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  1. Thank you so much for posting that! I am somewhat familiar with a couple of Badly Drawn Boy songs that were featured in the film "About a Boy." I'm off to iTunes. You've saved my sanity for at least another day
  2. Well, so far no luck. I remember last year when TCM had a promo for Janus films, and a couple of us liked the music but couldn't place it. It was hard to get an answer for that, too. There was a lot of discussion *about* the promo, because some people thought it too MTV-ish. But at least MTV lets you know what you're listening to! I wish there were a "sticky" with this information every month (or at least post it on Youtube) so that we can get answers fast, without bothering anyone or interrupting discussions. Oh, well.
  3. Thank you! I have Volume 1 but hadn't heard anything about Volume 2.
  4. If the film is well-written and well-acted, I really don't care. And I would rather watch a foreign film that's been decently dubbed into English then have to keep darting my eyes back and forth from the subtitles to the images on the screen. I miss a lot of the film that way. I am very familiar with the featurette TCM shows about letterboxing being closer to the intent of the director. Well, that may be true of directors who have never heard of television. What director intends that his grand vision should be seen on a 14 inch by 30 inch screen? The argument doesn't make a whole lot o
  5. I came here wondering the same thing! Maybe someone on imdb knows.
  6. Thanks so much from me too. My cable company just started offering TCM - hallelujah! I read another thread debating the merits of the promo for Janus Films, and I actually joined this site just to find out who did the music. I love it. The film clips ran a little too quickly for my eyes to follow but at least I *did* recognize some of the films. I'm in my 50s and remember a period where silent films and little indie films were shown regularly on public TV. That was almost 40 years ago. But I still love movies and music from all times.
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