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  1. Sans Fin, you're totally crackin' me up today!!! Thanks for putting smiles a plenty on my mug!! It's totally cool to see what turns folks on (or off) about one flick vs another! Dig it!
  2. Hibi!! Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that!!! I hope TCM airs it again VERY soon for you!!! It's not aired that frequently, but it does show up from time to time. Hopefully sooner than later!! Do you use a cable company DVR? I do and I wish it was larger!!! I always seem to be running out of room on it!
  3. > {quote:title=SansFin wrote:}{quote} > The actors were all competent and I can not complain of any performance but I found also no one thing to applaud. When so many of them had a reason to use the telephone it went through my mind that each and every one of them felt a desperate need to call their agent to see if there was a better role for them elsewhere. > > OMG, Sans Fin, this paragraph totally cracked me up!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the flick! I'm sorry it wasn't more to your liking, I tend to groove to it a bit more than you and Fred did
  4. I agree, it would be radically awesome for those with Comcast! Let's write 'em!
  5. Fred, if you do happen to watch it, I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts on it as well! Though I totally get what you are saying, this one is a low-budget character study and a pretty darn good and underrated one, I'd say!!
  6. Sans Fin, awesome, I hope you do get to view DIAL 1119!! Would you mind sharing your thoughts about the film once you've had a chance to screen it??? Mucho appreciated!!!
  7. Fred, you've hit it, my man!!! I agree with you and can def relate!!! Wow...yeah, from the outside, you're like watching the train wreck ahead, and going, Mick, Mick, watch out, dude...no, don't do that, noooooo! But when you're inside looking out, it's not always that clear, yanno?? I totally dig this flick! It's zany, crazy, Mick is outta control and getting caught in that inevitable downward spiral, Peter Lorre is deliciously slimy and nasty, and man...well, it's a rockin' flick! There are def some elements that defy the laws of gravity and realism, but still it's interesting enoug
  8. Hibi, glad you were able to groove to some Mamie last night! I would rate VICE RAID and GUNS, GIRLS AND GANGSTERS about even in my groove-o-meter, but yeah, it was nice to see VICE RAID, a new flick for me this time around!!!! SEX KITTENS is different, but check it out!!! Hope you were able to make enough space for today's groovin' crime/noir fest!!!
  9. Andy, I'm super psyched that you're enjoying the day!!! Groove hard!!! I agree, it's pretty awesome! But if it's not enough for anyone, check out 3 of the flix airing tomorrow (noted in the very bottom of my first post)!! Especially the first two (they aren't back-to-back-to-back but spread out a bit over the morning/day), they totally rock as well!!!
  10. Twink, I sure wish I could help you with that!!! I hope you are able to get up on time!!! These flix are groovy hard!!
  11. With a nod to the former feature on TCM, "Darkness After Dawn", TCM will be airing a full day of noir/crime flix all from the year 1950, for the daytime lineup tomorrow, Wed, June 26th!!! Gotta check it out for sure (full schedule listed below)!!! Some aren't screened that often, such as DOUBLE DEAL (coolio little low budget flick with Marie Windsor--boom chakka lakka!!), QUICKSAND (1950) with The Mick, Peter Lorre and Cagney's sister as the femme fatale--boyhowdee!!!, DESTINATION MURDER which is just creepy as all get out and has a really cool twist in the plot about 2/3 of the way through!!
  12. Those are awesome cool choices!!!! I'd be totally down for something like that!!! I'd also LOVE beyond words a SOTM for Bela Lugosi!!!! I'd be totally trippin' out!
  13. I'm so sorry I missed your birthday, Kyle, my main man! I hope it was a totally awesome one! Many best wishes throughout the year!!!
  14. Oh yeah, baby, it's ON!!! Tonight at 6pm it's Eddie G, Jean Arthur, Wally Ford, Edward Brophy and a cast of characters in the totally awesome THE WHOLE TOWN'S TALKING from 1935!!! Dual role brilliance from Eddie G, portraying both a vicious underworld gangster, and a meek unassuming clerk! Eddie's top of the line, baby, and we've got him this evening! Then the first flick of tonight's Eleanor Parker fest is Kirk Douglas and Eleanor, along with another fantabulous cast in DETECTIVE STORY (1951)!!! Tense gripping drama with a dash of noir, and a bit of crime!!! But it's a lot more than tha
  15. Miss Wonderly and Tom!!! Thank you both so much for your kind words!!! I do get totally excited about the flix on TCM!!! It's a treasure trove of amazing cinematic experiences!!! I have to say both of you are quite enthusiastic about films here as well, and also both of you bring so much thoughtful contributions to any discussion of which you partake!!! VERY glad to have met both of you through this magical board!
