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  1. I think last year's NYE marathon was my fave, the Marx Bros! But I'll groove to Fred and Ginger, too. I think Hope/Crosby would make a nice choice, as well as Abbott and Costello. Lots of good possibilities!
  2. William carried most of the series, appearing in 4 of the 6 in the decade. I really liked his portrayal, but I agree with Bronxgirl in that I like Cortez as well, both of them I love in many things though, so I'm already "sold" on them, as it were. I would have loved to have seen Cortez in the final one: *THE CASE OF THE STUTTERING BISHOP* which had a nice mystery plot, and a great supporting cast, including Ann Dvorak as Della Street, and the wonderful Tom Kennedy as another of Mason's investigators, part-time, to help out Paul Drake. But, Donald Woods as Mason just didn't do it for me.
  3. I really loved the Perry Mason TV series. I'd only seen the first of the 30's "Perry Mason" movies LONG after Raymond Burr and company had won over my heart and soul! Basically though I see them as two *very* different animals. In the film series, Perry is more of one of many "detective" types that were prevalent in the 30's and early 40's in film series. They were usually light in tone and very much in the "mystery formula" that was prevalent at the time. The TV series was a bit more influenced by noir (as were many TV dramas of the 50's). Hey I love them both, but though they share t
  4. Raft is totally awesome, great to see a thread devoted to him!!! I tend to prefer his cop and gangster roles, very few tough guys could touch him, IMO. He's a guy that I can rationally understand isn't really that great an actor (such as Cagney and Robinson), but there is just something about him, he just seems to have "it"! Great screen presence, one of my all-time faves, I could watch his films anytime.
  5. I also love these promos, I think my fave is the one you mentioned with the Busby Berkeley style, I really dig that one!
  6. Grasshopper has learned never to try to snatch the pebble from Kyle's hand. Great info, Kyle, as always! I'm not a fan of films after 1970 airing on TCM, but we're a minority in our wishes, and I can live with the co-existence as long as the emphasis is older films, which it has consistently been. And to the person waiting for older films to show up on AMC? Ain't gonna happen. That channel went completely down the tubes sometime in 2002, I believe. Probably won't change back. TCM is da bomb, baby!
  7. To each their own, personally I've totally grooved on these days filled with series films! I would have liked to see more, frankly, and hope TCM will do this again sometime next year. I do like the "Maisie" films, though not quite as much as the mystery and detective series, but still they are fun. Oh, and definitely check out the "Perry Mason" films airing on Tuesday, they are ALL great, particularly the ones starring Warren William. This ain't your "Raymond Burr" TV series, baby! (though I did like that series too!)
  8. The 1930s baby!!! Can't get any better than that decade!!! But....the 1940s are VERY close behind, IMO. Trailing close, but not as close would be, in order for me: 1920's 1950's 1960's/1970's (virtual tie) Didn't like the 80's much, the 90's were a bit better with the advent of more indie films.
  9. I just LOVE this series! I think it's my fave of the 40's Columbia series films that TCM has been showcasing over the past year and this month once again. Warner Baxter is a 30's kinda dude past his prime (as many stars of these series are), but I love his style, he has such flair! And these films are very atmospheric and a tad more serious than most of the series (with occasional humor tossed in) with the exception of "The Whistler" series. What works well here is that there isn't a hardcore formula, and the only recurring character/actor is the lead, the others change with each film. I
  10. I can dig on what you're saying, but that is why VCR's and DVR's were created. Seriously, I watch most of TCM programming on delay in some way 98% of the time.
  11. Thanks for the great work, filmlover!!! You rock dude!!! I gotta go with kimpunkrocks on this one, I mean seriously, we aren't getting every single one of the series (in some cases), but man, where else are you going to get this kinda bliss? I mean seriously, I've been in series bliss and it's only the 9th!!! I'm totally groovin' on "The Crime Doctor" right now! The only HUGE disappointment for me I was reminded of with filmlover's post, is that the "Jungle Jim" films that were to air on Saturday mornings were pulled due to some kind of issue. I'm hoping *pleading* that these can be fi
  12. I *heart* Torchy Blane in Chinatown! Ok, it's not the best of the series, but as you keep bringing it up, I've been re-discovering it, and found it to be one of my faves!
