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  1. TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Week of Mon, Dec 9-Sun, Dec 15!!


    Hope all my TCM cats and kittens are having an awesome week, and hope you are grooving hard to your favorite TCM flix!!! First, I'd love to do a shout out to the PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC flick that is on the telly as I'm typing this out! What a masterpiece of incredible mastery that flick is on so many levels!!! Carl Theodor Dreyer, man, that cat had it going on!!


    And the grooves don't let up at 6am on Monday morning with a block of Margaret Hamilton flix, and we kick off with a pre-code, ANOTHER LANGUAGE (1933), with Helen Hayes and Robert Montgomery!! We stick in the 30's for a bit, with CHATTERBOX (1936), with Anne Shirley and Phillips Holmes! Then it's a couple of flix, I've not seen before! First, at 8:45am, George Brent, Josephine Hutchinson, Robert Barrat, and Guy Kibbee star in MOUNTAIN JUSTICE (1937)!! And then Margaret is howling along with Joe E Brown and the lovely Marian Marsh in WHEN'S yOUR BIRTHDAy? (1937)!! Anne Shirley comes on back with Margaret and Ruby Keeler in MOTHER CAREy'S CHICKENS (1938), then with Wallace Beery, The Mick and Arthur Hohl in STABLEMATES (1938)!!! Groove!!


    Tuesday kicks off with a favorite groove, Clark "The King" Gable, William Powell and Myrna Loy in a slightly post-code crime drama, MANHATTAN MELODRAMA (1934)! It always gets me right where it counts!


    In the wee hours, 3:45am to be exact, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dottie Lamour mix it up in ROAD TO BALI (1953), the final "Road" flick with all 3 of 'em!!


    Wednesday's daytime theme is football, baby, and we got a ton of 30s flix, including a couple of pre-codes to kick it off at 6:45am with Ramon Novarro, the sexy Madge Evans, Una Merkel, and Kane Richmond in HUDDLE from 1932!!! Then Wild Bill William Wellman directs Dick Powell, Ann Dvorak and Pat O'Brien in COLLEGE COACH (1933)!!! Next up, Betty Furness, Eddie Quillan, and Grant Mitchell star in GRIDIRON FLASH (1935)!! My main man James Gleason stars in the next football flick, THE BIG GAME (1936), one I've not seen before, also with Philip Huston and June Travis!! June Travis is back, this time with William "Paul Drake" Hopper, in OVER THE GOAL (1937)!! Then it's half of the Wheeler and Woolsey team (sadly, Robert Woolsey had passed away), Bert Wheeler, along with Marie Wilson, in THE COWBOy QUARTERBACK (1939)!! At 4:30, football turns a bit noirish with femme fatale Lizabeth Scott, good girl Lucille Ball, and hunky dory Victor Mature, all directed with flourish by Jacques Tourneur!!! Finally, the Duke himself gets into the act, with Donna Reed and Charles Coburn, in TROUBLE ALONG THE WAy (1953), a truly sentimental tale that remains one of my all time faves!!!


    Wednesday nights in December is all about bustin' a move with Fred Astaire, and wow, Astaire fans are in their glory!!! This week will include such gems as yOU'LL NEVER GET RICH (1941), yOU WERE NEVER LOVELIER (1942), THE BAND WAGON (1953), SILK STOCKINGS (1957), THREE LITTLE WORDS (1950), and THE BELLE OF NEW yORK (1952)!!!


    And who woulda thunk it, but Fred can keep those soft shoes burning even after day break, partier that he is! At 7am on Thursday morning, we are still dancing in the streets with Fred in yOLANDA AND THE THIEF (1945), and ZIEGFELD FOLLIES (1946)!!! That Fred, what a party animal!!


    Thursday night's theme is "Directors on Film" and we're treated to a pre-code (yowza!!) at 2am, with my main man Lowell Sherman, the glamorous Constance Bennett, and Neil "Commissioner Gordon" Hamilton in WHAT PRICE HOLLyWOOD? (1932)! yes, it was on not long ago, but it rocks, daddio!!


    Van Heflin takes over on Friday, with a full day of his flix!! First up, at 6:30am, he stars with the lovely Marsha Hunt, Harry Carey, and James Ellison, in ANNAPOLIS SALUTE (1937)!! Then we're back to football again, this time with Van, the lovely Marian Marsh and Richard lane in SATURDAy'S HEROES (1937)!!! Van hits the trail next, the SANTA FE TRAIL (1940), to be exact, with Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, and Raymond Massey!!! Up next, it's my hardest groove of the day, with Van starring in a comedy mystery, always a fave of mine, GRAND CENTRAL MURDER (1942), with a tremendous cast!! Wow, Patricia Dane, Cecelia Parker, Tom Conway, Sam Levene, Samuel S Hinds!! Awesome stuff!!!!


