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  1. Ann Sheridan was one star who smoked more than anyone. James Cagney smoked 3 packs a day when they made there 3 classic films together. She died from cancer of the esophagus in 1967 at he age of 51.
  2. True, but they will ignore the films from Hollywood's golden age.
  3. TCM needs to start a subscription streaming service. I be willing to pay have all the classic films available 24/7 all year round. I am not sure how many films they out right own, but I am sure its enough to make every movie buff happy.
  4. Yes I remember that too. Both are great scenes.
  5. Well in Angels With Dirty Faces, James Cagney didn't slap Ann Sheridan she slapped him.
  6. She was a very 60's chick. I don't DS had any homely women on the show.
  7. Yes I know Nancy Barrett did all those soaps after "Dark Shadows" went off the air. She actually appeared on "One Life To Live" twice. Her first character was Rachel Wilson a terminally ill patient. She was actually given a double dosage of her medicine by a pair of doctors who were having an affair. Doctor Mark Toland who was played by none other than Tommy Lee Jones and Dorian Cramer played by Nancy Pinkerton. The second time she was on it was in the 80's. She played the DA. She said in an interview she turned down prime time roles in the 70's. Too bad she didn't take the offers. All fans of her and the show always loved her beautiful shoulder length blonde hair.
  8. Some people say that Rocky did it for the kids at the end, but some say he really did chicken out at the end. James Cagney was so natural in this film. This is also the film that Ann Sheridan came into her own. The both of them had such great chemistry. It's a shame they only made 3 films together. There is an old movie book out there called "Hollywood's Greatest Couples" and they are in the book as a screen pair. I love not only "Angels With Dirty Faces". I love "Torrid Zone" and City For Conquest" just as much. Although she did steal "Torrid Zone". Love when Rocky first meets Laurie after all these years she slaps his face and runs out and turns around and says she waited 15 years to do that.
  9. Out of all Dark Shadows young beautiful actresses on the show Alexandra Moltke, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Kate Jackson, Diana Millay, Lisa Richards, Lara Parker, Marie Wallace, Donna Wandrey , Donna McKechnie, Terry Crawford and Virginia Vestoff, it was Nancy Barrett was my favorite for beauty and talent. Her Carolyn Stoddard and her other characters were all different in every way. She was more versatile that the other actresses. It's a shame she didn't become a big TV or movie star.
  10. I am not saying she was better than Lara Parker, but she was very good and so seductive and evil. That horrible 2012 film was an insult.
  11. Lysette Anyhony did play Angelique on the Dark Shadows 90's version. She was up to par with Lara Parker. Barbara Blackburn played Carolyn, but she didn't hold a candle to Nancy Barrett,
  12. MovieCollector I am not saying the movie is politically incorrect. I said that because everything from movies and songs are being viewed with such angst saying that line was is not appropriate. For instance the classic Christmas sing "Baby It's Cold Outside" was taken of radio stations playlist saying the song suggests date rape. Now John Legend and Kelly Clarkson are remaking the song but they had to change the lyrics. I can't think of anything in "Angels With Dirty Faces" that is offensive. If it is a rights issue, I wonder who has the rights to it. Thanks for the link.
  13. I think the film has been aired in this last decade, but not as much as it should be. When I was growing up this movie was always being shown. Maybe today it is considered politically incorrect,
  14. How can this classic gem of 1930's crime dramas not be shown regularly like all the other classics. James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, Pat O'Brien, Ann Sheridan and The Dead End Kids. A great cast a great director Michael Curtiz . I am strolling through the TCM Streaming service and realized I never see this film being played. What is up with that. This is the best of the Warner Brothers gangster films of all time.
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