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  1. Hello-- I'd love to see more Dieterle films on TCM. I'm currently exploring this neglected great's oeuvre on my blog. He made a lot of interesting films that have hardly been seen--and many of the most obscure titles were made for Warner Brothers! thanks Dave
  2. I think it's the best documentary on Hollywood ever made, and my tapes are broken! It's so intelligently organized, and they talked to EVERYONE (I think my favourite interview moment--out of hundreds of memorable bits--is Hepburn's discussion of SYLVIA SCARLETT). It's not a disguised commercial for a studio and its films, like so many of these things wind up being. It uses the films, and the memories of the people who made them, in order to discuss American culture from the early thirties to the early fifties in a really sophisticated way! The attention paid to preview screening cards was
  3. it's far worse than porn in my opinion--it's some kind of weird Jesus-spam (and it's the second thread of this kind started by that poster in the last couple of days) it's easy to ignore, of course, and I don't really want it to be expunged or anything--but I did want to voice my displeasure with finding this kind of stuff on a message board that is supposedly a venue for discussing films of Hollywood's Studio Age! Message was edited by: szsakall
  4. is there a way to report this to a moderator? (or relegate this poster to a special "snuff film discussion" category) I don't think Mel Gibson's work has anything to do with TCM
  5. no--because the right to distribute those titles has nothing to do with the original deal to distribute MGM titles... witness the various MGM DVDs that have been released in the past few years (i.e. Best Years of Our Lives, Barbary Coast, etc) http://www.amazon.com/Best-Years-Our-Lives/dp/0792846133/sr=8-1/qid=1167688386/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/103-0883347-8510231?ie=UTF8&s=dvd some of these came out as recently as 2005 (and most are still in stock at Amazon), but I don't recall seeing any new releases in 2006, which is odd because, as everyone involved in this thread knows, there are
  6. Warner does own the right to distribute all of the Studio Age MGM films--but they have no power over anything that the company did in subsequent years... I'm not sure who owns the rights to distribute the Goldwyn films (if Sony did take over MGM's distributing deals, I suppose that's good news, although Sony's Columbia releases haven't been all that impressive so far), but I sure wish that someone would get busy doing it! Wuthering Heights, These Three, Ball of Fire, I Want You, The Dark Angel, Beloved Enemy, etc... these things are crucial!
  7. god, i hope this isn't true! I'm kind of afraid to watch my DVD now...
  8. I'll restrict myself to 20 titles! Moonrise Three Strangers The Glass Key (1935 & 1942) Four Daughters (in a boxed set with Daughters Courageous, 4 wives, 4 mothers) Torrid Zone And Now Tomorrow Alias Nick Beal The Hard Way (1942) Three Comrades The Accused (1948) The Miracle Woman The Bitter Tea of General Yen Easy Living (1937) Remember the Night The Devil and Miss Jones Strange Cargo Rope of Sand Remember Last Night? History is Made at Night Blues in the Night looking forward to the rumored/announced Harlow, Cagney,Davis v3, Crawford v2, Powell/Loy, Garland/Ro
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