    Saturday, I'll be looking for a couple of grooves, the first is The Gipper's silver screen debut!!! Ronald Reagan stars in LOVE IS IN THE AIR, a snappy WB flick from 1937, with June Travis, Eddie Acuff, Addison Richards, Ben Welden, and Robert Barrat!! A fun, typically quick-paced WB flick!! Up at noon is a Randolph Scott western, SEVENTH CAVALRy (1956), with Barbara "Della Street" Hale, and Jay C Flippen! Get your oater on!!


    Saturday night is all about Claudette Colbert, and we are treated to THE PALM BEACH STORy (1942), TOMORROW IS FOREVER (1946) and the one I'm most wanting to groove out to, MIDNIGHT (1939), with John Barrymore, Don Ameche, Monty Woolley, Francis Lederer, Mary Astor, and Hedda Hopper!!! What a treat this will be!!!


    Much later, on TCM Underground at 3:30am, The Shat shows up in a shocker, INCUBUS (1965), gotta check it out!!


    Sunday we get lots of coolio treats, namely the Marx Bros themselves in A NIGHT AT THE OPERA (1935) at 6am, my favorite version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL (1938) at 10am, and THE THIN MAN (1934) at 6pm (the only pre-code flick in the series!!). Rock out!!!


    Sunday primetime features "Christmas Comedies", and in our TCM stocking is THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER (1941) and THE LEMON DROP KID (1951)!! Then the Silent Sunday feature is Lon Chaney in THE UNHOLy THREE (1925), followed by a couple of crime dramas, PICKPOCKET (1959) and CRIME AND PUNISHMENT USA (1959), the latter based upon the Dostoyevsky novel!


    Whew, an awesome week, thanks TCM for the cinematic grooves!!! Have a great week everyone!!!

  2. WOW!!! I mentioned this in my weekly grooves, but it deserves some special attention cos it's SO darn awesome!!! Wow, what a lineup TCM has in store for us tomorrow, Tuesday!!! Gangster flix, I could watch every day, they are SO coolio!!! Eddie G, Jimmy and Bogie are prominently featured as well as a host of colorful character actors--lots of mugs and dames! This is the BOMB-diggy!!! Thank you, TCM!!!


    Here's the outasite groovalicious lineup:


    6:00 AM


    *Black Hand* (1950)


    In turn-of-the-century New York, an Italian seeks vengeance on the mobsters who killed his father.

    Dir: Richard Thorpe Cast: Gene Kelly , J. Carrol Naish , Teresa Celli .

    BW-92 mins, TV-PG, CC,


    8:00 AM


    *King Of The Underworld* (1939)


    A lady doctor gets mixed up with a criminal gang.

    Dir: Lewis Seiler Cast: Humphrey Bogart , Kay Francis , James Stephenson .

    BW-67 mins, TV-PG, CC,


    9:30 AM


    *Doorway to Hell, The* (1930)


    Despite his efforts to go straight, a young gangster keeps falling back into crime.

    Dir: Archie Mayo Cast: Lew Ayres , Charles Judels , Dorothy Mathews .

    BW-78 mins, TV-PG, CC,


    11:00 AM


    *Public Hero No. 1* (1935)


    An undercover G-man helps with a jailbreak to learn the mob's secrets.

    Dir: J. Walter Ruben Cast: Lionel Barrymore , Jean Arthur , Chester Morris .

    BW-90 mins, TV-G, CC,


    12:30 PM


    *Last Gangster, The* (1937)


    When a notorious gangster gets out of prison, he vows revenge on the wife who left him.

    Dir: Edward Ludwig Cast: Edward G. Robinson , James Stewart , Rose Stradner .

    BW-81 mins, TV-G, CC,


    2:00 PM


    *Bullets Or Ballots* (1936)


    A cop goes undercover to crack an influential crime ring.

    Dir: William Keighley Cast: Edward G. Robinson , Joan Blondell , Barton MacLane .

    BW-82 mins, TV-G, CC,


    3:30 PM


    *Brother Orchid* (1940)


    After a failed hit, a mob chief recuperates in a monastery.

    Dir: Lloyd Bacon Cast: Edward G. Robinson , Ann Sothern , Humphrey Bogart .

