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  1. Hibi, so happy you had a chance to view this flick!!! Thank you also for taking the time to share your thoughts about it! Actually kinda agree with ya about the plot points and such, but it's such a compelling and fun watch for me, I pretty much ignore those every time I check this one out! I totally agree with you about the cleaning lady, I do think they were probably going for some irony there, for sure! Thanks again!!!
  2. Calvin, I'm with you! I can't wait to check this flick out myself! Hope it's a nice print as well!!! Oh by the by, TCM has slipped in a couple of groovy shorts around the Silent Sunday feature!!! At 11:49pm, THE NAUGHTY NINETIES from 1951, but featuring tunes from the 20's!!! And just after MICKEY @ 1:17am, Laurel and Hardy show up in BEAU HUNKS from 1931!!!! Dig it!!
  3. MusicalNovelty, I totally dug on BORN FOR TROUBLE!!! What a cool flick! Nice humor mixed in with mystery and crime, and done well at that!!! Faye Emerson really had that doe-eye look down, she was stunning! I was a bit surprised at the revelation, though not entirely, I just didn't think they'd go there, but they did! Usually authority types are not often questioned in these low-budget programmers--sometimes they are, but not usually that sort of authority figure! Good stuff!
  4. Miss Wonderly, I am not a fan of hot weather! I love my days filled with snow and ice! But I have to tell ya...my TV was on FIRE in the wee hours this morning watching THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE, and those scenes with the dames in their lingerie! Oh man, I had to take an ICE cold shower after that! Wooooowooowooowoooo!
  5. Sans Fin! Your post totally rox!!! You got the groove!! I should mention that my grooves will be taking a hiatus for the month of August (at least on a weekly basis, I may pop in and hang out for some of the days here and there). Keep on diggin' on those crazy TCM flix!
  6. TCM Flix To Groove Hard To!!!! Mon, July 22-Sun, July 28!!! Hope everyone is enjoying a totally groovy summer and having fun watching TCM flix, staying cool in that summer heat, guys and dolls!! TCM is sure not shy about keeping the heat on and they kick it off hard on Monday, July 22 with a day filled with 30's and 40's band flix and shorts!!! Dig those cool tunes, daddio!!! Busby Berkeley hits it hard at 6am with HOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1937), starring crooner Dick Powell, Rosemary and Lola Lane, Ted Healy, Alan Mowbray, Hugh Herbert, and spunky Glenda Farrell!! Busby keeps the grooves revv
  7. Sans Fin, I'm totally stoked that you grooved watching THE FALCON'S ADVENTURE today! I had to work today so didn't have a chance to catch it yet (DVR though!), but I've seen it before, natch. I agree with you overall, I think it was a good flick, and that folk back then probably didn't notice, but as the 40's wore on, these series films which had been very popular over nearly 2 decades were fading, with the advent of TV, I guess. Anyhoo...yeah, sad to see this series go. As I've said before, I wish TCM would be able to get their mitts on the 3 Falcon flix made after RKO stopped doing the s
  8. OMG, this is a true treasure!!! I can't thank you enough for providing these for our enjoyment and to cherish!!!! So wonderful, thank you, thank you, thank you!!
  9. Slayton, I totally agree!!! OMG, she is such a cutie patootie!!! :x And that flick...wow! Coolio pre-code, which I'm all about!
  10. Hibi, please let us know what you think of it when you see it? I am not sure this is a great movie, but I always have totally dug it! It just seems to hit it on all cylinders for me, and the ending...wow. Won't spoil it for you at all, but yeah, it's a totally groovin' flick!
  11. Lavenderblue, thank you so much for sharing that story of you and your Dad watching Cagney flix together! I'm glad you'll have those memories to cherish always, and also glad that we'll have these flix to enjoy which we can on so many different and uniquely personal levels! Tom, I also want to thank you for the lowdown on Cagney that you provided earlier in the thread to parallel that of Eddie G's! I agree with your assessment as well, that Bogie probably, pound for pound, appeared in a greater collection of heavy hitter flix in the 40's and even into the 50's than his tough guy co
  12. > {quote:title=SansFin wrote:}{quote} > > {quote:title=markbeckuaf wrote:}{quote} > > Sans Fin, thank you for your post too, it cracked me up!!! > I thank you for your kind words but I believe you give me far more credit than I deserve. It is my belief that you were cracked long before we met. > Hahaha!!! I'm sure you are right-on!!
  13. Sans Fin, thank you for your post too, it cracked me up!!! I agree with you 100% about the Falcon flix!!! Tom Conway is so totally smooth! I was watching last week's, and had to back up and watch some scenes twice, that's how much I dig his presence on the screen!! It really works it for me! I could prob watch mysteries from the 30's and 40's all the time and just be totally doing the twist!
