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  1. Thanks Shutoo, sorry it's taken so long to respond to your comment. Just got my cable bill today. It's gone up again, this time increased by $10.00, without any changes being made to my service, equipment, or programing.
  2. In order to cut down on monthly expenses, I'm thinking of dropping my cable provider. If I was to go with SlingTV, Roku, or one of the other providers that allow you to create your own package line up, what will I need to get, and will I be able to record selected movies onto DVD for my own future enjoyment? Thank you.
  3. I haven't been on here for quite sometime so I don't know if this issue has been addressed, and that deals with why does TCM show the same movies over and over again when there are so many made? Secondly, on the "Suggest a Movie" page on this site, the movies I suggested aren't showing up. They did the day I submitted them, but not now. Thanks!!
  4. I appreciate the feedback concerning the phone number, thanks a lot.
  5. Would you mind giving me a phone call? it doesn't have to be today. Thanks.
  6. Hi! slaytonf I'm think I hooked everything up correctly, but there is no response from my DVD recorder remote. It won't even go into "set-up" mode. My LED on the Grex flashes. Is it suppose to flash or be solid?
  7. I bought a XDIMAX GREX-7.4 unit, now I need to know if anyone knows the Secret Formual for hooking this up to a DirecTV HD DVR box and a Sanyo DVD recorder. I've tried various cable connections, but can find one that works. I'd appreciate any related feedback on this. Thanks.
  8. I think that's what I'll do. I found them on Amazon for $86.66. That would be cheaper than paying a early disconnect fee. I appreciate the "Heads-Up" on the GREX.
  9. Thanks slaytonf, Ya!, I have AT&T/DirecTV also. I just got it, and was told by the agent that I could record TCMs. Once I discovered I couldn't, the next person I spoke with at DirecTV, told me they had blocks built in their HD DVR box to prevent recording. Now I'm stuck for two years (Contract), but I'm thinking of doing an early disconnect and pay the fee, so that I can get a company that allows recording.
  10. I'm new here on TCM Message Board, and my question has probably been addressed before, but I need to know if it's legal to record TCMs onto DVD disk for my own personal collection. I'm not selling them for monatary gain of any kind. I'm being told different things. I don't want to be breaking a law if it's illegal to do this. Thank you very much.
  11. With the countless classic movies available, why show the same ones month after month? Granted they are good ones, but I'm sure there are many others that I'd like to see. How about: Barnacle Bill, And Now Tomorrow, My Pal Gus, Rookie Cop, Child of Divorce, Chicken Every Sunday, My Dog Shep or Till We Meet Again, to name a few.
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