    BW-88 mins, TV-PG, CC,


    5:00 PM


    *Little Caesar* (1930)


    A small-time hood shoots his way to the top, but how long can he stay there?

    Dir: Mervyn LeRoy Cast: Edward G. Robinson , Douglas Fairbanks Jr. , Glenda Farrell .

    BW-79 mins, TV-PG, CC,


    6:30 PM


    *Public Enemy, The* (1931)


    An Irish-American street punk tries to make it big in the world of organized crime.

    Dir: William A. Wellman Cast: James Cagney , Jean Harlow , Edward Woods .

    BW-84 mins, TV-PG, CC,


    8:00 PM


    *White Heat* (1949)


    A government agent infiltrates a gang run by a mother-fixated psychotic.

    Dir: Raoul Walsh Cast: James Cagney , Virginia Mayo , Edmond O'Brien .

    BW-113 mins, TV-PG, CC,


    10:00 PM


    *Roaring Twenties, The* (1939)


    Three WWI Army buddies get mixed up with the mob in peacetime.

    Dir: Raoul Walsh Cast: James Cagney , Priscilla Lane , Humphrey Bogart .

    BW-107 mins, TV-G, CC,


    12:00 AM


    *Big Heat, The* (1953)


    A police detective whose wife was killed by the mob teams with a scarred gangster's moll to bring down a powerful gangster.

    Dir: Fritz Lang Cast: Glenn Ford , Gloria Grahame , Jocelyn Brando .

    BW-90 mins, TV-14, CC,


    2:00 AM


    *Key Largo* (1948)


    A returning veteran tangles with a ruthless gangster during a hurricane.

    Dir: John Huston Cast: Humphrey Bogart , Edward G. Robinson , Lauren Bacall .

    BW-101 mins, TV-G, CC,


    4:00 AM


    *Petrified Forest, The* (1936)


    An escaped convict holds the customers at a remote desert cantina hostage.

    Dir: Archie L. Mayo Cast: Leslie Howard , Bette Davis , Genevieve Tobin .

    BW-82 mins, TV-G, CC,

  3. Rock out, Miss Wonderly!!! Hope you totally groove it to Fred's month!!!


    Though I will have to admit being just a bit scared when I saw the title of this thread and thought something had happened to our very own Fred C Dobbs!!! Glad to know it was not and was about that bust a move guru, Astaire, baby!!

  4. TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Mon, Dec 2-Sun, Dec 8!!


    Hope those who celebrate Thanksgiving had an awesome holiday!! I took this past week off myself, but back in the saddle again for the coming week's lineup of TCM grooves!!


    First, a shout out for tonight's noir flick starring John Payne and Ellen Drew, THE CROOKED WAy (1949), rarely aired, gotta check this one at 10pm EST, and this is followed by this week's Silent Sunday feature, CAPTAIN SALVATION (1927) with Lars Hanson!!


    And then...wow!!! The grooves hit hard and heavy right off the bat this week, cats and kittens, on Monday at 7:15, a daytime lineup filled with light crime flix kicks off with the lovely Maureen Sullivan, TCM board fave Joel McCrea and Lewis Stone in WOMAN WANTED (1935)!!! Then it's Eddie G his own bad self, with Bogie and hot-cha-cha hard-boiled dame, Claire Trevor in THE AMAZING DR CLITTERHOUSE from 1938, also featuring a great supporting cast filled with those character actors we love to love, including Allen Jenkins, Donald Crisp, Henry O'Neill, John Litel, Thurston Hall, Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom, and Ward Bond!! Talkin' 'bout hard-boiled dames, it's Glenda Farrell showing up next in her Torchy role, this time she is running for mayor!!! TORCHy RUNS FOR MAyOR (1939) also with tough talking Barton MacLane and Tom Kennedy in one of the funniest recurring supporting roles ever! Pat O'Brien wants to get into this act next with George Murphy and Carole Landis, in HAVING WONDERFUL CRIME (1945)!!! I love that flick, actually, I'm diggin' on all the flix on Monday daytime, wow, as Mitch hits it next with the luscious Jane Greer, William Bendix, Ramon Novarro (in one of his best later roles!), and Patric Knowles in THE BIG STEAL (1949)!!! Wayne Morris and Janis Paige get rolling in THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET (1949), and then Red Skelton, that lucky dog, gets to hang out with Arlene Dahl and Ann Miller in WATCH THE BIRDIE (1950)!!! Tough as nails Broderick Crawford stars next in a remake of an Eddie G flick from 1938, this time with Claire Trevor, in STOP, yOU'RE KILLING ME (1952)!! The original is better, but this one has some pop and humor to it, so it's worth a check out, for sure!


