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  1. Kingrat!! Thank you very much for the endorsement for ST MARTIN'S LANE!!! I won't be home on Sat morning unfortunately, but do have it on my DVR record list!
  2. Hibi and SansFin, I hope you both totally groove hard to THE FALCON'S ALIBI!!!! I love all the Falcon flix really! This one...is probably not screened that often, as it nears the end of the run, so it's awesome to be able to check it out!!!
  3. Well, during the daytime anyhoo!!! I totally dig on John Gilbert, and the day provides us with silents and early pre-code/talkies!!! My kind of rockin' day!!! TCM, you guys are totally boss for providing us with this much luscious joy!!! Here's the lineup! Be there, or be square, daddio!!! h1. 6:30 AM h2. [bardelys the Magnificent (1926)|http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/490224/Bardelys-the-Magnificent/] A notorious womanizer falls for the woman he has bet he can trick into marriage. *Dir*: [King Vidor|http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/person/198681%7C94180/King-Vidor/] *Cast*: [
  4. Tom, first, wow, my man, just an incredibly lay down there of three of my favorite actors of all time!!! Wow! I love the WB style of the early to mid-30's and these 3 figured prominently at that time! And into the 40's with Bogie really doing most of the big stuff by that time, but wow, all of these are totally groovy!!! I can't really choose, they all bring strengths to the table. All of them, while similar, are distinctly unique in their style and approach as well as their respective screen presences. Eddie G is not just one of my favorite "tough guy" actors, but he's probably
  5. Lavenderblue, you're most welcome! I'm so glad you will have a chance to totally groove to A WOMAN OF AFFAIRS!! It's a totally rockin' flick on a day filled with totally rockin' flix!!
  6. I totally dig this flick, and it will be screened this morning at 6:15am EST on TCM!!! Woohoooo! Allen Jenkins and Hugh Herbert are a couple of bumblin', stumblin', fumblin' detectives on the case (if you can call it that!!) investigating a lighthouse supposedly haunted by an octopus!!! It's zany, wacky, weird, and loads of groovy fun!!! Dig it! And thank you for the early AM treat, TCM!!
  7. TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Monday, July 8-Sunday, July 14!! Hey, hope everyone is totally grooving and hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend and will enjoy a fantabulous week ahead!!! For a glimpse at my grooves for the remainder of this current week you are invited to visit this thread: http://forums.tcm.com/thread.jspa?threadID=169868&tstart=45 And to get us started check out those "Herrrrrrrrresssss Johnnnnnnny!!!" interviews that TCM is laying on us on Monday nights in the month of July!!! This week it will be, starting at 8pm est: Doris Day, Charlton Heston, Che
  8. I want to add that I'll be totally groovin' to the rest of today's lineup too, an omission on my part when I was hallucinatin' up my grooves for this week!!! The rest of today's daytime lineup looks pretty coolio, and here it, plucked right from the schedule: h1. 12:30 PM h2. [God's Country And The Woman (1936)|http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/76554/God-s-Country-And-The-Woman/] A lady lumberjack falls for one of her workers, not realizing it's a business rival in disguise. *Dir*: [William Keighley|http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/person/99957%7C155882/William-Keighley/] *Cast*: [Ge
  9. Hope you're groovin' hard to today's TCM lineup!!! It's a good one, particularly enjoyed the early talkies and the silent that led off the day!! Rock it! And happy Canada Day to you and yours and all our other Canadian cool cats and kittens who are fans of TCM and members of the board!! Dig it!
  10. Sans Fin, you are MOST welcome!!! And thank you for always checking in with my weekly grooves, it's very much appreciated!! And also thank you for your feedback on flix you will be grooving to (or not as the case may be)!!!
  11. Oh man, Miss Wonderly and our other Canadian fellow TCM cats and kittens---sorry for neglecting to mention that today's theme was all about Canada in honor of Canada Day!!! An oversight, and I'm sorry 'bout that!!! To those who are celebratin' it, hope you're grooving hard to the day's lineup!!
  12. Boom! Thank you, CS, for the link and announcement! You rock! I'll add to the "rockin'" list, Calvin, for always being a step ahead of the "official" schedule release, and all the work that goes into that! And Lynn this time for previewing the coolio Film series that TCM is introducing for us in the month of September, but will be spanning across a few months in scope! You all rock!
