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  1. TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Week of Sat, Oct 26 through Fri, Nov 1!! Sorry for my being "awol" for a few weeks!!! I've been busy and hard to even find time to watch flix, let alone preview or write about them! I hope everyone of my TCM peeps are doing well and grooving along with the classic and rockin' flix on TCM!! Man, we kick it off for Sat, Oct 26 with a coolio Bela Lugosi flick, THE DEATH KISS from 1933!! This is the way to start a day, let me tell ya!!! Lots of folks from the 31 DRAC flick here, Lugosi, David Manners, Edward Van Sloan! Low budget but a better flick t
  2. These are all coolio ideas in this thread!!! It's SO cool that TCM is still with us for lo these 20 years! Looking forward to what they come up with to celebrate in style!
  3. This is one of my favorite flix!!! Karloff meets up with Barton MacLane and Ricardo Cortez!! WB gangsters and tough mugs meet up with the supernatural and Karloff his own bad self! This flick is SO awesome and it rocks that it's on TV in prime time right after work after a long week! Anyone else grooving?
  4. Kate, I agree!!! Wed was a rockin' day of awesome flix! Glad to hear you enjoyed it as well!!
  5. Mrroberts!! Thank you!! And...hahaha! You are right on the money!!
  6. Thank you, Hibi!!! It's a fun mystery/comedy series! Low budget, so expect that, but it's a ton o' fun! And yes, the second one will air at the same time on Saturday, Sept 28!!! Be there or be square!!
  7. First up, sorry for the lack of my weekly grooves post for the week! There were some goodies this week too, but I was so sick earlier in the week, I was completely out of it! Last thing I thought of doing was getting online, just now getting out of the fog! Anyway, I did want to make sure to note that the 2 film "Kitty O'Day" series from Poverty Row kings, Monogram Studios, will be starting off this Saturday, Sept 21 at 10:45am!!! It's a coolio comedy/mystery starring Jean Parker in the title role, and William "One Shot" Beaudine directing, KITTY O'DAY DETECTIVE (1944)!!! It's not goin
  8. Geminigirl, thank you very much for sharing your reactions and thoughts upon seeing I AM A FUGITIVE FROM A CHAIN GANG for the first time!!! I loved hearing how you felt about the various scenes you described from the flick! Yanno...I've seen these flix so often now, it's fun to try to recapture how they made me feel the first time viewing them, and your post helped me to do just that! Thank you! I totally agree with you about Muni's performance! It might just have been his finest hour, though he's had others, for sure! That final scene, i don't think I have ever got that removed f
  9. After a super duper hard work week, I'm totally into unwind mode, and TCM is helping me with a Saturday morning filled with groovy flix!!!! Just coming up at 6am is Eddie G along with Bogie and Bette Davis in KID GALAHAD (1937)!!! This flick rocks in the mid-30's WB tradition! Then it's a more brooding Eddie G, along with Ida Lupino and John Garfield, in the awesome flick, THE SEA WOLF (1941)!!!! Up next we love our 50's sci fi, man, and we're there with THE NIGHT THE WORLD EXPLODED (1957) which is one I've not seen before!!! Totally looking forward to it! And last, but never least, t
  10. I had to work, so I'm catching BRUTE FORCE half-way through, and up next I AM A FUGITIVE FROM A CHAIN GANG!!! But the day was jammin' hard with tough mugs and dames in prison! Filled with groovalicious hardcore flix, anyone dig on it, and if so, what floated your boat the mostest???!!! I've seen most of these several times, but they're so rockin', they are def worth another lookie-see! I'm particularly looking forward to ROAD GANG and NUMBERED MEN, neither of which I saw before, and HELL'S HIGHWAY which I've only seen once before on TCM! I'll be catching up on this day tonight and over
  11. Tom this is an outrageously awesome flick! One that is not to be missed! Very intense drama!
  12. Sans Fin!!! I'm so glad to hear you are grooving hard this week to some of TCM's flix!!! It's so cool that we are groovin' to different flix, but I saw some points of intersection too, tho!!! Sorry for not responding sooner, but I had some problems posting on the board this week! I tried again today and it's all good! Hope you and other cats and kittens are groovin to whatever moves ya!
