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  1. If at least, TCM could dedicate an entire day showing her films I'd be happy with it. A documentary would be so much welcome as well. Ms. Sheridan is certainly one of my favourite Actors, Who could argue that she is so gorgeous as well? Some time ago, TCM chose Dennis Morgan as the star of the month, and you bet I was so thrilled about it. Never I thought he would have gotten the attention he deserves. Hopefully Ms. Sheridan will get the best treatment TCM can offer on her honour. I do look forward to it!
  2. Ms. Sullavan has always been a favourite of mine. Hopefully she can get 'The Star of the month' treatment, or at least a day devoted to her. And someone nice enough to make a documentary about her. I have seen poor copies of "Little Man, What Now?" and "So Red The Rose" even though I know they have been shown at festivals from pristine 35 millimeter prints. These should be available to the public on video. The one I would also like to see is, 'The Moon's Our Home." To my knowledge is has not been shown on TCM.
  3. Can't we concentrate on the topic at hand? These childish political statements should not belong here. About the film, I actually like it, usually I pop the dvd once in a while on a cold or rainy night and just immerse myself in the dramatic situations of the crew. The midget seems to be the only stable one of the whole lot. Edited by: josephherndz on Oct 23, 2013 5:09 PM
  4. I certainly agree with you Fred, but the one who comes to mind is Basil Rathbone. In Anna Karenina, he literally sucked out the life out of Greta Garbo's karakter,(as he is shouting to her) you can tell she is walking to her doom as she is banished from their home on the way out. He could have repeated his performance brilliantly in this film. Then again, almost any film by Josef Von Sternberg, is always welcome.
  5. The reason I enjoy watching this film is because of Edward Arnold & Peter Lorre, Actors I love very much from the Classic Cinema era. But the Films I prefer, and watch more often are the 1969 (Prestupleniye I Nakazaniye) by Lev Kulidzhanov with Georgi Taratorkin & Innokenty Smoktunovsky. The Mexican Film from 1951 (Crimen Y Castigo) by Fernando Fuentes with Roberto Ca?edo and Carlos L?pez Moctezuma. These are the versions I prefer, but, glad there are various filmed options to choose from.
  6. Personally, I love "old" films, and TCM is the only channel I tune to watch the classics. Silent films are the ones I love the most, and TCM is always there for me. Pre-code films, Handsome leading Men, Gorgeous Leading Ladies...heck, I could go on and on about why I love TCM forever. New films? there are countless channels to choose from.
  7. Welcome to the TCM Boards. The first time I watched Glory was in the mid-nineties, if I am not mistaken. My memory is kind of fuzzy, but I think it was a tribute to Margaret O'Brien. I taped the film and several other ones with her in them. By the way the film was a beautiful letterboxed print. Just keep checking the schedule for a future showing.
  8. I believe Joel add libbed the line just to annoy everyone here and turn us against Robert Osborne.
  9. mNot a regular poster on the forums, but the desire to contribute becomes less & less on my part because of these kind of (insane) threads. In the vast Universe of movie channels... TCM, is the one I love the most, and I do find some of the posters' demands to cater to their "needs" being downright rude and condescending. TCM is the only channel which plays the movies, we lovers of classic films would like to see. I cannot believe there are some malcontents complaining about their programming schedule. I am not one to voice my opinion on negativity, but this time, I felt c
  10. Being a fan of Robert Montgomery and to some extent to James Cagney, whilst VHS was the dominant format, I bought a colourised version of "They Were Expendable" I watched it a few times, love the film, not a fan of colourised movies, but I do not get on my soap box if anyone prefers them that way. Now upgraded to dvd, I enjoy it more in its original black & white format, as originally intended. So, this one is out there somewhere colourised as well.
  11. Just in case this has not been posted elsewhere. Amazon has the Garbo Collection For 19.99. http://www.amazon.com/Greta-Garbo-Signature-Collection-Christina/dp/B0009S4IJM/ref=sr_1_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1369601477&sr=1-1&keywords=gretagarbosignature+collection Edited by: josephherndz on May 26, 2013 3:50 PM
  12. Usually I don't post much on TCM, even though I visit the site everyday whilst drinking coffee. That said, I respect everyone's taste in films, but this sense of entitlement has to diminish, can't we just get along and enjoy watching what TCM shows on their channel? I love Silent films more than talkies, but I appreciate the variety and content the station provides. Also there are some malcontents as well among silent film fans who tend to belittle soundtracks and/or their composers on Silent films, and are very vocal and sometimes abusive in their opinions of them. Guess
  13. Yeah! Specially if the man in question is Joel McCrea....and for an added bonus throw in Tab Hunter no?
  14. As of today, that option is still not available. Perhaps the administrator can provide some information about it.
  15. Many thanks for the reply. I thought It was just my computer acting up. Will be checking back on it.
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