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  1. TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Week of Sat, Oct 26 through Fri, Nov 1!!


    Sorry for my being "awol" for a few weeks!!! I've been busy and hard to even find time to watch flix, let alone preview or write about them! I hope everyone of my TCM peeps are doing well and grooving along with the classic and rockin' flix on TCM!!


    Man, we kick it off for Sat, Oct 26 with a coolio Bela Lugosi flick, THE DEATH KISS from 1933!! This is the way to start a day, let me tell ya!!! Lots of folks from the 31 DRAC flick here, Lugosi, David Manners, Edward Van Sloan! Low budget but a better flick than you might think, and it's highly recommended!!


    At 9am, we find ourselves in noir land with John Payne and Evelyn Keyes, in 99 RIVER STREET (1953)!! This is a winner for noir fans, dig it!


    Saturday night we are grooving hard to the "monsters need love too" theme, and we kick it off with the Karloff classic, BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935), also with Colin Clive, luscious Valerie Hobson, Elsa Lanchester in the role she'll always be identified with, and the creepy weird Ernest Thesiger! Trip and a half! And not to be outdone, Karloff returns in THE MUMMy, up next!!! Then it's Val Lewton strutting his stuff in CAT PEOPLE (1942), and then Lugosi says wait just a minute here, you can't have this kind of lineup without one of my flix, and he does it up right in the 1932 shocker, WHITE ZOMBIE, where the zombie craze originates! This is a rockin' night and in the spirit of the season!!!


    The Silent Sunday feature this week is the Lon Chaney classic, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA from 1925!!! yowza!!! Then at 3am it's Simone Signoret in DIABOLIQUE (1955)!!! Dig it!


    Tuesday morning, we are treated to a Gloria Swanson talkie double feature, first with Laurence Olivier in PERFECT UNDERSTANDING, a 1933 pre-code, and those always rock it! Then nearly a decade later, Gloria mixes it up with Adolphe Menjou in FATHER TAKES A WIFE (1941)!!! Next up it's Juano Hernandez in the moving drama, INTRUDER IN THE DUST (1950)!! Then at 2:45pm, noir kicks in hard with Lee J Cobb, Patricia Medina, and Edward Arnold in MIAMI EXPOSE (1956), followed by Cyd Charisse (va-va-va-voom!!), Robert Taylor, and that pesky Lee J Cobb again in PARTy GIRL (1958)!!


    Wednesday, Oct 30--this is what I'm talkin' about!!!! Oh yeah, it's the 1935 SHADOW OF DOUBT at 7am, an underrated and relatively unknown flick, starring my main man Ricardo Cortez and Virginia Bruce, in a suspense flick that sizzles!!! I dig this one! Then at 10:15am, another underrated flick, this one featuring the triumvirate of Karloff, Lugosi and Lorre, but it's Kay Kyser and his band mates who are featured, with thrills, chills and laughs in the awesome horror spoof, yOU'LL FIND OUT (1940). It's more spoofin' of the suspense genre next when Red Skelton (as the radio personality "The Fox" does it up right in a remake of a pre-code flick, WHISTLING IN THE DARK (1941), with the lovely Ann Rutherford, and Conrad Veidt doing his usual bad dude schtick! This one rocks, as does Basil Rathbone in the next up flick, FINGERS AT THE WINDOW (1942), also featuring the "Dr Kildare" love pair, Lew Ayres and Laraine Day!! This one is also underrated, gotta check it out!! Hedy Lamarr, George Brent and Paul Lukas show up next in the Jacques Tourneur thriller, EXPERIMENT PERILOUS (1944), followed by John Carradine, Jean Parker and Nils Asther in the low-budget, but no less awesome flick, BLUEBEARD (1944), directed by cult hero, Edgar G Ulmer!!


    Of all people, Gilbert Gottfried programs us for Wed night, and he rocks it with OF MICE AND MEN (1939), THE SWIMMER (1968), an existentialist flick with Burt Lancaster, FREAKS (1932)--no way, Gilbert!!! LOL, and Gene Hackman in the Coppola-directed flick, THE CONVERSATION (1974)!!