  16. I agree with Eugenia, Geminigirl, that is a really cool way of determining what to watch!!! I usually have so many films from TCM backlogged on the trusty DVR that I usually stick with that, and even then, I'm sometimes all in a tizzy as to what to watch next!!! Just so many groovy flix to be diggin'!!
  17. Oh, and Miss Wonderly!!!! I can't thank you enough for starting up the Friday Night Noir thread on here!!! It's SUCH a cool thread with tons of awesome discussion, and even Eddie Muller himself has chimed in a few times, wow!!! (I'm a fanboy I fully admit!!) Also a place to just dance in the streets together over such a totally incredibly rocking month of Friday flix!!!
  18. > {quote:title=AndyM108 wrote:}{quote} I have to admit that there are about 10 musicals I absolutely love, including Singing In The Rain, but mainly those 3 classic Berkeleys from 1933. I pray to Buddha in the Joss House that those films will always be with us, and I could probably watch Cagney and Keeler performing "Shanghai Lil" in an endless loop for 24 hours and still never get sick of it. To me that song is *the* cinematic highlight of the 1930's. OMG, I SO agree with you about those Busby 1933 musical gemstones!!! They SO rock!! I tend to dig pre-code and early talkie mu
  19. Miss Wonderly!!!! I've been totally groovin' hard to all these noir and B flix on TCM lately!!! Thank you so much for asking, and I would like to know how you've been doing?? I hope you've also been groovin'?? Oh yes, I noticed that you pointed that out, I'm sorry I didn't say anything at the time that you did so! I meant to, but it got away from me somehow! It was indeed in THE BEAT GENERATION where Mitch the younger pops up, and man did he have a soft spot for Mamie!!! I have to give him props, cos who wouldn't??!! What a totally coolio night of flix that was!!!
  20. > {quote:title=EugeniaH wrote:}{quote}I'm still amazed in reading what clore had mentioned a while back: > > *Not only didn't he get a nomination for this, but he never got one for any film that he made. He also didn't live to receive an honorary Oscar awarded in 1973.* > > That's a shame! I agree 100%!!!
  21. Val, thank you for the endorsement of TOKYO DRIFTER!!! It's not a flick I've seen before and am totally looking foward to it!!!
  22. > {quote:title=JefCostello wrote:}{quote}Here's how good Edward G. Robinson was. > > In my opinion, he dominates both Steve McQueen and Humphrey Bogart, in "Cincinatti Kid' and "Key Largo". These were two men who were almost impossible to dominate on the big screen, especially considering how big a stars they were at the time those two films were made. > > Didn't matter whether Robinson was playing a loud, boisterous gangster, or a laid back card player. He has incredible screen presence at any point in his career. > > Double Indemnity was the same way, a
  23. Andy thank you so much for sharing your thoughts regarding GUNS, GIRLS AND GANGSTERS and VICE RAID. I agree, both are classic B films from the era, and were totally groovy! I totally rocked out to both, especially this time, VICE RAID, as I'd not seen that one before. Would be rad if these would appear on a DVD box set sometime.
  24. Man what an awesome night that was!!!! I crashed about half way through the night, but woke early to finish up and it was just so cool! Really appreciated Eddie Muller's comments before and after each flick! And man, Raft, I was just riveted to the screen in what was just a fair mystery film, but livened up considerably by his screen presence!!! As has been mentioned, Raft is not gonna win any acting awards, but his screen presence...man, I love that tough mug!! Just watching him walk around is fun to watch for me!!! One scene in the flick is indelibly imprinted on my noir imaginings: Whe
  25. Hmmm...Fred, interesting question! I'm not sure I would say the movie is dull by any means if you completely excise either the Eddie G character, or imagine him being played by someone else. But man, I really can't even imagine this flick without Eddie G! First up, he's my all time favorite actor, man, he's the bomb! And his very presence in a flick just sends it to another level of cool. All I can say is that certainly the flick is much better WITH Eddie G in it, that is for sure!!
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