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  1. I totally love *MEET JOHN DOE*!!! Powerful film, and one of my favorite Captra and Coop flicks, for sure. In fact, my two favorite Coop films are the two he did for Capra.
  2. Thanks, I'm totally grooving right now on these "Lone Wolf" films. I've seen them all before, but they are SUCH fun! Great way to spend Saturday mornings!
  3. Yep, they must (and should) show silents during the week too, and bless them for it! More silents, more early 30's and early talkies, and I'm groovin'!!! Hey TCM is showing a mess of 50's, 60's, 70's and later films these days, you should be groovin', man. I'll take what I can get, but want more. Tonight is awesome and much of the programming later this month, November, and December (especially) is outtasight!!!
  4. Thanks for letting us know about this, TCMP! But question: if it's a "TCM-produced documentary", howcum it can't be aired on TCM? I don't follow that. Also, if there are rights issues that prevented said airing, any chance it can be resolved for a future airing???
  5. Basil and Nigel are the only true Sherlock and Doc Watson, IMHO. I totally love this film series, even when it went pretty much B at Universal, particularly during WWII. Didn't mind it a bit, still thought it was totally cool!
  6. I was totally digging on this film, I've seen it before, but try to catch it whenever it's on. I mean, Brenda Marshall, what's not to like?? I also totally dig Allen Jenkins, and what a supporting cast---William Frawley, Alan Hale, Ralph Bellamy, Lee Patrick, the list goes on and on! Turhan Bey was appropriately freaky and mysterious. And I totally crack up every time I see that scene where they think that Grant Mitchell is having some salacious affair!!! All in all, this is a nice mix of mystery and comedy, and done rather well!
  7. I am very interested, but you know, I know very little about him. I would totally dig it if TCM would feature him on an evening the way they sometimes do with forgotten stars of the early days of hollywood. TCMProgrammer, any chance?
  8. I dig both Universals and RKO Lewton horror flicks. They are different in style, and for the 40's I think Lewton's films are a bit more intriguing than the Universal films from the same era, though the Universals are more fun! The Universals of the 30's, particularly early 30's, are masterpieces---THE MUMMY, DRACULA, THE OLD DARK HOUSE, the Frankenstein films, and so on. I still believe that THE BLACK CAT is the best horror film ever made, period. I loved those films as a kid and love them even more as an adult. Just more to appreciate all-around!
  9. Hi Frank---that's an awesome list, man, here's mine, in more or less order: The Seventh Victim The Leopard Man I Walked With A Zombie Isle of the Dead Bedlam The Ghost Ship Cat People The Curse of the Cat People The Body Snatcher For some reason, I really don't like *The Body Snatcher* that much. I know I'm kind of in a minority on that one.
  10. Woooohooooo, Mary Beth Hughes!!!!! Va-va-va-vooom!!!! Yeah, Frank, I dig film noir. I actually love lots of things, and groove on diversity, just not at the *expense* of a solid showing of 30's films (particularly early 30's) each month. I used to totally love Darkness After Dawn. I kinda miss it, but TCM shows enough noir throughout each week to keep me pretty happy on that score. Would be nice if they'd pick up a few new ones to add to the films that they've shown for the past couple of years, but who's to complain, they're all fun to watch!
  11. This is why they make VCR's and DVR's. I actually woke up insanely early (2am is when the TCM "day" starts for me here) and caught *THE ASPHALT JUNGLE* and then parts of the others that followed while I fell in and out of sleep until work. Watching some of them tonight. I've seen them all before, natch, but having a nice Monday night enjoying some tough guys and dames. Love it! Now if they'd only do something similar over the holidays, I'd be groovin' hard!
  12. I don't think I've ever seen *HOLD THAT GHOST*, so I'd be digging on that. I have seen the other two, the Hyde film with A&C never seemed as good as most of their other horror spoofs to me. I thought their team-up with Karloff in *A&C MEET BORIS KARLOFF, THE KILLER* was way better.
  13. I love Whale too, but didn't think he was included as he wasn't in your original post, Kyle I love *BRIDE* and it certainly is one of the better sequels in film history, but I tend to like the original a bit better. It totally rocks!!!
  14. I agree with Fred, Warren William totally rocks out in those Perry Mason flicks!!! I think the further away from the pre-code era, the less cool WW is, but he still is very groovy in these "Lone Wolf" flicks. They are about on par with the "Boston ****" flicks, but honestly, despite the heavy hitters female co-stars in THE LONE WOLF SPY HUNT, the series really starts to hit its stride when Eric Blore joins the cast as Williams' "man friday". The series actually gets a bit better as it goes, though the idiocy of the police is always a mixture of frenetic comic lunacy and redundancy. Ever not
  15. Great question, but I dig on all 4 of them lots! However, though I give some props to Corman and Castle, I gotta go with my main man Tod Browning as the best of these 4, with Jacques Tourneur a close, but definite second.
  16. Nice mini-review on this one, Ed, and I agree, I love this film for all the reasons you mentioned. One of the best (of many it seems) of the "lost generation" films, definitely.
  17. Great question! I'm a collector, but I'm a poor collector, so most of my collection is TCM stuff that I record and keep. But I still get excited when stuff is on TV, because....I think it's the "common experience" thing. Even if I'm watching it delayed, which is usual, the fact that it was on today sometime, or yesterday, is still cool. But even cooler is when I can watch awesome stuff like last Friday and Saturday evenings, *live* on TCM! That was soooo awesome! I even get up early on Saturdays to watch the Boston **** flicks (and the other series before that, "The Crime Doctor", etc) l
  18. I am TOTALLY rockin' and rollin' and groovin' to the December Schedule!!!! Thank you, TCM Programmer, tons of pre-codes, and 30's films! I like the mix. I have nothing against films from later years, I just like the mix. December has that more than recently, over the span of decades. Man, I loaded it up this morning and I was like jumping up and down, literally! Most of the early 30's films I've seen before, but hey, it's all good, and there are some I've NOT seen before! Yowza and Wowza!!!!
  19. Awesome dude! I didn't know you wrote for them, checked that site out tonight, very cool! So sad that these great stars are virtually forgotten now, with most of their films lost forever. Kind of like the "other" William Holden, sort of.
  20. Nice story, Cynthia! Thanks for sharing that! Good to know he's a nice guy off the camera.
  21. I'm totally grooving on Fay Wray's night on TCM!!!! Woohooo!!!! Finally some early 30's films, and in prime-time, too!!! Awesome lineup! I also would have loved to have met her, what a great woman! Hot too! Some other cool flicks she was in that I've seen: *THE FINGER POINTS (1931)* *THE LAWYER'S SECRET (1931)* *VAMPIRE BAT(1933)* *BELOW THE SEA (1933)* *THE BOWERY(1933)* *THE CLAIRVOYANT(1934)* *VIVA VILLA(1934)* *THE RICHEST GIRL IN THE WORLD(1934)* *WOMAN IN THE DARK(1934)* Just a samplin'!
  22. I just watched the "Boston ****" 2-fer this morning on TCM!! These lil B knock-off's are so cool!!
  23. Bronxgirl48 wrote: While I have you, could you maybe repeat KILLER'S KISS? TCMProgrammer is already on that for ya---it's on Sat, Nov 10 @ 10am EST! Dig it.
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