    I'm not a huge Hammer or later flick Price fan, but if you are, you are totally grooving hard to Thursday (Halloween), it's a huge fest of these flix, and the final send-off for the month anyway, for Vincent Price!!


    Friday rocks it hard at 10am with a couple of hard-hitting pre-codes!!! First up, it's Walter Huston, Jean Harlow (yowza!!), Wally Ford, The Mick, and Jean Hersholt in the "ripped from the headlines" flick, THE BEAST OF THE CITy (1932)!!! Followed by another topical flick, THE WET PARADE (1932) with Wally Ford, Lewis Stone, Neil Hamilton, Robert young, and Dorothy Jordan!! Dig on those pre-codes, daddio!!!


    Then it's 3 noirs for most of the afternoon! First up, Edmond O'Brien, Mark Stevens, Gale Storm and Roland Winters in BETWEEN MIDNIGHT AND DAWN (1950), then at 4:45pm, it's Broderick Crawford, Donna Reed, and John Derek in SCANDAL SHEET (1952), an awesome crime flick, followed by THE BROTHERS RICO (1957) with Richard Conte, Dianne Foster, and Kathryn Grant!!! Noir-ing it up!


    Friday night spotlight is on screwball comedies, and this week, we've seen them all a zillion times, but they are some of the heaviest hitters in this genre: IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT (1934), HIS GIRL FRIDAy (1940), LIBELED LADy (1936), NOTHING SACRED (1937), THE MAD MISS MANTON (1938), and THE BRIDE CAME C.O.D. (1941)!!! Great way to spend a Friday night, I'd say!!!


    Thanks TCM for a rockin' week of groovy flix!!! Have a totally classic flick week everyone!!!

  2. First up, sorry for the lack of my weekly grooves post for the week! There were some goodies this week too, but I was so sick earlier in the week, I was completely out of it! Last thing I thought of doing was getting online, just now getting out of the fog!


    Anyway, I did want to make sure to note that the 2 film "Kitty O'Day" series from Poverty Row kings, Monogram Studios, will be starting off this Saturday, Sept 21 at 10:45am!!! It's a coolio comedy/mystery starring Jean Parker in the title role, and William "One Shot" Beaudine directing, KITTY O'DAY DETECTIVE (1944)!!! It's not going to move you into another universe, but it will groove your socks off if you're in the mood for some low-budget popcorn munchin' entertainment!!!


    TCM rocks for showing this series!!! Dig it!

  3. Geminigirl, thank you very much for sharing your reactions and thoughts upon seeing I AM A FUGITIVE FROM A CHAIN GANG for the first time!!!

    I loved hearing how you felt about the various scenes you described from the flick!


    Yanno...I've seen these flix so often now, it's fun to try to recapture how they made me feel the first time viewing them, and your post helped me to do just that! Thank you!


    I totally agree with you about Muni's performance! It might just have been his finest hour, though he's had others, for sure! That final scene, i don't think I have ever got that removed from the way it burned into my movie viewing soul! Totally poignant and perfectly done!

  4. After a super duper hard work week, I'm totally into unwind mode, and TCM is helping me with a Saturday morning filled with groovy flix!!!!


    Just coming up at 6am is Eddie G along with Bogie and Bette Davis in KID GALAHAD (1937)!!! This flick rocks in the mid-30's WB tradition! Then it's a more brooding Eddie G, along with Ida Lupino and John Garfield, in the awesome flick, THE SEA WOLF (1941)!!!!

    Up next we love our 50's sci fi, man, and we're there with THE NIGHT THE WORLD EXPLODED (1957) which is one I've not seen before!!! Totally looking forward to it!

    And last, but never least, the final entry in the "Nick Carter" mystery series, SKY MURDER (1940), with Walter Pidgeon and Donald Meek!!!


    Totally diggin' on it!

  5. I had to work, so I'm catching BRUTE FORCE half-way through, and up next I AM A FUGITIVE FROM A CHAIN GANG!!! But the day was jammin' hard with tough mugs and dames in prison! Filled with groovalicious hardcore flix, anyone dig on it, and if so, what floated your boat the mostest???!!!


