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  1. "I'm still gonna prod and provoke (snip) my good bud Kyle ..." - markbeckuaf "Moo!" Kyle (in the corral) in Hollywood Glad ya took it in the spirit it was intended! Take it ez, bud, and keep on keepin' on!
  2. Right, you're not crazy. I've only had TCM since 2001, and it's obvious to me that there are fewer and fewer films on the schedule from 1929-1935-6. I'm on a bit of a mini-crusade about it, so join me, my friends! TCM Programmer insists it's not intentional to reduce amount of early 30's films, but we'll see. I'm dying to see what lay in store for us in December's schedule. Having said that, I'll represent where I can (I would be posting more but the durn posting issues are making it frustrating, I see that those are being addressed and hopefully will be fixed soon). I gotta give som
  3. Thank goodness for long weekends!!! Yay! I've been a watching fool!! Been watching lots of pre-codes! THE KID FROM SPAIN (1932), great little musical comedy with Eddie Cantor and Robert Young, and tons of great looking dames in scantily clad outfits (yowza for da pre-code era!!)--this was the only one of the pre-codes that was on TCM. THE BITTER TEA OF GENERAL YEN (1933) Very different offering from director Frank Capra, psychological drama, with Barbara Stanwyck and Nils Asther. BROADWAY BILL (1934) Another Capra film, this one a bit more like his usual stuff, it was funny, and ma
  4. I loved watching this pre-code musical comedy starring Eddie Cantor and Robert Young--hot stuff!!! Thanks for airing this one TCM!!! You guys rock when you show flicks like these!!! The babes are righteous in their dance numbers, one at the beginning (woah!!!) and one near the end, and Cantor is in fine form! Way to go, TCM!!
  5. I tend to think of "classic" as more of an era than a quality. That is why I agree with another poster when they mentioned that they prefer the term "older films", because I totally love B films, films from poverty row studios, and the so-called lesser (read: low budget) flicks from the major studios. As well as the more mainstream classics from that era. I tend to like the silent era through the early 70's the best. I do love films from all eras, but as I get older, it seems I'm more interested in watching older films more and more, and nearly exclusively lately. I just enjoy black and w
  6. I dug this flick too. I saw it a few months ago when TCM aired it, and it was a mindless blast! Enjoyed it!
  7. While I can see why some folks wanted an "ignore" feature, I think it's the sign of poorly run board. A well run board has rules, and those rules are enforced by a moderator or group of moderators. Break the rules, get a warning. Break them again, maybe a second warning. Break them repeatedly, you're gone. Having an ignore feature is sloppy and lazy. Plus why does it feature so prominently under each user name in the thread? That's really a bad idea, it just encourages using "ignore" when it would be much more challenging and interesting to actually reply to someone. It seems lik
  8. I totally dig on the PD Alpha flicks, I have tons!!! Also Mill Creek Entertainment collects a bunch of PD films in 50 and 100 film collections that are a steal for the money, tons of old noir, mystery, suspense, B, comedy and other genres! Yeah, Alpha rocks da house!
  9. TBS and some other channels used to be very cool back in the day. In fact, TBS used to kind of be like old UHF channels with a diversity of programming. Nowadays most cable is homogeneous, and boring, with the exception of TCM and a very few other things, but very few, and even when interesting nowhere near as diverse and interesting as back in the day. I recall this one time when TBS was going to run a weekend marathon of Godzilla films (remember when alot of cable channels used to do stuff like that? You could see holiday marathons, weekend marathons, etc, of classic movies, cheesy mo
  10. This is a very tough call for me, because you've pitted two of my favourite films and two of my favourite pairs of film actors, from two of my favourite genres. What to do, what to do. Can't do it. For a gangster/crime film, KEY LARGO is one of the all-time best, and Robinson is incredible in it, and Bogie is quite good as well. THE BLACK CAT---probably my favourite horror film, Edgar G. Ulmer's best, showing what he could do with an actual budget, and Bela and Boris, amazing---great soundtrack, atmosphere, set design---just incredible stuff, and the only film that paired the two horror le
  11. I am going to totally groove on Broderick Crawford today!!! I just got back from work and now I'm settling in to my DVR, and man what a lineup!!!! I'm in seventh heaven! Digging on all th efilms you mentioned, plus I do like him in BORN YESTERDAY, that will be so much fun to watch again, and a few films I've never seen before: THE MOB, CONVICTED and SCANDAL SHEET. Rock out,man! You got that right: Broderick Crawford is kickin' butt and takin' no prisoners!!
