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  1. Sorry faceinthecrowd my bad and I should know that cuz i've seen it like a million times!!
  2. What's your opinion on Van Johnson? Send me your opinions and pics please ! In my oppinion he was an absolutely amazing actor and my favorite film with him in is "24 Paces To Baker Street" if you have never seen it then make that your goal because it's amazing and it's as if he draws you into the film, it's exciting and it has everything that a good film aught to have. Van Johnson was a hero for a lot of people, who agrees? He was also an astonishing actor, he caught your attention instantly didn't he? And he was a hit with the woman no doubt! http://www.upress.state.ms.us/images/book
  3. http://media.photobucket.com/image/marilyn%20monroe/riaaaahbaby/monroe_bio_2-1.jpg?o=127 Marilyn Monroe was amazing and she is one of my heroes, she amazes me every time she sing's and gets in front of the camera x x x x She takes my breath every time I see her the the films such as Niagra, How To Marry A Millionaire, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Let's Make Love!!! Message was edited by: hayleyperrin
  4. http://www.johndclare.net/images/ClaraBow.JPG What film is this? And Who is the actress?
  5. Farley Granger acted with *Robert Walker* in "Strangers On A Train" *Robert Walker*
  6. Audrey Hepburn was enchanting and amazing , she lit up the screen every time she was on telly ! Her film just blew me away when i first saw them , and they still do because of the way she acted.Audrey Hepburn was lovely, adorable, smart and caring.And she is the kind of woman that you never want to forget! http://www.theclothingchronicles.com/archives/2006/257-sabrina.jpg http://www.wallpaperbase.com/wallpapers/celebs/audreyhepburn/audrey_hepburn_3.jpg] http://cache.eb.com/eb/image?id=77148&rendTypeId=4 [
  7. Natalie Wood was amasing and she did amasing films, but my favourites were *Penelope* and *Rebel Without A Cause* http://www.livefastdieyoungbook.com/index_files/natalie_wood_james_dean.jpg http://i3.iofferphoto.com/img/1148626800/_i/12236867/1.jpg http://i3.iofferphoto.com/img/item/143/470/64/wood.jpg Message was edited by: hayleyperrin
  8. The first film I ever seen was a Marx Brothers film, i was so young and i laughed at it so so much because of the things that they did and said, even my sister got into them when she was born. I think that they were comical geniuses and theyre films are always worth watching and they make you want to watch them over and over again they are so adictive http://www.thegodetroit.com/uploaded_images/marx-brothers-01-749847.jpg http://i.ehow.com/images/GlobalPhoto/Articles/2171509/marxthinker-main_Full.jpg Message was edited by: hayleyperrin
  9. *Dean Martin + Judy Holliday ="*Bells are Ringing*" *Bing Crosby + Bob Hope ="*Road To .....*" *Shirley Maclaine + Rod Taylor ="*Ask Any Girl*" *Jane Fonda + Rod Taylor ="*Sunday In New York*" *Natalie Wood + Peter Falk ="*Penelope*" *Audrey Hepburn + William Holden ="*Paris When It Sizzles*" *Audrey Hepburn + Humphrey Bogart ="*Sabrina*" *Tony Curtis + Marilyn Monroe *="*Some Like It Hot*"* **Jack Lemmon + Jusy Holliday ="It Should Happen To You*" *Doris Day + Rock Hudson ="*Pillow Talk*" *Doris Day + James Cagney ="*Love Me Or Leave Me*" *Marilyn Monroe + Jane Russell ="*Gentlemen
  10. I so agree!! The other day TCM put on "Bells are Ringing". I wish they will put on more of his films such as "Kiss me Stupid" and maybe even a film with him and Jerry Lewis in.That would be great Message was edited by: hayleyperrin
  11. Is it Rudolf Valentino?!
  12. Sorry everyone if you like say the actors and actresses with the first name.
  13. Write down facts that you know fromyour favourite films, such as mistakes that no one els had realised in films or character parts such as how they got them. Have fun
  14. Starting from A try and think of some of your favourite actresses or actors and put down the film that you love them and why Have fun!!
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