  13. > {quote:title=TomJH wrote:}{quote}Mr. Muller, it's been a really fun ride this month watching those film noirs, along with your pungent comments both before and after each film. In particular, I'd like to thank you and TCM for introducing me to The Burglar, which I had never seen before. > > > One more thing, Mr. Muller, you've been a class act for coming on these boards and sharing your opinions with us here. I want to put in a special thanks for that. > > > It is my sincere hope that we will see you on the channel again soon. You've been a great host. Your l
  14. Calvin, as always, thank you VERY much for all of the amazing work and effort you put into researching and tracking down these early schedule previews for us! You rock!!!
  15. Wow...I miss this ALREADY!!! I'm like...noooo, this can't be the last one! Maybe a new feature could be "Eddie Muller From the Shadows", a weekly noir feature??? I stole that from his last line from his last outro of the month, the one to *THE BIG SLEEP* It was a fantabulous one! I watched *LEOPARD MAN* then had to snooze, woke up and watched *MURDER MY SWEET* then *THE BIG SLEEP*, and just now getting to *DEADLINE AT DAWN* ! I think this flick is underrated, IMO. It's a goodie!! But oh so baaaaaaad!!!
  16. Miss Wonderly, I had to rewind my DVR copy of the flick, and it does say based on the novel "Black Alibi" by Cornell Woolrich. I'm totally happy to hear so many cool cats and kittens dug this flick!!! I agree with the atmosphere, and it may have two of the most intense scenes in any horror flick ever!!!! That actor who you said looks like Kevin Spacey, I agree! He also shows up, as do many of the other cast members, in several of the Val Lewton (as well as other mid-budget flicks from that time frame from RKO!) flicks!! Very glad you grooved to this flick! It's one of my favori
  17. THE LEOPARD MAN is such a cool flick! I'm really digging this in prime time!!
  18. Wow, I dunno!!! I'll have to watch him more carefully during tonight's intros!!! I wonder what Eddie thinks about it???!!! I remember thinking he looks cool the first time I'd ever seen him. Before then, I'd only heard his voice on various audio commentaries on DVD's. When I first saw him, I thought he "looked" like his voice, which doesn't always happen, so that was kinda coolio!
  19. > {quote:title=SansFin wrote:}{quote}This is stunning beyond comprehension. > > I believe this is the most eclectic and electric list of movies ever compiled. > > > > *BOOM!* I'm with SansFin!! Wowza! And.. Lyn, thank you for bringing this all to light for us! You are the Bomb!
  20. > {quote:title=Hibi wrote:}{quote}I'm sorry to see it end! I wish TCM would designate a night noir night. Or a weekly show like the Essentials for noirs and show the more obscure ones that dont get much airplay.... I'm with you, Hibi!!! I'd love it if it was a full time Friday night feature (or something like that) actually! That would rock! I miss the "Darkness After Dawn" flick that used to air early Sat mornings! In fairness, TCM does show a ton of noir flix, but it would be cool to have a regular all night feature, for sure!!
  21. Oh yeah, and another *boom* shout out to Miss Wonderly for starting this groovalicious thread, wherein we've had some discussions that have been out of this universe, including even Eddie Muller his own bad self!!! You rock, Miss Wonderly!!!
  22. I sure am glad for these Friday Night Noir fests, cos they sure keep me home, glued to the telly, and out of all kinds of trouble!!! I don't know about all y'all, but the Noir/Crime Writers fest goes out with a BANG-A-GONG tonight, what a killer lineup!!! THE LEOPARD MAN, now you say what?? Well, aside from the writer theme, it's also from the Val Lewton cycle of horror from RKO studios in the 40's, and man, were they ever psychological, moody, atmospheric, and lent the suggestion that some of this *might* be in our mind, but then again, it might not! It's tense, taut, and this fli
  23. SansFin, I know you said that you thought tomorrow (Friday) would be one of the grooviest ever for you (at least most of the flix on the schedule), so just wanted to wish you a very happy Groovy Flix Day!!! I hope you enjoy!!!
  24. TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!!! Mon, July 1-Sun, July 7!!! Hey, I hope everyone is having groovy times digging on the awesome flix provided us by those cool cats at TCM!!! It's holiday week (for many viewers), so my personal grooves are a little slimmer than usual typically but they are still out there, for sure!! For a glimpse at my grooves for the remainder of this current week you are invited to visit this thread: http://forums.tcm.com/thread.jspa?threadID=169767&tstart=0 And before I dive into the grooves starting July 1, I gotta, just gotta, give a hearty shout out to E
  25. Wow, Thelma, you are totally on it!!! That's SO great! I'll be doing it, but haven't had a chance yet, but thank you for both the model and inspiration!!
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