  12. I can't say I'm a fan of Esther Williams films generally. Hey, if you dig them, more power to ya, and they have a nice place on TCM, no worries. Those types of films just aren't my style I guess, but I'll tell ya what: I totally LOVE the trailers and previews of her films, cuz she was a ****, man! And in those swimsuits?? Ooo la la!
  13. Oh yeah, I had Reagan's day pegged way back when the schedule first came out. As I mentioned a few times, it's the closest TCM got this month to the traditional WB late 30's films I love a lot, those crime, social, B-programmer types. A few of those on Friday for sure! And some of Reagan's other films were actually quite good too. Glad you're checking up on me, Kyle, I do go into 30's withdrawals, yanno. But yanno, now I'm going into pre-1935 film withdrawals, you know the kind. Are ya listening, TCM programmer???
  14. While I don't really see these as TCM type stuff (though I guess they could be), for the most part, I do think they could air quite nicely the first GODZILLA flick from 54. Yeah, we get the messed up version, but I like that version, with Raymond "Perry Mason" Burr. I do dig the 60's Godzilla flicks though, they are so cheesy, have GREAT soundtracks, and are so bad they are quite entertaining! Turner loved these too, they'd show up all the time on TBS and TNT, but those were the good ol' days of cable.
  15. Great little B WB film, just the kind of stuff I totally dig on! And CODE OF THE SECRET SERVICE (1939) is on tap! I grooved on Reagan's day, still lots to watch. Yeah, I've seen these before, but they're damn good! HELL'S KITCHEN ('39) is kinda rockin' too. In between working---bah--this weekend, I'll be watching these WB gems!
  16. I'm not a big fan of the splashy MGM musicals either, but ironically enough,most of Ann Miller's day was filled with B musical/comedies from RKO. Not all, but most. And I kinda dug on those, they were fun, haven't seen all of them yet, but what I watched was a hoot!
  17. Regarding the possibility of a remake of this immortal sci-fi classic: In the words of Nancy Reagan: Just say no!
  18. I'm watching NEW FACES OF 1937 now, and JAM SESSION earlier when I first got home from work. I'll take one of these little B's than a splashy colourful MGM any day of the week, even on Sundays! They're good stuff, man!
  19. I'd groove on that, but unfortunately won't be able to get the day off. Too bad it's not on a weekend. Hope the idea flies though, I'd be into doing that for other films too!
  20. As the person who started this thread, I didn't intend it to be one of the several "TCM is doomed" ones...I just noticed the change (doing away with 3 weekly genre slots), and thought it would be nice to see if other folks feel as I do, and would like to see these return. I know TCM shows these genres all the time, throughout their schedule, as they always have, but I thought it was nice for fans of these genres to be able to count on their weekly fix at a particular time. I don't in any way feel that "TCM is doomed". I like some of the changes, I don't like others, but hey...we're sti
  21. Hi, I notice that beginning in October, and continuing through December, that the following genre theme series are gone from the schedule: "Darkness After Dawn"--film noir "Cowboy Cinema"--Westerns "Syncopation Station"--Musicals While certainly all of those genres show up all the time on TCM throughout the regular schedule, it was so nice for genre fans to be able to count on a weekly fix at a certain time each week. Won't you please reconsider bringing all three of these back, and in particular, for me, the film noir showcase, "Darkness After Dawn", which is my favourite of the 3.
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