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    As Hollywood's number one "party girl" of course my interests are Hollywood parties; partying amongst the stars is so heavenly - however, since my unwelcome heart attack in 2003 my parties have been permanently grounded at the Santa Barbara Cemetery where you can literally have a drink on me. Cheers to a wonderful yet short sweet life my friends see you soon ;-p

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  1. UR welcome Looking forward to watching… · Natalie Wood, What Remains Behind 2020 (7.3) · Joker 2019 (8.5) · Grosse Pointe Blank 1997 (7.3) · On Golden Pond 1981 (7.6) · The Adjustment Bureau 2011 (7.0) · Bruce Lee, The Legend 1984 (7.3) · The Pledge 2001 (6.8) · The Last King of Scotland 2006 (7.7) And a movie I haven’t seen in a long time called “Magic” 1978 (6.8) with Anthony Hopkins, Ann-Margret and Burgess Meredith. Should be an entertaining weekend ahead. Peace-n-Love 💘
  2. Now through 5/17 Directv Channels 501-523 “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” 🌡️ Enjoy 🎀
  3. Twelve Monkeys 1995 (8.0) Lives Matter Stay masked my friends, cause... …nobody want’s what you may have. 👅
  4. 4/30 to 5/6 Directv Channels 545-552 Enjoy 🍉
  5. “…from 1952 also with Dan Duryea here is Foxfire.”
  6. Now through 4/20 Directv Channels 501-523 Enjoy
  7. Seemingly every time the Governor speaks on the tube there’s an individual apparently translating words with their hands, arms, body and expressions, while captions clearly spells out each spoken word…implying deaf people can’t read and the “silent interpreter” is there for the ~0.38% Americans. Although aging rapidly diminishes our senses, I recently discovered a new found appreciation for the ability to hear and read…cause I don’t think I could enjoy TCM/movies with only hand, arm, body and expressions. And speaking of odd expressions…how about the different expressions/manners Dana Andrews uses during acts involving cigarettes…or haven’t you noticed the brilliance, particularly in the early scenes in “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt”? Something to watch for during Dana Andrews movies. 🖖
  8. …particularly features without caption options? 🖖
  9. Now through 5/19 Directv Channel 606 Enjoy
  10. Now through 5/19 Directv Channel 605 Enjoy
  11. It claims to be HD but it's really fuzzy focus ******* Disappointing
  12. 4/2 – 4/16 Directv channels 558-560 Enjoy
  13. 3/26-4/1 Directv channels 525-542 Enjoy
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