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  1. I haven't finished watching yet, but watching now, after an hellacious week of work, nice to come home to a film just starting: *THE CAT BURGLAR* (1961)---very cool B film with beatnik jazzy soundtrack, campy, hilarious! Loving it here!
  2. Hi TCMProgrammer---thank you so much for taking the time to reply and investigate these questions for us, that is so cool to have a station have someone who comes in and checks in and is responsive---thank you!!! I hope you can sort it out and get those Jungle Jim films. Unfortunately I didn't have AMC when it was cool, so I missed out on all that cool stuff. Also---while I can't totally complain that the slots that the JJ films were slated for were filled by a noir film double feature, they are all films that have been on a zillion times, nothing new. Any chance (though it might be
  3. Dagnab it! Any chance of getting those Jungle Jim flicks sometime in the future??? *hopes* Oh and thanks for letting us know these things, TCMProgrammer. It's cool that someone actually cares enough to come on and give us some answers to stuff.
  4. I'm so sad to have heard this. Sorry to see you go, Jane. Hope you RIP. You were in so many great films, I'll never forget the wonderful *LARCENY, INC*
  5. Mainly the missing "Jungle Jim" films is upsetting me! Howcum??? Man, this kinda sucks. I was really looking forward to those!
  6. Hey Kyle, I knew you'd be on it, my man! Saw TCM Programmer's apology. I'm not mad or anything, it's just a bummer. Hopefully they can re-try it later.
  7. The beginning to Mannix was the best part. Hey, how could I have forgotten that this film had DeForest "Bones McCoy" Kelly in it as well??!!!
  8. That one is awesome (*ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES*) for sure! Another awesome film is *THE ROARING TWENTIES*. Also dig on *G-MEN* Jimmy just made tons of gems!
  9. It does help, thank you very much!!! They are all there now. Wow, I was like freakin'! Thanks folks! Maybe this will be helpful for other folks too, who might experience something similar.
  10. LOL, good one, Fred!!!! I can hear the theme song now---dooo dooo dooo dooo. Rod Serling, cigarette dangling from his fingers, off camera, the perpetual observer. Real TZ stuff! Yeah, they are re-appearing. They were there, and then gone, then some back, now seems most are back. I'm trippin' man.
  11. Well, most (though not all) have suddenly reappeared. The board is wacky man.
  12. Just one question: why? They were all on-topic, all civil and respectful (my posts are never anything but that). What the heck??
  13. Yes, I'm durn lucky! And I agree---I thought "Mannix" when I saw Mike Connors, as well. PM if ya want to be able to enjoy same.
  14. Hi Angie, Kyle always posts GREAT info! One minor addition: The last half of Sydney Toler's run as Chan was produced at Monogram Studios, and TCM does seem to be able to air those occasionally, they pop up once in a great while. It's too bad they can't get the whole lot (I think that Toler made 11 or so films for Monogram after Fox dumped the series). A 3rd actor (Roland Winters) played the famous detective as well, continuing the series for about 6 flicks after Toler passed away. The box sets are cool but very expensive, making Chan fans pay for our guilty pleasures, I g
  15. Hi! I didn't watch it, but did record it for sometime when I'm in the mood..what a cast!!! Man!
  16. I may have missed a post or alert about this, but does anyone know what happened to *LADY WINDERMERE'S FAN* that was supposed to air last night (Saturday)?? And also if there are plans to add it to the schedule again sometime in the future, hopefully. I was looking forward to it, and then realized that it was replaced. Thanks in advance for any light sheddin'!
  17. Not too into what TCM is airing today, and watched football this morning (yep, I'm a fan), but now watching a very cool B-ish noir film, STRANGE IMPERSONATION, with **** Brenda Marshall, William Gargan, and a cool supporting cast. Very interesting flick! Last night I watched a B version of "Mike Hammer", MY GUN IS QUICK, the quality of my print kinda sucked, but I hung in there as the story was pretty cool. Off-putting soundtrack, but other than that, very hard-boiled. This Hammer was much different from the one in KISS ME DEADLY, moral vs. amoral. I also watched (thanks to FCM!), THE
  18. I believe that one is LADY KILLER, if so, it's one of my faves also! Love ALL those early 30's Cagney films the best, but he's always good!
  19. Totally LOVE Jimmy Cagney! He could do other things, but I tend to love the gangster/crime and also those early 30's films where he always plays a street-wise fast-talking dude, not always a gangster. What a joy to watch in films like JIMMY THE GENT, BLONDE CRAZY, and the like. Defnitely up there in my top 5 actors of all time!
  20. Chip, thanks for the insight on FMC. Like I said earlier, I've only had a couple, three months now, and I was dancing in the streets for a while, but now I'm mostly bored by the repetitive schedule. Having said that, I grooved on watching BLOOD MONEY (1933) this morning! So there is the occasional treat, and your post gives me hope that they'll rotate out the short list of classic (30's/40's) films that they air currently. Cool, thanks!
  21. I just obtained a copy myself, and hope to watch it soon, I'm pretty excited about it, because I thought it was impossible to get. I'm stoked! I'll post more when I've have an opportunity to sit down and watch it.
  22. I'm SO digging on these Boston **** films that are being aired in double feature mode every Saturday morning (they started end of July, and picking up again now in Sept after the SUTS ended). They are SO cool! Chester Morris rocks! They are kinda like watching 50's TV, in a way, it's the 40's version of that, where the characters are played by the same actors every film, and the formula is in effect, but it's all good. Enjoying it immensely! Lone Wolf is up next, and then Jungle Jim! Wooohooo!!!
  23. Yancy, I agree, my man--Capra rocks! I also loved WASHINGTON-MERRY-G0-ROUND, and yep, it did remind me of Capra. But hey, I enjoyed it, it's all good. AMERICAN MADNESS was also a great flick!
  24. Hey, that rocks the house, man! Groovy! Now, my only question about the online schedules---why do you (not you, patful, but the PTB at the TCM crib) remove certain films from the listing? I mean, I print my schedules months in advance, but when it's actually the month, certain films don't appear on the schedule any longer, even if they actually aired. What's up with dat? Check out the current month and see what I mean.
  25. I do dig your wacky comments, and thanks for posting all this. I don't mean to rain on your parade or anything, but here's my deal: my cable company finally (after years of prodding them) added FMC to their lineup this summer. I was psyched and stoked, for the first month or so. But I soon found that they only show a narrow window of classic (read: older) films each day, which is ok, except that they repeat like maniacs. I have already seen nearly all the films on your list, and I've only had FMC for about 2.5 months. Sheesh, yanno. So yeah, they ain't no TCM, but if you want a diver
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