    Then...wow! As if Monday didn't sizzle your fingers and knock your socks off, get a load of Tuesday, daddio!!! Wowza!!!! A FULL day (day and night) of "The Mob" and classic gangsters!! Wow! 6am gets us started with Gene Kelly and J Carroll Naish in BLACK HAND (1950)! Then it's Bogie and the lovely Kay Francis in KING OF THE UNDERWORLD (1939)!! Jimmy Cagney gets some licks in with Lew Ayres and Dorothy Mathews in the riveting gangster pre-code flick, DOORWAy TO HELL (1930)!!! Then it's Jean Arthur, Chester (hunk-o-matic!!) Morris and Lionel Barrymore in PUBLIC HERO NO 1 (1935)!!! Then Eddie G takes over TCM, see, and no one is gonna get in his way as he machine-guns his way through a quartet of his best: THE LAST GANGSTER (1937) with Jimmy Stewart, Edward Brophy, Rose Stradner, Lionel Stander, John Carradine and Sydney Blackmer!! Then one of my favorite Eddie G flix, and one that I think is underrated, with fellow tough mugs Bogie and Barton MacLane, along with the sex-o-licious Joan Blondell, in BULLETS OR BALLOTS (1936)!!! Bogie returns to hassle Eddie G, along with Maisie...errr....Ann Sothern, and Allen Jenkins in the heart-warming BROTHER ORCHID (1940)!! Mixed bag of a flick, but it works in the end! Then it's the classic 1930 flick, LITTLE CAESAR, followed by the other ground-breaking gangster classic, from 1931, PUBLIC ENEMy, where that other tough mug takes a stand, Jimmy Cagney!!!


    And Cagney stays with us for the evening feature, "Mob City" with a double dose of gangster goodies: WHITE HEAT (1949) followed by THE ROARING TWENTIES (1939), the latter with Bogie and my main man, Frank McHugh, along with a stellar and underrated performance by Gladys George!! Then Fritz Lang blows the cover off the joint with the riveting gangster/noir flick, THE BIG HEAT (1953), with Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame, and Lee Marvin--oh yeah, it's hot in the kitchen on TCM today!! And TCM isn't done with us yet, oh no!, as they close out the night with a Bogie double feature: KEy LARGO (1948) also featuring one of Eddie G's best performances in a career filled with them, and THE PETRIFIED FOREST (1936), where Bogie gets to shine along with Bette Davis and Leslie Howard!!! OMG, WOW!!! What a day, for a classic gangster and crime flick fan such as myself, this is paradise on earth!!! Thank you, TCM!!! you totally rock!!


    Wednesday nights are all about Fred Astaire in the month of December, as he is our Star of the Month, and his first night doesn't disappoint at all with some classics such as the pre-code gems FLyING DOWN TO RIO (1933) and THE GAy DIVORCEE (1934), along with ROBERTA (1935), FOLLOW THE FLEET (1936), THE STORy OF VERNON AND IRENE CASTLE, and SECOND CHORUS (1940)---and into Thursday morning, THE SKy'S THE LIMIT (1943)!! Fred Astaire fans and fans of classic good musical films are gonna be groovin' hard, for sure!!


    Then on Thursday, at 9am, TCM kicks off an Otto Preminger fest, with such awesome flix as ANGEL FACE (1953), with Mitch, Jean Simmons, Herbert Marshall, Leon Ames and Jim Backus!! Then it's ol' blue eyes himself in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM (1955), featuring the luscious lovely Kim Novak and an outstanding performance from Eleanor Parker!!! ANATOMy OF A MURDER (1959), ADVICE AND CONSENT (1962) and BUNNy LAKE IS MISSING (1965) round out this groove fest!


    Thursday night's theme is "Fighting Prejudice" and I'm always a fan of THE DEFIANT ONES (1958) which kicks it off at 8pm, with Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis!! I also groove to Juano Hernandez in INTRUDER IN THE DUST (1950) which shows up at 4:15am!


    Friday at 6am...wow! It's DAS TESTAMENT DES DR MABUSE from 1933, directed by Fritz Lang!!! Then it's Hitch in the house with the 1929 flick, BLACKMAIL, one of my faves of his!!!


    Friday night spotlight this month is "The Hollywood Costume" and we kick off with two fairly rare pre-codes, BLONDE VENUS (1932), with Marlene Dietrich, Herbert Marshall, and Cary Grant, directed by Josef Von Sternberg!!! This one is very rarely screened, so gotta check it out!!! Then it's Claudette Colbert starring in a Cecil B Demille flick, also with my main man, Warren William, CLEOPATRA (1934)!!! Pre-code heaven on a Friday prime time!! And of course these are followed by, what else, CASABLANCA (1942)!!! Dig it!!