    I've seen most of these several times, but they're so rockin', they are def worth another lookie-see! I'm particularly looking forward to ROAD GANG and NUMBERED MEN, neither of which I saw before, and HELL'S HIGHWAY which I've only seen once before on TCM! I'll be catching up on this day tonight and over the weekend!


    I love days like this on TCM!! They totally rock!

  6. Sans Fin!!! I'm so glad to hear you are grooving hard this week to some of TCM's flix!!! It's so cool that we are groovin' to different flix, but I saw some points of intersection too, tho!!!


    Sorry for not responding sooner, but I had some problems posting on the board this week! I tried again today and it's all good!


    Hope you and other cats and kittens are groovin to whatever moves ya!

  7. TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Mon, Sept 9-Sun, Sept 15!!


    I hope everyone has been grooving out hard to TCM this past week, I know I have!! Wow, TCM has been rocking the house lately, and they're amping it up even more this week on Monday night resuming the Story of Film series that is revolutionary for the channel in spanning across weeks and even months!!! This time we get, in prime time, more silents, including @ 8pm, a Buster Keaton two-fer, ONE WEEK from 1920 and THREE AGES from 1923!!! Now, I've never seen either of these Buster flix, not sure if they are premiere's, but wowza!!!! Then its' the second part of the multi-part documentary on the Story of Film, 1918-1928, up at 10pm EST!! Then it's more Keaton bliss, with THE GENERAL (1927), then some Charlie Chaplin his own bad self--THE KID (1921) and CITy LIGHTS (1931)!! Not to be outdone, Harold Lloyd shows up as well in NEVER WEAKEN (1921) and SAFETy LAST (1923)!!! Woah to the woah!!


    Criminal heists are the watchword for Tuesday daytime, and we kick it off with ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW (1959), a very bleak noir-ish crime flick, starring Harry Belafonte, Robert Ryan, Shelly Winters, Ed Begley and Gloria Grahame!!! Then it's Alain Delon in ONCE A THIEF (1965), also with Van Heflin and sexy kitten, Ann-Margret!! Jules Dassin then directs RIFFI (1954), a heist flick, then Shelly Winters shows up again, this time with Jack Palance in a remake of HIGH SIERRA, I DIED A THOUSAND TIMES (1955)!! If you dig on the original, TCM doesn't disappoint, for a few hours later, @ 4pm, Bogie himself shows up in the classic, HIGH SIERRA (1941), one of my all-time favorite flix, also with Ida Lupino!!!


    Tuesday night picks up The Story of Film once again, with the 1922 NANOOK OF THE NORTH leading the way, followed by Douglas Fairbanks in the Raoul Walsh-directed flick, THE THIEF OF BAGDAD (1924)!! Then Carl Theodor Dreyer gets in on the act, with the intense drama, THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC (1928), which might just be the best flick EVER made, it soooooo rocks!!! Then it's King vidor directing the silent classic, THE CROWD (1928), and up at 5am, it's Erich Von Stroheim getting down with his 1924 classic (trimmed from the original 8 hours!!!), GREED, starring Zasu Pitts and Jean Hersholt!! Woah! And even though dawn has approached, as it's 7:30am on Wednesday morning, Carl Theodor Dreyer returns to direct VAMPyR from 1932!!! A moody, atmospheric, dream-like horror flick, a must-see, I tell ya!!! Wowza!!! It's pretty darn incredible!!! The early portion of this TCM presentation has just been totally and completely groovy!!!


    As if that isn't rocking yer socks off like it is mine, then you gotta be checking in on Thursday morning for a block of early talkie pre-code gems!!! First up, it's Kay Francis (hotcha!!), Charles Bickford, and Kay Johnson in PASSION FLOWER (1930)!!! Then it's a Walter Huston double feature, first in STAR WITNESS (1931), with Grant Mitchell, Frances Starr, Chic Sale and Sally Blane, then the ethereal depression era political flick, GABRIEL OVER THE WHITE HOUSE (1933), with Karen Morley, Franchot Tone, Jean Parker, Samuel S Hinds, and C Henry Gordon!! Woah!! Then it's Lionel Barrymore, Fay Bainter and yummy Mae Clarke in THIS SIDE OF HEAVEN (1934)!!! The luscious duscious Kay Francis returns in My BILL (1938) at 3pm, along with Bonita Granville, John Litel, and Anita Louise!!! Then it's Eddie Albert in a hoot of a flick , THE GREAT MR NOBODy, also starring Alan Hale and Joan Leslie, followed by the noir classic, OUT OF THE PAST (1947), with Mitch, Jane Greer and Kirk Douglas!!! What a day, what a day, in the words of Gahagan (from the Torchy Blane series)!! :)


