paramount deal they have going in 08. That looks bad, bad, bad, IMO. But hey, they start out with Jimmy the Cagney as SOTM in January, so I can't be beefing too much here. It's all good...keep the 30's stuff coming and I'm in bliss.
  19. I actually kind of agree with this, but I don't think that those films were "terrible" or "dreadful" just that they aren't nearly as good as most of his earlier films. I will counter by saying that THE PARADINE CASE, a 40's B/W film, kinda sucks IMO. And I'm also not a big fan of SUSPICION, and a few other 40's Hitch flicks. I dig his really early 30's films best, but I also think PSYCHO is one of his very best and that was 1960.
  20. I'm against it, period. Perversion of the original work of art. Are we painting moustaches on classic paintings? I'm more into B/W films anyway, why would I want to see a colorized version of one. Terrible idea.
  21. I finally had a chance to see it this past weekend, and WOW!!! What a great little flick!!! Awesome stuff, Lombard has NEVER looked sexier, and O'Brien was in good form. Great stuff!
  22. I grooved on this today!!! It also had an awesome supporting cast of character actors, starting with Allen Jenkins!! Hey,does anyone know if TCM retains the license to air Columbia films after Dec 31?? (calling Kyle) They seem to be showing clusters of rare ones now, hope it's not the end!
  23. That was kind of an uncalled for comment. Everyone has the right to speak their views, without being insulted. As for FOUL PLAY, I don't like seeing it on TCM, but it's easier to just go with the flow. TCM is airing TONS of great pre-codes this month and next...30's and 40's films....they tend to go more modern around holiday times.
  24. I'm in a world of bliss with all these cool pre-code and early 30's films!!! Woohooo!
  25. I love this film also!! I didn't get a chance to watch much yesterday, but I have it recorded multiple times and never tire of it. The prison scenes rock! And yep, Lyle Talbot is da man! He seems to show up everywhere in the 30's!
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