  14. Nora, thank you so much for your kind comments, and for sharing your thoughts!!! I totally agree with you about Nancy Carroll and CHILD OF MANHATTAN!!! Myself, personally, I groove hard to any pre-code flick, no matter how slight it may be! They generally pack a wallop of interest for me!!
  15. I'm totally looking forward to seeing this flick, as I've never seen it before!!! Rock it!
  16. Calvin, I hope you know that you totally, totally rock!!! Cos you do!!! Lots of coolio stuff, but one thing I kinda noticed is that there is a noir flick going on every Saturday morning at 8:30 or 9am!!! That's awesomelicious!
  17. Tom, I totally agree, and totally dig on both DOWNSTAIRS and THE CAPTAIN WHO HATES THE SEA!!! The latter flick I only caught the first time a few weeks ago on TCM, and dug it enough to DVR it from this week's Gilbert fest to dig on again! I think the director mentioned to the studio that he was having trouble getting done on time cos everyone was pretty much soused most of the time! ****! And yeah, DOWNSTAIRS rocks! Gilbert was soooo smooth, I totally agree with you! Sad how things turned out.
  18. > {quote:title=FredCDobbs wrote:}{quote} > > Lois Moran stole the show as the golddigger who falls in love with the drunken mug! I love her SO much, she's so cute and spunky and sexy as heck!! > Hey! She's MY girl! > > She is wonderful in this film. > > No way, Fred, my man!!! She was a dreamboat! That scene where she surprises Gilbert's character by racing to his western ranch and is waiting for him in his bed in sexy lingerie....Um...I'm def not passing up that bit of cheese cake!! Nossir!!
  19. I'm not quite sure why this flick gets short shrift, cos I really dug it hard! John Gilbert is wonderful in it, I thought, and Lois Moran stole the show as the golddigger who falls in love with the drunken mug! I love her SO much, she's so cute and spunky and sexy as heck!! I also dig on her golddigger gf, played by Gwen Lee! Admittedly, El Brendel, John's sidekick, is an acquired taste, but he has some comic moments, particularly in the courtroom and also with Willie Fung!!! This was a soft-hearted romantic flick from the pre-code era and one that moved me to tears at the end! I totally
  20. Tom, that's an excellent highlight post of Eddie G's film career, and even at that, still doesn't hit all of his wonderful flicks, so many fine performances rendered by this amazing actor!!! Oh and I'd add THE LITTLE GIANT (1933) to the list of Eddie's fine gangster spoofs! That one totally rocked as well!! Thanks again for a magnificent and radically cool thread!
  21. Musicalnovelty, thank you very much for all that awesome background info on BORN FOR TROUBLE!!! I kinda dig the original title better, though, just my kinda cheapjack goodness!! I'm totally looking forward to watching this one!!
  22. > {quote:title=FredCDobbs wrote:}{quote}NO ORCHIDS FOR MISS BLANDISH (1948)!!! > > This is a fun movie ! > > Mostly British actors, filming in London, but in an American style gangster film set in either New York or Chicago. > > Jack La Rue is really good and mean in this film. I love Jack La Rue films! Oh yeah, this flick totally rocks!!! I can't wait to check it again this Saturday morning!!
  23. > {quote:title=FredCDobbs wrote:}{quote}I'm watching these John Gilbert movies ! > > THE PHANTOM OF PARIS is really good ! Fred!! I'm totally looking forward to catching up to John Gilbert's flix from the other day! Had to DVR all of 'em as I had to work long hours this week, but hey, something to def look forward to! I think that one is the one I'm MOST looking forward to, but all of them are pretty groovy!!
  24. Hibi, I'm sorry you didn't groove to this past week's Falcon flick! I hope you enjoy this week and next week much better! I actually missed last week's as well, but have it on DVR to groove to soon! I've seen all these before though! I think as the series wound down, they did lose a little steam, and the last two flix are actually re-makes of sorts of some of the early flix when George was sleuthing (and wolfing!!) in the lead role! These flix show up from time to time and TCM does a pretty good job of airing series flix from time to time in blocks or like this from week to week, so
  25. TCM Flix To Groove Hard To!!! Monday, July 15-Sunday, July 21!!! I hope all cool cats and groovy chicks are having a blast watching your favorite flix on TCM!! Before I dive into this week's grooves, feel free to check out my thoughts regarding the current week found here: http://forums.tcm.com/thread.jspa?threadID=169949&tstart=30 Monday morning we kick it right off with a Stewart Granger tribute, at 6am we find ourselves in suspense with THE WHOLE TRUTH (1958), a flick I've not seen before, but gotta check it, also starring George Sanders and Donna Reed! This is followed by a
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