    And then...wow, it's Friday and TCM has no let up in the groovin' rockin' department, for it's an all day prison flick theme, with tough mugs and even tougher dames!! Kicking this coolio day off with ROAD GANG (1936), with Donald Woods, Kay Linaker and Marc Lawrence!!! Then it's NUMBERED MEN (1930), with Conrad Nagel and Bernice Claire!!! Dames get into the act in CONDEMNED WOMEN (1938), with Sally Eilers, Louis Hayward, and Anne Shirley!!! Richard Dix, Tom Brown, C Henry Gordon, Charles Middleton and Stanley Fields star in HELL'S HIGHWAy from 1932, a rock'em sock'em hard-hitting pre-code prison flick, not to be missed!! More beefcake on tap with Chester Morris, a really wimpy Robert Montgomery, Wallace Beery, and Lewis Stone in THE BIG HOUSE (1930)!!! Then it's the classic Cagney and Raft in EACH DAWN I DIE (1939)!!!, Followed by the hard-hitting pre-code classic, LADIES THEy TALK ABOUT (1933) with Babs Stanwyck, Preston Foster, Lyle Talbot, Maude Eburn and Ruth Donnelly!!! Then it's back to the mugs, with the violent, hard-hitting drama, BRUTE FORCE (1947), with Burt Lancaster and a sadistic prison guard turn from Hume Cronyn!!! And finally, the grand-daddy of prison flix, with lots more going on as well, to wrap it up, I AM A FUGITIVE FROM A CHAIN GANG (1932), all the pre-code elements in play, along with depression era milieu, starring Paul Muni, in a tour-de-force performance, along with Helen Vinson, Glenda Farrell, Preston Foster, and my main man Allen Jenkins!!! Dig it!!


    Saturday morning is hot stuff, with Eddie G and Bogie and Bette Davis all starring in KID GALAHAD (1937) at 6am!!! Then it's Eddie G returning with a riveting performance in THE SEA WOLF (1941) along with John Garfield and Ida Lupino!!! 50's sci fi action is up next with THE NIGHT THE WORLD EXPLODED (1957), with Kathryn Grant, William Leslie, and Tris Coffin!!! Then it's a wrap on the "Nick Carter" MGM mystery series, starring Walter Pidgeon and Donald Meek (as Bartholemew the Bee Keeper LOL), and Karen Verne this time around in SKy MURDER (1940)!!! And if you dig on your Randolph Scott oaters, up at 1:45pm, it's Scott with Marguerite Chapman and George Macready in CORONER CREEK (1948)!!!


    Saturday night it's "To the Lifeboats"!!! Kickin' the theme off with, natch, LIFEBOAT (1944) directed by Hitch, and starring Tallulah Bankhead, William Bendix and Walter Slezak, believe it or not, I haven't seen this flick before and am really looking forward to it!!! Then it's a riveting drama, claustrophobic and revolving on moral dilemmas throughout, Tyrone Power delivering the goods in ABANDON SHIP!!, also with Mai Zetterling, Lloyd Nolan, and Stephen Boyd!!! If you've never seen this one, I'd highly recommend it!!


    Sunday morning at 6am, it's a couple of pre-code Fay Wray gems, the first VIVA VILLA! (1934), along with Wally Beery, also with Leo Carillo, George E Stone, and Stuart Erwin, then it's the big daddy of 'em all, KING KONG (1933), Fay starring with my main man Robert Armstrong and Bruce Cabot!!! Then at 10am it's the "Sunday with Hitch" theme kickin' in, and up first perhaps my favorite Hitch flick of 'em all, NUMBER SEVENTEEN (1932), a verV cool flick with Anne Grey and Leon M Lion!!! I really dig on this one! And up for the Silent Sunday feature, Hitch gets all rustic on us with THE FARMER'S WIFE (1928)!!!


