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  1. > To most of us, there is something horrifying yet > undeniably seductive about the notion of taking the > law into our own hands. > In many instances, vigilantes are depicted in > film as misguided, overly-hasty, ill-informed, and > perhaps even evil individuals, e.g. in movies > featuring lynch mobs, witch-hunters, neo-nazis, and > other hate groups. In some movies, the > vigilante is portrayed as errant but > wrenchingly sympathetic, as in A Time to Kill, > the 1996 movie based on the John Grisham book. In > still other pictures--usually ones in which law > enforcement officials are portrayed as corrupt, weak, > or merely absent, vigilantes are portrayed as > heros. Certain John Wayne movies (including > Rooster Cogburn) and many 50's westerns > provide excellent examples. And the glorification of > vigilante justice in film enjoyed a > renaissance beginning in the 1970's with movies such > as Shaft (1971), [/i]Dirty Harry[/i] (1972), > and Death Wish (1974), and continuing through > the present with films such as Spiderman. > My beloved Henry Fonda > has also figured into more than one movie featuring > vigilante justice, including, of course, The > Ox-Bow Incident. Nice Post and how timely! I just wanted to reprint the definition of vigilante. This word does ring a bell for me and the "Ox Bow Incident" has been a matter of topic for me also. As George C. Scott said in "Patton" "I was there".
  2. > Lastly, if you must engage in one-on-one games of > "Who's Got the Biggest," and want to carry on in the > tradition of the He-Man Woman Hater's Club, the > private message feature would be the best place for > it. These threads are for everyone's participation, > not just yours. I think you will find that most of > our regular poster colleagues here will tell you the > same. Did I read this right? Was I called a member of "The He-Man Womans Hater Club"? And Brad do you or I have "The Biggest"? Please reply because people are eagerly awaiting your answer "Chowderhead". As an afterthought from aftermath thanks "Sneaky Snarfie" for providing me with a vehicle on the "Rant Thread" that will prove I was only defending myself from a "Name Caller". Big mistake Mr.Troll! Aftermath Message was edited by: aftermath
  3. > No, YOU called me a meathead. > > You're becoming incoherent. > > Hope you're not gonna come unhinged again. No Meathead I quoted Archie Bunker are the dogs still talking to you Charlie?
  4. > Why don't you go play with your pal "Brad Out of > Hell" - Meatloaf (Head)? Na Na Na Na Na NAAAAA! Oh BOO HOO! Snarfie called me Meatloaf (Head) Like Archie Bunker said Your a "Meathead" and a "Dingbat"
  5. Why don't you go play with yourself Meathead!
  6. A "NameCaller" and a long time member according to the number of your posts. Just like the troll that all the other members are calling attention to. How about that?
  7. Ok Here is an easy one! ( This is trivia for Beginners) In the 1976 movie "Rocky", Adrian gave him a dog that he always played with, when he went to the pet store where she worked. What name did Rocky give to the dog?
  8. "The Fountainhead" with Cooper and the 22 year old Patricia Neal was torrid. His marriage was almost ruined by the affair he had with Patricia Neal. I am a fan of his just for his taste in women. Also for "Pride of the Yankees"....."Vera Cruz".....and of course "High Noon".
  9. Thanks Charlie Brown Oh ....I meant CharlieT....It's the best Christmas Gift I got so far this year! Aftermath
  10. W / Boris Karloff / The Mask of Fu Manchu
  11. Your "Try" is right! "Good Show" or as Marlon Brando said in Teahouse "Socks Fall Down". Your up at bat duffylab!
  12. God, first you take Bruno Kirby..now Jack Palance I can't believe it! Jack Palance was great in the movie "Attack" opposite Eddie Albert. It was one of the greatest confrontations between characters in film history. I will always remember him in that role and the role I first saw him in "Shane'. What a talent and what push-ups he did when he won the Academy Award. Rest in Peace Jack, you were one of a kind, and we will never see the likes of you again! God Bless You. Aftermath
  13. > > Walter Denton Of course! ( It all comes back!) Was the principals name Chester Conklin? Aftermath
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