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  1. > {quote:title=FredCDobbs wrote:}{quote}In VICE RAID, Richard Coogan was very good as the policeman. He was later in several TV shows. > Oh yes, I thought he looked totally familiar! He played like the Lt right? Richard Coogan always has a real strong screen presence, always works well as tough mugs, cops or the like. He does show up a lot in TV shows, always a pleasure!
  2. Man, you know how when you're a workin' stiff, you sorta always look forward to Fridays (provided you work the regular type of work week, that is)??? Well, with Friday Night Noir, it makes looking forward to Fridays even more outrageously awesome!!!! I mean, wow! Here I am counting the hours and minutes until my big bad boy George Raft hits the screen tonight!!! Man, I dig that dude!! I simply cannot wait!!! And the other flix are rock 'em, sock 'em too, no doubt about it!! And wow, we even have some contributions here on our board and in this thread from Eddie Muller himself, that's jus
  3. Fred, did you get a chance to see the namesake of this thread as well? I thought Mamie acted really well in GUNS, GIRLS AND GANGSTERS!! If you have a chance, let me know what you think when you see it if you do? Unlike you I love the look of the 50's dames, like Mamie, but I totally understand what you're saying! Hey, I also love the look of early 30's dames too! Not to mention mugs!!
  4. Fred!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on VICE RAID!!! I think it blended in my sleep-addled, just woke up in the middle of the night braine with some of the other flix, but I did think some of the dialogue was rockin'! A lot like low-budget noir's I tend to dig. Your thoughts on the flick definitely makes me want to catch all of it from the beginning! What I saw of it (bits and pieces of the latter half) looked totally awesome to me!
  5. Sans Fin! Thank you SO much for always sharing your thoughts in my groove fests!!! I really appreciate that you are interested in reading and sharing some of your own grooves with us!!! I have found several that you've mentioned that I tried out and dug!!! Thank you for that! I feel it's all a big groove and we're all just sharing what trips our wire and floats those boats, yanno???!! I'm so happy to hear you dig on THE WHOLE TOWN'S TALKING!!! I really is rockin' to see Eddie G do the dual persona thing! And a great cast to boot!!! And I agree with you about next week's Falcon flick,
  6. > {quote:title=Dargo2 wrote:}{quote}Oh SURE, Mark! No mention of "exciting and fun-packed" "Play-by-Play Account" of *Untamed Youth* here, HUH?! > > (...man, see if I HELP keep you people around here "informed with the latest breaking news" ever again!!!) Haha! Yeah, sorry 'bout that!!! It rocked and I dug it! Sorry!
  7. Miss Wonderly and Hibi, thank you both very much for sharing your thoughts on some of the flix aired last night!!! I totally rocked it!!! I caught UNTAMED YOUTH, but that was it for me for snooze, even though it was not cos of the flick at all, just my usual bed time most week nights! I thought it was a total hoot, loved it!!! I have most of the rest to catch later on the DVR! Course, I've seen GUNS, GIRLS AND GANGSTERS before, and I really dig that, as I have THE GIRL IN BLACK STOCKINGS. I want to catch both again though when I have a chance from the DVR. I woke up in the middle of VICE R
  8. TCM Flix to GROOVE Hard TO! Mon, June 24-Sun, June 30!!! Wow, we're closing out June already!!! To check in on the few remaining days of the current week, I invite you to link to my previous groovesfest here: http://forums.tcm.com/thread.jspa?threadID=169699&tstart=30 And before diving into the flix starting this coming Monday gotta give an additional shout out for tonight's Eddie Muller hosted Noir/crime writers theme!!! You start with George Raft, you are definitely getting my attention, baby! NOCTURNE is where it's at, and Raft is gonna hum my evening along, he's my kind of g
  9. > {quote:title=TopBilled wrote:}{quote} > > Regarding women screenwriters, I think the more famous ones would have to be selected. Sort of like what Eddie Muller is doing with the pulp and noir writers. Maybe one week each could be devoted to: Frances Marion (some of her best screenplays were the basis for movies that are in the Turner Library); Anita Loos; Lillian Hellman; and Dorothy Parker. Maybe even someone more modern like Nora Ephron could be featured, if there were 5 Fridays in a month. > > As for the directors, Arzner would definitely have to be featured.