  13. Hi Kim, I saw your promo clip yesterday for the first time, and it was totally awesome!!! I loved those clips from *IT ALL CAME TRUE*, fortunately I have that from the time TCM aired it, it's a very cool flick. I loved how you were so upfront about your love for classic film and the stars of that era, and how you said no comment when asked about a modern star (I think it was Ben Affleck)....way to go!!! Glad to see that TCM is honoring some of it's best fans, and realizing that there are LOTS of younger folks out there who enjoy the older movies! Rock on, Kim!
  14. I hear ya, Chip, I'm totally into Glenda Farrell also!!! I do happen to think that the "Torchy Blane" series is one of the best, it's one of the few, IMHO, that doesn't lose all that much steam after the first one or two entries in the series. I attribute that to the tremendous chemistry between Farrell and Barton MacLane (both of whom are always great no matter what!), and the additional comic relief of one Tom Kennedy. When they replaced the leads, it was still a cool B flick, but definitely lost it's "mojo". Glenda and Barton both rock!
  15. No worries, Kyle, my friend. I'd love to chill out and watch some old flix with ya one day! Take care!
  16. Yanno, I'm still looking for the Torchy Blane display too, haven't seen it! You had me going until you said that *PRETTY WOMAN* was a better film than *TORCHY RUNS FOR MAYOR* (actually that's not the best of the "Torchy series, but it's still pretty darn good fun!) But I gotta dig my heels in on that one, I'd take a Torchy film over that one any day of the week and twice on Sundays!
  17. Kyle, you're outta control man, chill dude! I was gonna write some stuff to contest "trend" and all that, but it's all cool, and not really worth it. I appreciate your knowledge and those here on the board. I just dig the channel and will continue the good fight for more *time* for my 30's and 40's flix.
  18. Kyle, you "da man!" Thanks for the background info, and now that you mentioned it, I do kind of recall that promo line (though I, unfortunately, did not have TCM on my cable service until 2001). Fact is, TCM is doing it, whether some of us dig it or not, so I can live with it, as long as they never forget their roots, *and* give appropriate enough time to show "older" films (note, I didn't use the word "classic", because many of the older films that TCM airs that are "B" and from smaller studios would likely not be considered "classic" by most folks). Also seems that the folks most
  19. Chip, I'll give you some props, man, thanks for posting what probably some people feel. However, having said that, it's a fact that TCM will continue to play more modern films along with the tried and true "classics". And I'll agree, we can can wrangle over what "classic" means. Some people feel it means a film based on certain criteria, though I've yet to see how anyone can agree on such criteria. Some people view "classic" as from the studio era. Some people view it as simply older than a certain chronological date. TCM, to me, has always played both sides of the fence on thi
  20. You'll get no argument from me, both *THE NARROW MARGIN* and *DETOUR* are amazing films, and two of my all-time favorite noir's. So I can't complain and I'll be there watching them for sure. But, when's the last time anyone has seen a "Jungle Jim" flick? I'm still hoping that TCM can get the issues resolved and at least show a few of these films in the future. *hopes*
  21. I'm kinda neutral on the guest programmer thing for an entire month, but if my buddy Kyle is gonzo over it, I'll have to conjure up some enthusiasm for it, cuz he's a good guy! Actually, I'm kinda ok with it, actually...I don't care who they are, if they are on Turner Classic Movies channel and picking out classic films they like (notice most are older too!), then I'm cool with it. Naturally there are gonna be mainstream classic choices, but hey, it's cool. And sometimes their comments are interesting, even if they are just gushing about something that I might like also. I'm not jumping u
  22. Welcome to the board!!! Always a pleasure to meet classic film lovers!
  23. I haven't seen it yet, but I have it recorded. Like Fred, I have a *HUGE* backlog of films to watch, I need a month off from work in order to catch up, but I watch what I can when I can! If it has Laura LaPlante, I'm there!
  24. I think it would be difficult to narrow it down to just one, but I'll try. I was introduced to the joys of classic film at a very young age, while enjoying horror and sci-fi films (I still like those genres, but have expanded since then, obviously). Plus "The Three Stooges", which while not features, were certainly classic "short films". Those combined with horror films were the way I got into it, and my first "adult" expansion was with Bogie in *THE MALTESE FALCON* and *HIGH SIERRA*, not a bad way to further one's intro, eh? I'd probably pinpoint my first real fascination with classi
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