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  1. TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Week of Mon, Dec 9-Sun, Dec 15!! Hope all my TCM cats and kittens are having an awesome week, and hope you are grooving hard to your favorite TCM flix!!! First, I'd love to do a shout out to the PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC flick that is on the telly as I'm typing this out! What a masterpiece of incredible mastery that flick is on so many levels!!! Carl Theodor Dreyer, man, that cat had it going on!! And the grooves don't let up at 6am on Monday morning with a block of Margaret Hamilton flix, and we kick off with a pre-code, ANOTHER LANGUAGE (1933), with Hele
  2. Wow!!! That looks like one of the hottest months on TCM in a while!!! Rockin'!!!!! Just a quick glance and I'm already groovin' and movin'!!!
  3. Ohhhh, I totally dig on the Rathbone/Bruce Holmes series!!! Tough to choose a fave. The first two were bigger budget flix done with Fox, and then when the series move to Universal it took on some different qualities, but still I dug 'em all! They are the bomb-diggy!!!
  4. WOW!!! I mentioned this in my weekly grooves, but it deserves some special attention cos it's SO darn awesome!!! Wow, what a lineup TCM has in store for us tomorrow, Tuesday!!! Gangster flix, I could watch every day, they are SO coolio!!! Eddie G, Jimmy and Bogie are prominently featured as well as a host of colorful character actors--lots of mugs and dames! This is the BOMB-diggy!!! Thank you, TCM!!! Here's the outasite groovalicious lineup: 6:00 AM *Black Hand* (1950) In turn-of-the-century New York, an Italian seeks vengeance on the mobsters who killed his father. Dir: Ri
  5. Haha! I love it!!! Like comfort food! The ubiquitous Ward Bond!!! Dig it, baby! He's awesome!!
  6. Rock out, Miss Wonderly!!! Hope you totally groove it to Fred's month!!! Though I will have to admit being just a bit scared when I saw the title of this thread and thought something had happened to our very own Fred C Dobbs!!! Glad to know it was not and was about that bust a move guru, Astaire, baby!!
  7. TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Mon, Dec 2-Sun, Dec 8!! Hope those who celebrate Thanksgiving had an awesome holiday!! I took this past week off myself, but back in the saddle again for the coming week's lineup of TCM grooves!! First, a shout out for tonight's noir flick starring John Payne and Ellen Drew, THE CROOKED WAy (1949), rarely aired, gotta check this one at 10pm EST, and this is followed by this week's Silent Sunday feature, CAPTAIN SALVATION (1927) with Lars Hanson!! And then...wow!!! The grooves hit hard and heavy right off the bat this week, cats and kittens, on Monday
  8. Totally dig on Edward Arnold! So glad that two of his fine roles were featured last night!!! I dig on JOHNNy APOLLO massively!!!
  9. Absolutely, gagman, great call on the shout out for tonight!!! Totally cool, and awesome photos too, thank you!!
  10. Andy and Mrroberts, both flix were awesome to see!!! Both rocked it!
  11. TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Mon, Nov 18-Sun, Nov 24!! Well, I have the month right this time anyway!!! I hope folks here have been grooving hard to some awesome coolio flix that TCM provides for us to chill and groove to!! My friend, Sans Fin, said she's gonna be looking forward to this week, which makes it even better knowing this!!! Hope ya groove hard, SansFin!! Let the grooves begin, and hard, right off the bat on Monday morning, with a 6am screening of the silent SHOW PEOPLE (1928) with Marion Davies and William Haines!!! Awesome flick!!! And it's followed by the hard-hitting
  12. Mrroberts, yikes to the yikes!!! Thanks for the "heads up"!!!! Edited, I think! Woah!
  13. TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Tues, Nov 12-Sun, Nov 17!!! Sorry missed Monday this week! Busy, busy, but hope that all my TCM board brothers and sisters are jamming and rocking hard to some groovy TCM flix!!! Today is Robert Ryan noir day, so groove it hard! Tuesday, Nov 12 hits it and hits it hard with a Busby Berkeley all day tribute @ 6:45am and Joe E Brown, Ann Dvorak and Patricia Ellis mixing it up in BRIGHT LIGHTS from 1935!! Then it's Guy Kibbee, Dolores Del Rio, my main man Allen Jenkins, and Everett Marshall in I LOVE FOR LOVE, also from 1935!! Dolores Del Rio returns, alo
  14. Thank you for your thoughts about the week, Sans Fin!!! I hope you are grooving this morning!!!
  15. Totally grooving watching THE FRONT PAGE!!! Print a bit rough, but it's public domain, great stuff all around!!! Different feel from HIS GIRL FRIDAy, the remake, but all over it's awesome!!! Up next: My main man Warren William in one of his best and a rarely screened flick, THE MATCH KING from 1932!!! Gotta check it out if you are around! And coming up soon is OIL FOR THE LAMPS OF CHINA, which is a Pat O'Brien flick I've not seen before, from 1935!! Great groovy stuff this morning on TCM!!! I'm home sick, and digging it even through the haze! Anyone else digging???
  16. TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Wed, Nov 6 through Sun, Nov 10!!! Sorry for the abbreviated week of grooves for me this time around, but my grooves for the week really start on Wednesday (plus busy, busy!)!!! Feel free to add your groovalicious flix to the thread, and share what moves and grooves you when it comes to TCM and the classic flix they air for our enjoyment and viewing pleasure! Joel McCrea fans are going to be dancing in the streets this Wednesday with a nearly full daytime slate of his flix, and my total grooves are the first two, which are pre-code gems!!! At 9:30am, it's
  17. Fred, I agree!! This flick rocks and I never tire of watching it!
  18. Sans Fin, I'm so glad you enjoy this flick!!! Heuriger, sorry that it didn't appeal to you. I dig it vastly, so I am totally on board with the flick! Sans Fin, hope you had a chance to watch it Sat morning!
  19. OMG, that has to be the most intense scene EVER!!! Love it!!
  20. THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN THE MUMMy THE CAT PEOPLE WHITE ZOMBIE Wowza!!! Horror and classic movie fans rejoice and dance in the streets, TCM is groovin' it tonight!!! Who's in for a fright fest of classic proportions??? I'm totally grooving hard!!! Boris, Bela and Val Lewton, it's rockin'!!! Thank you, TCM!!
  21. Sans Fin, thank you so much for your gracious words!!! And thank you for sharing your own grooves as well!! Always love to hear of them!
  22. Sewannie, so glad to hear you'll be grooving to some flix this week!! Enjoy!!
  23. Hope other early birds might be out there getting ready to groove hard to this morning's rockin' mystery flick, THE DEATH KISS, from 1933, and featuring much of the cast from the 1931 DRACULA, including Edward Van Sloan, David Manners, and Bela Lugosi his own bad self!! This is a very cool low-budget suspense flick, and one not to be missed!!! Please let us know if you dig on it, like me!!
  24. Hi Calvin!!! Thanks for your kind words, and glad to hear from you as well!!! Glad also to hear you were grooving to THE WALKING DEAD on TCM last night!!
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