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  1. So many excellent posts on this topic! I agree re the danger expressed by the hurtling train, the shrieking whistle, the narrow escapes thru the tunnels.
  2. Thank you to everyone who responded, and especially to twohats! Egad, I DID miss a lot. Will keep my eyes peeled for a return screening.
  3. Hi - I watched "The Train" the other day, and loved it. But I had to step out of the room for a few minutes, and missed a crucial section. I read the synopsis, but was wondering if anyone who saw it can give me some more info. It was when Burt Lancaster had begun driving the train after leaving the hotel, and the station master, Jacques, made the coded phone call about cheese. Next thing I know, there's lots of noise, and when I get back into the room, a train is across the tracks and a locomotive drives right into it. Then the art train (just the cars?) comes along and bumps i
  4. Hi all - Long time viewer, first time posting (which, BTW, I heard someone on TV abbreviate as "long time, first time"!) The NY TImes had a great article on Sept 18 about the upcoming "Architecture in Film" series in October (Stuart Elliott's column "Advertising"). But at the back, there was a mention "Amoung other themes scheduled for next month are...movies about mad scientists..." Anyone know anything about this? I did some searching, and found some such movies, but they didn't seem to be part of a series. Thanks!
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