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  1. The Mel Brooks classics are The producers, Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein, which is hit masterpiece. His earlier and most memorable films had the greatest comedic genuises of comedy. Stars like Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, Marty Feldman, Dom DeLuise, Harvey Korman and Cloris Leachman whom he used in a few films. Cleavon Little, Peter Boyle, Zero Mostel, Slim Pickens and Teri Garr got some memorable roles in the one outing. Once he started using current names of the 80's and 90's they were good but not as great at playing comedy like the legends I mentioned before. High Anxiety is good and so is Histoy of the World, Part I, but not in the same league as the top 3. Maybe he will get a movie night.
  2. God rest his beautiful soul. He knew how to Rock and Roll.
  4. Well actually Cyndi Lauper had top billing it was her feature film debut not sayin and Intriducing because she was already a Rock Star. She has a flair for comedy. Sort of a cross between Jean Harlow, Lucille Ball and Madline Kahn.
  5. Good point, but unless the movie had an all-star cast I can see lisiting alphabetically. The names they listed not many people know and they may not bother watching.
  6. The film Vibes makes it's TCM debut on July 31, 2020 which on the east coast is August 1, 2020 at 2:15 a.m. Funny they list the movie in the July scehdule and they don't even list Peter Falk, Jeff Goldblum or Cyndi Lauper as the stars. They list actors who had 1 scene. It is a very funny movie that bomed back in 1988)
  7. Maybe because they scheduler is quarantined.
  8. I don't understand why they skipped a week. The lost week could have shown 2 more Peter Bogdonavich movie. Daisy Miller starring Cybill Shepherd, Dulio Delprete, Cloris Leachman and Eileen Brennan and At Long Last Love starring Burt Reynolds, Cybill Shepherd, Madeline Kahn, Dulio DelPrete, Eileen Brennan John Hillerman and Mildred Natwick.
  9. 1974 was a great year for the movies: Blazing Saddles The Godfather Part II Lenny The Longest Yard The Conversation Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore Chinatown Badlands Harry and Tonto Death Wish The Towering Inferno Young Frankenstein
  10. WB really did not give Ann Sheridan the respect she deserved. They treated like a glamour girl and not the versatile actress she was. She lost out on roles in other big films like Each Dawn I Die, The Roaring Twenties, Golden Boy, , Meet John Doe, The Strawberry Blonde, Mr. Skeffington also Mildred Pierce and Caged which was her own choice on the last 2. They also cheated her out of starring her in Technicolor movies. Navy Blues, The Man Who Came To Dinner, Thank Your Lucky Stars, The Doughgirls, Sine On Harvest Moon although the finale is in color and Silver River could have been easily been filmed in technicoolr instead of black and white. That beautiful head of red hair would have glowed. I remember reading a film historians quote saying without ever achievieng the status of a superstar she was always a pleasure to watch and unlike anyone else. She was a Hollywood original star.
  11. Wasn't Angels With Dirty Faces a Warner Brothers/First National releases? There is a whole thread about this I posted on actually last year. I wish whoever has the rights would release it to TCM or on blu-ray and mostly a part of The Criterion Collection. This classic movie should be on the National Film Registry too.
  12. Missing Ann Sheridan movies are The Crusades,Car 99, The Glass Key, Behold My Wife, Angels With Dirty faces, Letter of Introduction, Winter Carnival, Thank Your Lucky Stars, Good Sam, Stella, Just Across the Street, Steel Town, Take Me to Town, Appointment in Honduras and Come Next Spring.
  13. You are rigth Peter Bogdonavich saw Madeline Kahn on Broadway and told her she be perfect for the part o f Eunice Burns in What's Up, Doc? She knew it was a Barbra Streisand movie and he promised her none of her scenes would be cut and so II guess he gave her special billing. She was very unhappy after seeing the film at the premier. She loved the film but was mad that she appeared to look almost unattractive. All in all she stole the film. Kust surprised she didn't get an Oscar nomination for this classic comedy. Ironically this was not the first film I saw her in. I saw her in. I saw Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein and Paper Moon first.
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