    Gotta check out John Garfield in his final flick on Saturday morning at 8:45am, HE RAN ALL THE WAy (1951)!! Also with Shelley Winters and Wally Ford!! Riveting crime flick!


    To get into the holiday spirit, TCM is airing the holiday heart-warmer, IT HAPPENED ON FIFTH AVENUE (1947)!!! Sunday at noon! Starring Victor Moore, Charlie Ruggles, Don DeFore, Ann Harding, Gale Storm and Grant Mitchell, this one hit my holiday flick radar late, but wow, it's awesome!


    And don't miss out on the late night silents on TCM, first it's KING OF KINGS from 1927 for the Silent Sunday feature at midnight, an epic flick directed by Cecil B DeMille and starring HB Warner in the title role!!! Then up at 4am it's the riveting, moving, and wow flick, THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC (1928), directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer, and starring the amazing Maria Falconetti in a tour-de-force performance!!!


    Tons and tons and tons to groove about this coming week!!! Hope you all enjoy the flix and groove along with me and our buddies at TCM!!

  5. TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Mon, Nov 18-Sun, Nov 24!!


    Well, I have the month right this time anyway!!! I hope folks here have been grooving hard to some awesome coolio flix that TCM provides for us to chill and groove to!! My friend, Sans Fin, said she's gonna be looking forward to this week, which makes it even better knowing this!!! Hope ya groove hard, SansFin!!


    Let the grooves begin, and hard, right off the bat on Monday morning, with a 6am screening of the silent SHOW PEOPLE (1928) with Marion Davies and William Haines!!! Awesome flick!!! And it's followed by the hard-hitting pre-code stunner, BABy FACE (1933), the restored version with a different ending and some scenes added back in, starring, of course, Babs Stanwyck, George Brent, Donald Cook, and even The Duke in a small early role!! Not to be outdone, Joan Crawford and Clark Gable, along with Wally Ford, join in the pre-code act, with POSSESSED (1931)!!! Don't miss the short which follows, LEO BEERS: WORLD RENOWNED WHISTLING SONGSTER from 1928!!! Up at 12:30pm is WHAT PRICE HOLLyWOOD (1932) with the stunningly beautiful Constance Bennett, my main man Lowell Sherman, and Neil (Commissioner Gordon) Hamilton!!! Then it's the lovely Kay Francis, Ian Hunter and John Litel in COMET OVER BROADWAy (1938)!!! Awesome day of flix from the golden age of hollywood!!!


    Wednesday at 11:15am I'll be grooving hard to Walter Pidgeon, John Hodia, and Audrey Totter in the noir/crime flick, THE SELLOUT (1951)!! Later in the day, 4:30pm, will be a flick I've not seen before, MONKEy ON My BACK from 1957, looks cool, directed by Andre DeToth, and starring Cameron Mitchell!!


    Wednesdays belong to Burt Lancaster throughout the month of November, and there will be heavy hitters all night long, including JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG (1961), BIRDMAN OF ALCATRAZ (1962), and THE TRAIN (1965), but the flick I'm looking forward to the most is a very rare one, MISTER 880 from 1950, and starring, along with Burt, Dorothy McGuire and Edmund (Santa himself!!) Gwenn!!! Looks like an awesome flick, I've never seen it before, but totally can't wait to check it out!!


    Thursday will be featuring Ralph Meeker flix during the day, and a block that starts at 1pm gets my grooves going! Raoul Walsh directed Ralph in GLORy ALLEy (1952), a drama about a boxer in the New Orleans music miliue, also stars Leslie Caron and Louis Satchmo Armstrong!!! Then it's a low-budget B crime flick that rocks, CODE TWO (1953), with Sally Forrest and Keenan Wynn!!! Then it's Babs Stanwyck with Barry Sullivan and Ralph in JEOPARDy (1953)!! Triple play!!


    Thursday is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of US President John F Kennedy and TCM will be honoring the memory of the slain president with an overnight of documentaries and flix about JFK!


