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  1. Ha Ha Ha - like Thumper, maybe?
  2. Hah!!!!!!! I never remembered it, I got it from your reply to me!!!!!!!
  3. Just want to note a couple of things in this 'Information' Topic. 1. Sometimes we say a movie is in B&W, but we forget that most of us didn't have color TV's back in the 50's and even the early 60's. Many time I have been pleasantly surprised to find a movie I liked as a kid on TV in B&W, is actually in color. 'Meet Me in St Louis' is one. I saw this at 12 years old, and didn't see it again until sometime in the 60's when we had a color TV. Most noir movies WERE B&W, but others, after the war were not. 2. Try to describe the actor/actress because that sometimes help
  4. Holy Canoli, Jack: You're just too 'rounded' for me. Oh well, there's always Bambi slip, sliding on the ice, with Thumper laughing and holding his belly!
  5. It was Steiger, but it was a 'senior' moment that lasted to today, I still couldn't remember. My stroke killed a lot of my memory brain cells and simple things are the hardest to recall. I spent an hour last week trying to recall 'Connery', I had the Sean, but couldn't end it. I make my grandaughters nuts, one's 22, the other is 6, and when both are around, I call each by the others name!!!!
  6. Robert I'm sorry I didn't answer last night, I wanted to catch 'The Clock' and promptly fell asleep after it was over, but lzcutter did a great job in describing the mind set of the day. Actually in 1964, I lost both my grandfather, my uncle, and my girlfriends husband so when I saw the ads, they simply turned me off. I don't recall them too well, just my reaction, but I do seem to picture a newpaper movie section ad with a cemetery, with a coffin superimposed on it and Rod's picture kind of smirking in the background. Since then I've lost my husband, my mother 2 years ago, and my daughter
  7. I prefer being referred to as a 'chick' than having a movie called a 3 hankie movie. I agree with the fellow who said they put women in a lot of westerns and war movies to get the female attendance. I love war movies, and I couldn't imagine how much women would have mucked up The Longest Day, or the Enemy Below. In a case like The Hunt for Red October, the wife and child were needed to illustrate Jacks inability to sleep on planes, whereas after killing the cook, he remembered to get the teddy bear for his little girl, showing his conscience was clear finally. Not all womens' movies bring
  8. Hate to say this Robert, but when this movie came out, the advertisements looked and sounded so morbid, that I never had the urge to see it, plus the fact that I have never been a fan of the star (whose name escapes me right now). Rod something or other. Now at ths point in my life, I've lost too many near and dear people to consider funerals or funeral parlors as a place for comedy, so I probably will never see it.
  9. Dolores: What really burns my butt is the fact that we have to pay at all. When cable first started, it was to be able to get movies on your TV without going to the video store. Then suddenly new little cable stations started popping up showing sewing, travel, special British broadcasts, etc. What I would like to know is, why do we have to pay for it? The cable or dish company is using government owned air to use the satellite. What is the difference between the networks, (ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, etc.) and TNT, or USA? Those channels all use commercials, so they have income from that, I
  10. You may have missed them but, I'm pretty sure the following have been on TCM: Lonely Are the Brave The World in his Arms Mississippi Gambler Walk the Proud Land Tammy & the Bachelor
  11. I never knew Gale Storm made movies either, but from the list provided below, they are not the type of movie I would tune in to, with the exception of 1 or 2 possibly. For those who are unaware of 'My Little Margie', she was kind of a single Lucy, always getting into trouble and working her way out with the help of her neighbor Mrs. Albright ( I think, that's the name) like Lucy always dragged Ethel into her schemes.
  12. No special character because I like them whenever I see them on screen: Edna Mae Oliver Patsy Kelly Hope Emerson Eve Arden C.Z. Sakall
  13. Aftermath: I like 'fluff' movies, that's one of the reasons I watch TCM, most of their movies are fluff, or used to be. I only mentioned White Christmas as an afterthought; and if you look, you'll see I added it as a P.S. The whole point of 'White Christmas' was the irony of there being no snow in Vermont at Christmas time, and the final scene with the beautiful snow coming down was a lovely finale to the movie.
  14. I adore Joan Cusack, she's the new Edna Mae Oliver, Patsy Kelly, and Una Merkel, all rolled up into one nutsy, funny, lovable package. I like John too.
  15. I love MOST late 20's and early 30's movies even though MOST of them are pretty corny, and badly acted, and I also love musicals, but . . . this mornings offering of 'Here Comes Spring' was just too awful to behold! The story with that idiot guy kissing every girl/woman in sight was ludicrous, and after knowing and hearing Jane Froman singing With a Song in my Heart, as her theme song, hearing it by those people this morning, made me want to run for the remote. Please, NO encore for Here Comes Spring!
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