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  1. jinva

    The Unholy Three

    Thats great news,coffedan.Most intriging would be to have both versions of Unholy Three.Hopefully,they will include While The City Sleeps.
  2. jinva

    Vault 7 Fire

    Having searched the internet,with no luck,Im wondering if anyone here might have some information about the legendary vault 7 fire back in the 60s,that took out London After Midnight,and,I believe,a Greta Garbo film.Basically,I would be interested to know the exact date(Ive seen 3 different dates for this,1960,1965 and 1967),what else was lost,and why,as late as the 60s,the studios didnt take more precautions concerning their film classics. The loss of London After Midnight is most terrible,perhaps.Now,I realize that many who actually saw this,and many film buffs of today,do not believe this
  3. jinva

    The Unholy Three

    Its a mystery to me, Mike, why more of his movies arent available.Geez,you would think such stellar films as "Tell It To The Marines","While the City Sleeps",and especially "The Unholy Three" would be available on DVD.This has opened up trade for the black market,and the studio has no one but itself to blame.
  4. 1. Laugh Clown Laugh 2.Phantom Of The Opera 3.The Penalty 4.The Shock 5.The Unknown 6.Wicked Darling These are the only ones Ive seen.Im sure the Unholy Three will be on here.
  5. jinva

    The Unholy Three

    My apologies.It is being aired Dec. 15. 3:15 am est.Ive only seen parts of this movie,but its supposed to be one of his and Todd Brownings best.
  6. jinva

    The Unholy Three

    As TCM is airing the Chaney classic "The Unholy Three" later this month,I thiought I would sound off a little about the lack of Chaney films currently available on home video. It is a shame that this film,along with Tell It To The Marines,While The City Sleeps,Mr. Wu,and others are not available at this point.I can only guess that the Lon Chaney Collection,released a couple of years ago,failed to meet sales expectations,and that they may be reluctant to go further.Most of the films LC did are worthy of release,amd its puzzling that we are having to wait to get them.My dream DVD would be a d
  7. I was wondering if anyone out there prefers the American version of this film,to the "directors cut" that has been available for the last 10 years or so. It seemed like the US version moved along faster,and,unlike the version currently out there,seemed more like a genuine horror movie,whereas the UK version seems more like black comedy.Even the banshees wail was scarier!I wish TMC would air the US version sometime.
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