    Friday day time is all about the 1930s, daddio!!! Kicks off at 6am with a spicy pre-code, AGGIE APPLEBy, MAKER OF MEN (1933), with Wynne Gibson, William Gargan and Charles Farrell!!! It's rarely screened, and worth a watch, check it out!!! Then it's Lionel Barrymore and May Robson in ONE MAN'S JOURNEy (1933)!! Up at 11:45am is Frank Morgan, Genevieve Tobin (yowza!!), and Neil Hamilton in By yOUR LEAVE (1935)!! Betty Furness turns up next along with Grant Mitchell and Eddie Quillan in GRIDIRON FLASH (1935), followed by William Powell, Ginger Rogers, Ralph Morgan, Paul Kelly, and J Farrell MacDonald in the mystery/comedy, STAR OF MIDNIGHT (1935)!!! It rocks!!!


    Matthew Broderick has been introducing the cream of the screwball comedy crop for us every Friday night in November and this week will be no exception, with another awesome lineup: My MAN GODFREy (1935), BRINGING UP BABy (1938), BALL OF FIRE (1942), VOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH yOU (1938), AND JOy OF LIVING (1938)!!! yoik it up!!


    And...finally don't miss the 1944 detective noir MURDER My SWEET with a reformed Dick Powell (reformed from crooning!), Claire Trevor, Anne Shirley, Otto Kruger, and Mike Mazurki!! Saturday at 6pm, not to be missed and one that I can watch over and over again and dig on it each time!!!


    Feel free to add the flix you'll be grooving hard to in this thread if you'd like to! And many thanks to the classic flick heads at TCM for providing us with grooves a-plenty!!!

  6. TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Tues, Nov 12-Sun, Nov 17!!!


    Sorry missed Monday this week! Busy, busy, but hope that all my TCM board brothers and sisters are jamming and rocking hard to some groovy TCM flix!!! Today is Robert Ryan noir day, so groove it hard!


    Tuesday, Nov 12 hits it and hits it hard with a Busby Berkeley all day tribute @ 6:45am and Joe E Brown, Ann Dvorak and Patricia Ellis mixing it up in BRIGHT LIGHTS from 1935!! Then it's Guy Kibbee, Dolores Del Rio, my main man Allen Jenkins, and Everett Marshall in I LOVE FOR LOVE, also from 1935!! Dolores Del Rio returns, along with snappy Glenda Farrell, Leo Carillo, Pat O'Brien, and Edward Everett Horton with IN CALIENTE (1935)!! Lovin' the 30's, daddio!!! And more to come as Pat O'Brien hangs around, this time with Jean Muir, Jane Froman, and Marie Wilson in STARS OVER BROADWAY (1935)!! And don't miss the short at 12:30pm, RAMBLING ROUND RADIO WITH JERRY WALD from 1934, fun stuff!!! Busby does it up right the rest of the day with STAGE STRUCK (1936), THE GO-GETTER (1937), with George Brent woooooo and Anita Louise!!!, MEN ARE SUCH FOOLS (1938) with Wayne Morris and Priscilla Lane, along with Bogie, baby!!!, a comedy mystery with Franchot Tone and Ann Sothern, FAST AND FURIOUS (1939), and finally we emerge from the halcyon days of the 1930's with the 1941 BLONDE INSPIRATION, with Johns Shelton, Virginia Grey and Albert Dekker!!! Woooooooo!!


    The hard grooves, for me, pick up on Thursday at 10:45am EST, with a pre-code fest (part of a day long fest of Director William A Seiter flix!!), led off with BACK PAY (1930), featuring Corinne Griffith, Grant Withers, Montagu Love!! Then it's Ginger Rogers, Norman Foster and Zasu Pitts in PROFESSIONAL SWEETHEART (1933)!!! The oh so delectable Ginger turns up again with Norman Foster in RAFTER ROMANCE (1933), then it's Zasu Pitts, Pert Kelton and Edward Everett Horton in SING AND LIKE IT (1934)!!! Edna May Oliver says "say what??!!" in WE'RE RICH AGAIN (1934), with Billie Burke, Marion Nixon, Reginald Denny, and Buster Crabbe!!! Parkyakarkas says wait a sec, I want to get in on this action, and he shows up as THE LIFE OF THE PARTY (1937) along with Gene Raymond, Ann Miller, Joe Penner, Helen Broderick, Franklin Pangborn, and Margaret Dumont!!! Party on, dude!


    But wait! Seiter is not done with us yet, but he def switches gears to a WWII drama, DESTROYER from 1943, starring Eddie G himself, along with Glenn Ford, Edgar Buchanan, my main man Edward Brophy, Regis Toomey, and Leo Gorcey!! Haven't seen this one before, but with a cast like that, difficult to go wrong!



