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  1. Never mind I read Peter Finch in your previous post. Sorry I'll be back with another guess after some more thought! Message was edited by: aftermath
  2. James Cagney "1-2-3" ( 1961) to "Ragtime" (1981)? Thanks Gerb...NEVER MIND It was a good guess though! aftermath
  3. This is a tough nut to crack ! Pretty soon I'll be looking for a pistol to put to my head. In case you want to know I tossed and turned all night and couldn't get to sleep till 4:30 A.M. THANKS!
  4. I'm trying to think you blew their brains out...I don't know about this one...Peter Deuel? Message was edited by: aftermath
  5. > I still say the answer is Miss Bette Davis. That's my > story and I'm stickin to it, pardner :-) PLEEEEEEASE go back to the Rob Zombie Thread!!
  6. Hey Brad stop guessing already and go back to the Rob Zombie Thread!
  7. Hey Brad what's the difference between "Bette Davis" & "John Ireland.....You Texas Moron!
  8. > How's about John Ireland? I stink at this or I give away too many good clues! After you get through watching " King Kong versus Godzilla" for the 833rd time take your turn cause you are right you Texas Genius!
  9. How dare you! I am not "BETTE DAVIS" Go rope a steer you Texas Moron
  10. I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and was soon branded a Delinquent and sent to reform school. Prior to films I was a "Barker" at a Carnival and also a "Professional Swimmer". I started on stage in various Shakespeare play's and performed them on Broadway and on tour. I starred in several notable westerns but in the 112 movies I made was also involved in movies about wars, politics, biblical and dramas's. Although I was nominated for a best "Co-Star" Academy Award I did not win, however the lead actor in the same film I was nominated won for the "Best Actor" Academy Award.
  11. > Hmmm. My daughter, a college student and by no means > obssessive about classic movies, got this one. Right! Like the instructions on how to assemble something says "So easy a six year old can do it". But I'm not six years old!
  12. A time filler? It will take another century to figure this one out for me. Could you toss me a bone with another clue? What a time filler not like the W.C. Fields post you guessed in 33 seconds.
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