  10. > {quote:title=Janet0312 wrote:}{quote}Got home from work in time to watch "Guns, Girls & Gansters". Maime seems like a sweet girl, but I want all the men on this thread to answer this one question: Do you prefer a volupuhous woman of the fifties or a stick figure actress of today? Glad to hear you had a chance to catch GUNS, GIRLS AND GANGSTERS!!! Woooh! To answer your question, 50's alllllllll the way!!!! No doubt about it!
  11. Welcome to the board, Jymn!!! I'm so with you, it's crazy!!! Totally dig the 30's!!! My favorite film decade of all time! Dig it! Happy viewing!
  12. Hibi, I've seen two before, both crime flix, and both are excellent, in a low-budget psychotronic sort of way, which I dig. GUNS, GIRLS AND GANGSTERS (natch!!), and THE GIRL IN BLACK STOCKINGS--both are awesome really and highly recommended! I've heard really good things about UNTAMED YOUTH and THE BEAT GENERATION as well!
  13. Oh yeah, baby, tonight is the night! I might have to try to stay up longer than usual on a week night! Dig it!
  14. Tonight's lineup would make a really groovy DVD box set!!! *hint hint*
  15. Hibi, I know what you mean!!! I had to clear some space on the DVR, cos I'll have to watch most from there, rather than live! Should be coolio!
  16. Thanks for noting that, Fred!!! It was a pretty darn groovy night! Tonight is Mamie!!! Dig it!
  17. This is a flick I'd not seen before that I really want to check out! Will do so on the DVR soon, but wanted to thank you all for the great background info on the flick!!! Dig it!
  18. Ok, I know there was another thread about Mamie, but I just *had* to start up one with the title of one of her flix!!! I mean, c'mon, "Guns, Girls and Gangsters"!!! What more could anyone want??! All night long, lots of sleaze, mugs, molls, sexy kittens, gangsters, totally 50's man! Seriously, it's a totally cool flick, one of several that TCM will be airing in honor of sexbomb kitten, Mamie Van Doren, and her psychotronic, groovalicious flix airing all night from prime time to wee hours this Thursday, June 20th!!! Here's the lineup, daddio: And I mean, just look at those titles alone!
  19. > {quote:title=calvinnme wrote:}{quote}I've been wondering where the September schedule is too. I hope they're not making any BIG changes. > So far all of my normal methods of querying the schedule are turning up zip, zilch, nada. Wow, now that's saying a lot! You always do such a totally rockin' job of sniffing out most if not all of the schedule ahead of time! Much appreciated by the way!!! But wow...I wonder what's up! Maybe tons of early Paramount and Universal pre-codes????!!! I can dream, why not dream big!
  20. Wow! I'm thoroughly enjoying the quality of this discussion!!! Lots of really outrageously wonderful thoughts here about this film, about Bogie, Bacall, the other actors, etc! Groove! Now I wish I had saved the flick on the DVR to watch again, cos that's precisely what I wanna do!!! Can't wait until it makes the rounds again on TCM!
  21. Andy, you are SO right!!! NIGHTFALL was indeed, a treat!!! And it totally rocked!!! Wow, the small central cast was really awesome good as well! And you are totally right about Rudy Bond!!! Woah nellie!!! Taut, tense, and intense flick!!!
  22. Tom, I totally dig your review of DARK PASSAGE!!!! I'm kinda guilty of down-lowing this flick as well, but you know what, every time I watch it, as I did last night, I find that I like it more than I remember!!! Weird! It does suck you in and more so with the secondary characters that you mentioned in your review, than the primary ones, IMO! All of them rock, but Clifton James kind of goes against type from what we typically see him in! It works really well, but does unsettle the viewer, initially, I think! I also totally dig the ending, and in a way, though you know Bogie must have gon
  23. Thank you so very much, Sans Fin, for your kind and encouraging words!!! I'm so gratified to hear this, and I'm honored that you visit my thread weekly!! I also love that you share some of your own grooves if you have some that do not match mine, and I encourage everyone to do that! I have found some gems that I was not aware or, nor thought I would enjoy, in this very way!!! As for RAFFLES, wow, I do not see it on the schedule for the coming week? I wish it was, as I totally dig it!!! It would also fit right in for the Thursday day time schedule, as I believe the theme is "one wor
  24. Oh wow, Miss Wonderly that's true!!! Interesting!!! Another bonus, I forgot to mention that the final flick for tonight's theme (at 5am est) will be THE UNFAITHFUL, which is one that I really dig! It was on not long ago, but always a fun ride!
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