    Thursday night is "Bob's Picks", and Bob is pulling no punches with his first choice at 8pm being the taut thriller, MY NAME IS JULIA ROSS (1945), with Nina Foch, Dame May Witty, and George MacReady!!! This one rocks!!! At 11:15pm, it's the noir, THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI (1948), directed by and starring the legendary Orson Welles, along with his wife at the time, the gorgeous Rita Hayworth, and Everett Sloane!!! Then Dick Powelll noir's it up in the train thriller, THE TALL TARGET (1951), along with Adolphe Menjou, Marshall Thompson, Ruby Dee, Will Geer (Granpa Walton!!), and Paula Raymond!! Don't miss this one if you haven't seen it before!!! Rounding out the night are two early musicals, DAMES (1934) at 2:30am, and 42ND STREET (1933)!!! Notice the difference between the two, as DAMES is post-code, and 42ND STREET is def pre-code and saucier!!! Both are gems though, dig it!


    Friday daytime we find Babs Stanwyck and the sexy Lizabeth Scott featured, first up it's Babs in the pre-code SO BIG (1932), but tame for that era, still a goodalicious flick, with George Brent, Bette Davis (yep!!), Alan Hale, Hardie Albright, Guy Kibbee, and Dickie Moore!!! Then it's pre-code how it was meant to be, with a hard-hitting Babs in LADIES THEY TALK ABOUT (1933), along with Preston Foster and Lyle Talbot!! Then Babs hands off the baton to Lizabeth Scott, in a flick they are both featured in, the noir, THE STRANGE LOVE OF MARTHA IVERS (1946), also with Kirk Douglas and Van Heflin!! Lizabeth then takes charge with a couple of the heavy hitters of the noir era, first with Bogie in DEAD RECKONING (1946), and then Dick Powell in PITFALL (1948)!!! Both are totally groovy flix!! Lizabeth keeps it rolling with hunkalicious Victor Mature in EASY LIVING (1949), then with sexy Jane Greer and Dennis O'Keefe in THE COMPANY SHE KEEPS (1951), and then the beefcake gets heavy with Mitch, Robert Ryan, and tough guys William Talman, Ray Collins (a Perry Mason party!!), William Conrad in the hard-hitting crime drama, THE RACKET (1951)!!!


    Friday nights are all about screwball comedies this month, and Matthew Broderick packs another Friday night with cream of the crop comedies, this time it's THEODORA GOES WILD (1936), TWENTIETH CENTURY (1934), EASY LIVING (1937), IT'S A WONDERFUL WORLD (1939), MERRILY WE LIVE (1938) and IF YOU COULD ONLY COOK (1935)!!! What a night of yukkin' it up!!


    Sunday you can't miss the hard-hiting noir drama by Fritz Lang, THE BIG HEAT from 1953, and starring Glenn Ford and Gloria Grahame!! Hits 'em where you least expect it! Then in the evening, it's MGM vs Fox with two "Johnny" flix, up first at 8pm is JOHNNY EAGER (1942) with Robert Taylor, Lana Turner and Edward Arnold! Arnold shows up in the Fox flick, JOHNNY APOLLO (1940) next, this time with Tyrone Power and Dorothy Lamour!!! Two coolio crime flix for a Sunday evening, hey it rocks!!!


    Gotta get my appreciation out there to TCM for presenting and providing us with all these totally groovy flix and presented without breaks and ads, it's beyond words how grateful I am in this month of "Thanksgiving" for many of us! Dig it!

    Oh wait...wow!!! I just realized I can now watch TCM streaming live???!!! WOW to the WOW!!!! That totally rocks!!!


    Edited cos I was still in October!!! *yikes*

  7. Totally grooving watching THE FRONT PAGE!!! Print a bit rough, but it's public domain, great stuff all around!!! Different feel from HIS GIRL FRIDAy, the remake, but all over it's awesome!!!


    Up next: My main man Warren William in one of his best and a rarely screened flick, THE MATCH KING from 1932!!! Gotta check it out if you are around! And coming up soon is OIL FOR THE LAMPS OF CHINA, which is a Pat O'Brien flick I've not seen before, from 1935!!


    Great groovy stuff this morning on TCM!!! I'm home sick, and digging it even through the haze!


    Anyone else digging???

  8. TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Wed, Nov 6 through Sun, Nov 10!!!


    Sorry for the abbreviated week of grooves for me this time around, but my grooves for the week really start on Wednesday (plus busy, busy!)!!! Feel free to add your groovalicious flix to the thread, and share what moves and grooves you when it comes to TCM and the classic flix they air for our enjoyment and viewing pleasure!