    Whew, that's some week of flix we have in store for us!!! Thank you, TCM, for providing us with all these totally groovy flix!!!

  8. This flick just has a way of drawing me in!!! I was not really intending to watch this last night, watching some flix from earlier in the week from the DVR instead, but in between flix, the input was back to cable, and natch it's on TCM, this flick was about 15 min in or so...I started watching...and I was toast, man! Completely toast. Couldn't take my eyes off the screen for the remainder of this riveting awesome flick!!!


    This one is my favorite later Hitch flick, as I tend to like his early stuff best otherwise. Just rocks!

  9. Hibi, I'm so happy to hear that you were able to get everything on your DVR that you wanted to!!! And yeah, I think SMART BLONDE and CHINATOWN are two of the best, but please let me know what you think of FLy AWAy BABy from the daytime block, for example? I really dig on all the Torchy's!! And totally can't wait to spring this open for myself this weekend!!! I haven't had an opportunity to catch any of it yet, busy work week and I have to work some today too, but Sun and Mon? Look out, it's all Glenda for me!! :)


    WBF, thank you for sharing your thoughts about the day as well! I totally agree, it's a glued to your telly kind of day for sure!!!

  10. TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Mon, Sept 2-Sun, Sept 8!!


    It's time to get on down with TCM once again as the grooves will resume their (mostly) weekly presence!! These will be what I will groove, or think I will groove to, each week, but feel free to suggest your own!!! It's a big old bad world of grooves and moves, so let's do it together!!


    Before we hit it for Mon, Sept 2, I gotta shout it out for the Hitch Sunday tributes which kick off this Sun, Sept 1, with notably MURDER (1930) with Herbert Marshall, an early Hitch flick that I totally dig on!! I will say my preferences are generally for earlier Hitch, so that's my sweet groove spot for sure!! This flick airs at 10am EST and just before it, not Hitch, but my main man John Hamilton stars, along with Donald Meek, in an "Inspector Carr" mystery short from 1932, THE SKULL MURDER MySTERy!!! Dig these totally!! Also airing later in the day, midnight to be exact, is the 1926 THE LODGER, with Ivor Novello!!! Followed by a non-Hitch short, THE DEVIL'S CABARET (1928) with Charles "Ming the Merciless" Middleton himself!! Then at 2am it's one of my all time Hitch faves, BLACKMAIL (1929)!!! Gotta dig it!!!


    Then it's on to Monday, and my biggest daytime groove is gotta be the riveting noir flick, PITFALL (1948), starring Dick Powell, Lizabeth Scott, Jane Wyatt, Raymond Burr, and John Litel. Directed by Andre De Toth, this is a flick I have not seen but heard tons about, and can't wait to check it out!!


    Then Monday night, TCM kicks off one of its most ambitious theme presentations ever, across several days and months, "The Story of Film" kicks off in grand style with a host of early silent films, including AN EDISON ALBUM (1893-1912), LUMIERE'S FIRST PICTURE SHOWS (1895-1897), a documentary about this time period, 1895-1918, and so much more including A HOUSE DIVIDED (1913), FALLING LEAVES (1912), THE SQUAW MAN (1914), first of CB DeMille's 3 versions of this story!!, THE BIRTH OF A NATION (1915), and ORPHANS OF THE STORM (1921)!!! This totally freakin' rocks!!!


    And it will continue to rock out on Tuesday night, but before we head there, Tuesday day will feature a Gilbert Roland fest, first with Buster Keaton, Jimmy Durante, and Polly Moran in the pre-code comedy THE PASSIONATE PLUMBER (1932), airing @ 8am!! Up at 11:45am, it's a rare screening (premiere??) of ISLE OF MISSING MEN (1942), with Gilbert, John Howard, and Helen Gilbert!!! I've not ever seen that one and can't wait to do so!!!


    Then Tuesday night we're back to the early silent flix, with INTOLERANCE (1916), WAy DOWN EAST (1920), HAXAN (1922), THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE (1922), and before we kick into Wednesday's daytime feature, THE WIND (1928) airing at 7:15am on Wed morning!!!