  13. Vicki, I'm glad to hear you were looking forward to seeing HIGH SIERRA!!! Wow, that's one of my all time favorite Bogie flix!!! I'm curious to learn how you enjoyed it, if you don't mind coming in to lay it on us?? Thank you!
  14. TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Mon, Sept 9-Sun, Sept 15!! I hope everyone has been grooving out hard to TCM this past week, I know I have!! Wow, TCM has been rocking the house lately, and they're amping it up even more this week on Monday night resuming the Story of Film series that is revolutionary for the channel in spanning across weeks and even months!!! This time we get, in prime time, more silents, including @ 8pm, a Buster Keaton two-fer, ONE WEEK from 1920 and THREE AGES from 1923!!! Now, I've never seen either of these Buster flix, not sure if they are premiere's, but wowza!!!!
  15. Welcome and greetings!!! Wow, love your suggestion about a Harry Langdon tribute, that would totally rock!
  16. I know!!! This totally rocked!!! I'd not seen it before either!!
  17. Sans Fin, thank you so much for your kind words!!!! Wow, this week is just so full of awesome flix, my head is literally spinning round and round!!! After the last two nights...wow!!! And don't miss out on Thursday's pre-code morning! Gangsters, guns, dames, mugs, and early talkies!!! Breakfast of naughtiness!!! Dig it!
  18. I also can't wait to catch this one!!! Awesome Labor Day treat!!! Thanks, Tom, and thanks, TCM!!!
  19. This flick just has a way of drawing me in!!! I was not really intending to watch this last night, watching some flix from earlier in the week from the DVR instead, but in between flix, the input was back to cable, and natch it's on TCM, this flick was about 15 min in or so...I started watching...and I was toast, man! Completely toast. Couldn't take my eyes off the screen for the remainder of this riveting awesome flick!!! This one is my favorite later Hitch flick, as I tend to like his early stuff best otherwise. Just rocks!
  20. James, I totally agree with your thoughts and observations regarding how we sometimes see stars emerging from "B" or programmer type flix!! It's one--just one, I have many!!!--of the pleasures I get from watching them for sure!!
  21. Hibi, I'm so happy to hear that you were able to get everything on your DVR that you wanted to!!! And yeah, I think SMART BLONDE and CHINATOWN are two of the best, but please let me know what you think of FLy AWAy BABy from the daytime block, for example? I really dig on all the Torchy's!! And totally can't wait to spring this open for myself this weekend!!! I haven't had an opportunity to catch any of it yet, busy work week and I have to work some today too, but Sun and Mon? Look out, it's all Glenda for me!! WBF, thank you for sharing your thoughts about the day as well! I totally ag
  22. I'm down with this!!! And I'd just add, tons and tons of silents, early talkies and pre-codes too!!! Oh yeah, it's a totally rockin' month!!
  23. TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Mon, Sept 2-Sun, Sept 8!! It's time to get on down with TCM once again as the grooves will resume their (mostly) weekly presence!! These will be what I will groove, or think I will groove to, each week, but feel free to suggest your own!!! It's a big old bad world of grooves and moves, so let's do it together!! Before we hit it for Mon, Sept 2, I gotta shout it out for the Hitch Sunday tributes which kick off this Sun, Sept 1, with notably MURDER (1930) with Herbert Marshall, an early Hitch flick that I totally dig on!! I will say my preferences are gene
  24. Andy!! I agree!!! *GLENDA* YES! Hotcha!! And absolutely dig on my men Barton MacLane and Tom Kennedy in the "Torchy" series! Oh yeah! Sans FIN!!! Your post totally had me cracking it up over here!!! Good stuff!!! Can't wait, wish I could take the day off, but will have to digest the day in pieces from the DVR! Don't fail me now, DVR!!! Diggin' TCM, every which way but loose!
  25. Thank you very much for posting the link to Kyle's intro and outro for MEET JOHN DOE!!! I remember that so well and remember thinking, wow, that's my man Kyle! His presence is always felt here, though he will be missed, he touched so many folks on this board.
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