    Joel McCrea fans are going to be dancing in the streets this Wednesday with a nearly full daytime slate of his flix, and my total grooves are the first two, which are pre-code gems!!! At 9:30am, it's Joel with Dolores Del Rio, Skeets Gallagher and an early appearance from Lon Chaney, Jr!!!, in BIRD OF PARADISE from 1932!! From that same year, and with the same sets that were used in KING KONG, it's Joel with scream queen, Fay Wray (hotcha!), my main man Robert Armstrong, and Leslie Banks in THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME!! Joel keeps his fans swooning with 4 more flix to round out the tribute: PRIMROSE PATH (1940), THE MORE THE MERRIER (1943), COLORADO TERRITORY (1949), and STARS IN MY CROWN (1950)!! Rock it!


    Wednesday nights are owned by Burt Lancaster during the month of November! Someone at TCM loves Burt, cos his flix show up a LOT, but hey it's ok! My fave from this first night is the kick-off ceremony, a kick-a$$ noir flick, from 1946, THE KILLERS, with one of the best opening scenes in film history! Ava Gardner stars as the femme fatale extraordinaire, and Edmond O'Brien, Albert Dekker, Sam Levene, William Conrad and Charlie McGraw all show up and shine it up hard in this gritty flick! It rocks!


    Friday morning, wow to the wow!!! At 6:30am, it's the film that HIS GIRL FRIDAY is the remake of, THE FRONT PAGE from 1931, snapping, crackling, pop, with Pat O'Brien, Adolphe Menjou, Edward Everett Horton, Walter Catlett, Mae Clarke (be still my beating heart!!), Mary Brian, and George E Stone!!! This flick rocks! And it's followed by my main man, Warren William in another pre-code flick (yowza!!!), THE MATCH KING (1932), also with Glenda Farrell (yum!), Lily Damita (yum again!), Harold Huber, and John Wray--hard-hitting, pre-code goodaliciousness!!! I'm also interested in grooving to the next flick in the lineup, one that I've not seen before, with Pat O'Brien, Josephine Hutchison, and Jean Muire, OIL FOR THE LAMPS OF CHINA (1935)!!


    Friday nights in November are all about screwball comedies, and guest host Matthew Broderick will be hosting another howl a minute lineup including heavy hitters, THE AWFUL TRUTH (1937), MY FAVORITE WIFE (1940), LOVE CRAZY (1941), MR AND MRS SMITH (1941), TOO MANY HUSBANDS (1940), and VIVACIOUS LADY (1938)!!! If you dig screwball comedies, TCM's got 'em for ya this month on Friday nights!!


    Saturday night, it's all about Dick Powell on TCM!! And the spectrum of Dick's career captured brilliantly by the 3 film lineup--his crooner days from the pre-code era, a light 50's comedy, and hard-hitting noir from the 40's! GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933 kicks it off, one of my all time favorites, also with my main man Warren William, my sweetheart Joan Blondell (wow!!), sharp-witted Aline MacMahon, Ruby Keeler, Ned Sparks, Ginger Rogers (yumalicious!), and Guy Kibbee!!! Great way to spend a Saturday night, but Dick's not done with us as next it's June Allyson joining his party for a light 50's comedy, THE REFORMER AND THE REDHEAD (1950), and then hard-hitting gritty Dick closes it out for us in CORNERED (1946), with Walter Slezak, and Micheline Cheirel!! Dig it!


    Sunday night's theme is "Revisionist Westerns", and the grooves fly hard and fast for the Silent Sunday night 1920'S double feature, first with Harold Lloyd in AN EASTERN WESTERNER (1920), followed by Buster Keaton in GO WEST (1925)!! Awesome!!


    Thanks to TCM for a rockin' good lineup and for all these gems of the silver screen!!! And to all my TCM buds on here, hope you're enjoying some rockin' good times grooving to classic flix!!!






    Wowza!!! Horror and classic movie fans rejoice and dance in the streets, TCM is groovin' it tonight!!!


    Who's in for a fright fest of classic proportions???


    I'm totally grooving hard!!! Boris, Bela and Val Lewton, it's rockin'!!! Thank you, TCM!!

  10. Hope other early birds might be out there getting ready to groove hard to this morning's rockin' mystery flick, THE DEATH KISS, from 1933, and featuring much of the cast from the 1931 DRACULA, including Edward Van Sloan, David Manners, and Bela Lugosi his own bad self!! This is a very cool low-budget suspense flick, and one not to be missed!!!


    Please let us know if you dig on it, like me!!

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