    Brian Keith is the watchword for Wed daytime, with a block of his flix including a cold war agit-prop flick that looks like fun at 8:45am, THE BAMBOO PRISON (1955), followed by Brian and Bette Davis and Kim Hunter in another 50's themed flick, STORM CENTER (1956)!! Up at 1:15pm a Sam Peckinpah directed western, THE DEADLy COMPANIONS (1961) looks to rock the house with Brian, Maureen O'Hara, and Steve Cochran!!! Dig it!


    It's been a rockin' week so far, but Thursday really kicks it into high gear with early talkie and pre-code flix throughout most of the daytime!!! Kickin' it off at 6am, it's Al Jolson in the landmark flick, THE JAZZ SINGER (1927)!!! Then it's Lew Ayres, Jimmy Cagney, my main man Dwight Frye, and Dorothy Mathews in THE DOORWAy TO HELL (1930)!!! If you've not seen this one and you dig early gangster flix, I highly recommend it!! Then it's Eddie G and Douglas Fairbanks Jr along with Glenda Farrell in the classic LITTLE CAESAR (1930), followed by Dorothy Mackaill and Lewis Stone in the pre-code THE OFFICE WIFE (1930)!! The pre-code portion of our day concludes with Babs Stanwyck, Ricardo Cortez, va-va-va-voom Joan Blondell, and Charles Butterworth in ILLICIT (1931)!!! Rocks!


    Thursday nights belong to the sexy Kim Novak throughout the month of September and we kick it off with a documentary, live from the TCM Classic Film Festival!!! Wow, that's totally awesome!!! I can't wait to see that!! Later, we'll catch Kim in such rockin' flix as THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM (1955) with Ol Blue Eyes himself!!!, PUSHOVER (1954) a coolio noir with Freddie Mac, and 5 AGAINST THE HOUSE (1955), another coolio noir with Brian Keith!!


    Friday kicks off with a Marsha Hunt two-fer...Marsha is such a cutie patootie!!! THE AFFAIRS OF MARTHA (1942), with Richard Carlson and Marjorie Main, followed by LOST ANGEL (1943) with Margaret O'Brien, James Craig, Donald Meek, and Keenan Wynn!! This is such a cool little under-the-radar flick!!! Then it's another one directed by Roy Rowland, A STRANGER IN TOWN (1943) with Frank Morgan, Richard Carlson, Robert Barrat, Porter Hall, John Hodiak, Chill Wills, and Donald MacBride--has a feel of a Capra flick, and one that I'd highly recommend!!


    Friday Night Spotlight will be "Future Shock", and this week we kick off at 8pm with METROPOLIS (1927)--nuff said!!! Then the intriguing THINGS TO COME (1936)!!


    Saturday, we pick up where we left off before SUTS at 10:45am with the "Nick Carter" series, this time it's PHANTOM RAIDERS (1940) with Walter Pidgeon in the lead role, along with beekeeper Donald Meek (totally cracks me up in this series!!), Florence Rice and Nat Pendleton!! Dig it!!


    TCM Underground this week features THE AWFUL DR ORLOFF (1964) a creepy flick starring Howard Vernon!! Then it's the horror classic, BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935) with Boris, Colin, Elsa, Una, and Dwight!!! Late nights never had it so good!!


    Then it's back to Hitch most of the day Sunday, with the one I'm most looking forward to up for the Silent feature (12:45am this week), and a flick I've not seen before, THE RING (1927)!!!


    Whew, that's a pretty groovin' week if I ever did dig on one!!! Thanks TCM for the movin' picture grooves, and here's wishes to all my bro's and sis' here on the TCM boards to have yourself a groovy happy week, filled with lots of radical movie-enjoyment!!!

  11. Andy!! I agree!!!

    *GLENDA* YES! Hotcha!!


    And absolutely dig on my men Barton MacLane and Tom Kennedy in the "Torchy" series! Oh yeah!


    Sans FIN!!! Your post totally had me cracking it up over here!!! Good stuff!!!


    Can't wait, wish I could take the day off, but will have to digest the day in pieces from the DVR! Don't fail me now, DVR!!!


    Diggin' TCM, every which way but loose!

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